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Artyści światowej sławy. Teraz możesz ich słuchać ze swojego zegarka.</p><p>Odtwarzaj i pobieraj listy utworów, albumy i podkasty, aby słuchać ich gdziekolwiek chcesz. Słuchaj muzyki z kategorii Dla Ciebie i Ćwiczenia. Odkrywaj nowe utwory, przy których dasz z siebie jeszcze więcej.</p><p></p><p>Uwaga: aby korzystać ze Spotify w urządzeniu Garmin, trzeba mieć konto Spotify Premium.


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Średnia ocena: (Oceny: 454)

15 grudnia 2019

First:the app itself works nearly perfect. BUT it takes a very long time to download playlists, if it works! The bgger a playlist, the more the risk of the app is freezing Synchronisation of the playlist on the Fenix 5 plus is a mess as well, the mor titles to synchronize, the higher the risk of freezing.

14 grudnia 2019

Didn’t work and wouldn’t let me uninstall. Also drained my battery without even working. Absolute rip off. I use a vivioactive 3 music

Andrea Cote
14 grudnia 2019

Was so easy to sync and download playlists on Vivoactive 4s with premium account on Spotify. As well as resync for additional music added! Just follow instructions after downloading app on watch.

14 grudnia 2019

Cannot download playlists on Darth Vadar watch. Have tried multiple times on different networks. Even reset my watch and reinstalled all apps. Garmin needs to properly remedy this.

14 grudnia 2019

Installed on my Fenix 6. It works and it's doing the job. But it's very very unstable while you record a training. As soon as you switch tracks and want to handle play lists, the watch hangs

Marco Nieuwenhuize
14 grudnia 2019

Spotify does not load playlists on my Darth Vader watch.. pffff

Raymond Leung
14 grudnia 2019

Why it keeps getting media errors almost every time I reconnect my phone with my vivoactive 4. The worst is whenever I got my watch rebooted, i just lost my song downloaded. Please help.

Marie Barger
14 grudnia 2019

I have been trying all week to get Spotify to run on my Darth Vader watch. This is ridiculous. Tried the hot spot suggestion from Rik. Nothing. Does not load my play lists. I fast connection. FAIL

12 grudnia 2019

Works beautifully on my 245 music. I wonder why the app has been poorly reviewed. Once you understand the settings, it's damn easy to use and sync it. A fast wifi network will work best for updating sync. A huge thanks to the developer for this wonderful app.

Harri Andrée
12 grudnia 2019

Worked perfect the first time I used the app on my Fenix 5 Plus.

Milen Germanov
11 grudnia 2019

Thanks to Rik I managed to sync the playlists. The developer who is responsible for that need to take actions. As Ric said - try hotspot from your phone and you will get the sync.

Michael S.
11 grudnia 2019

In my youtube channel Technatic Aktiv I describe a solution to show the playlists in the spotify app in the garmin fenix 6 pro. I hope the Developer of this app will fix it and it won't need my way.

11 grudnia 2019

After a lot of trial and error I found that setting up a Hotspot with my phone did the trick. Garmin states on their support page: Wi-Fi Network Requirements: Supported Frequency: 2.4 GHz only Security: Unencrypted, WEP, WPA, and WPA2. So I think my home WPA2-PSK network wasn't working? Not sure if that was the problem but I have successfully synchronized over 300 songs now and I'm listening music from fenix 6 sapphire whilst writing the review. I hope this helps out more people.

Kenneth Wong
11 grudnia 2019

Spotify music sync only works half the time

Arjan Straver
11 grudnia 2019

Na software update en alles opnieuw geïnstalleerd te hebben werkt het eindelijk goed op mijn vivoactive 4

Alice Higgins
10 grudnia 2019

Brand new Venus and can't even sync to Spotify! Might need to subscribe to the competitor for my music because of this! Massive fail!

10 grudnia 2019

Not possible to download Spotify

Simon Hurtado
9 grudnia 2019

Imposible de conectar. Es una porqueria

Steven Muraco
9 grudnia 2019

Unable to connect for about a month. Spotify app on garmin connect never even prints me to sync my Spotify account.

5 grudnia 2019

Works great on FR245 music. I expect that functionality will improve over time. Please make it easier to skip forward on long podcasts, 15 second increments are a pain when you want to go an hour in.

Paul Stubbington
5 grudnia 2019

Spotify was working fine on my forerunner 945 until a few days ago when it asked me to update the downloads and then the sync failed. I've tried various things and this evening uninstalled and reinstalled spotify. Sounds easy but it's taken me a couple of hours to get to that point after various failed attempts. It now seems to be installed and uploading a playlist, so fingers crossed.

5 grudnia 2019

Works for me on my FR 245 Music but I can't believe we can only select a playlist and then have to manually skip through every single song to get to the later ones. Allow a view of the whole playlist!

David 🇮🇹
5 grudnia 2019

I don't understand why so many customers are having issues with this app. Works great for me (Fenix 5 Plus)!

Alexander Altby
4 grudnia 2019

Works perfectly fine with my Forerunner 645 Music

Niggle (Nigel)
4 grudnia 2019

Great. Took 5 minutes and works well.

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