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Smart Bike Lights


NOTE: In case app settings won't load inside Connect IQ Store anymore, please check:</p><p></p><p></p><p>Smart Bike Lights is a data field IQ Connect application for Garmin devices, that displays and controls ANT+ lights. Garmin has a built-in "Auto" light mode setting, which automatically adjusts the light intensity based on the ambient light or time of day. The issue with "Auto" mode is that is not configurable and that is why this application introduces a special "Smart" mode, which is fully configurable based on sunset, sunrise, speed, ... (check all filters below). The source code is available on GitHub:, where issues/feature requests can be opened.</p>


Version 0.16.0:</p><p>- Replaced min active time with deactivation delay option</p><p>- Added activation delay option</p><p></p><p>Version 0.15.2:</p><p>- Make parsing invalid configurations more robust to fatal exceptions</p><p></p><p>Version 0.15.1:</p><p>- Fix support for Connect IQ Store version 2.12</p><p></p><p>Version 0.15.0</p><p>- Add support for controlling multiple headlights/taillights at once (only for devices with more than 32KB memory)</p>

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Frans Lichtenauer
3 stycznia 2022 | Wersja 0.15.2

Great (imho the best) tool to manage your light network. My lights are off by default. My rear light flashes during the day when a car approaches from behind and lights up when I brake. At sunset, my rear and front light are automatically switched on.

Alex H
7 grudnia 2021 | Wersja 0.15.1

Super nice to have lights switch modes automatically according to your custom rules! A bit of a learning curve but amazing once u know how to use it.

Eric Derksen
18 listopada 2021 | Wersja 0.15.0

Absolute must have for Varia Radar users. This gives the oppty. to run you varia light in off position and starts blinking when car approaches. Something that should have to be in the Varia itself from day one. There are tons of other use-cases, but this is my single most important one. In dark conditions I use the Garmin Light Network settings. Another plus of the app, it's nog exclusive!

Deme Zoltán
25 października 2021 | Wersja 0.13.1

Something broken so far worked now error 4 message received by Bontrager Ion Pro and Flare RT #4587520,196641##6291461,1409482753##7,6:Ion Pro RT|2,:-1,Off:0|1,High:1|1,Medium:2|1,Low:5|1,Day Flash:63|1,Night Flash:62#7,6:Flare RT|2,:-1,Off:0|1,Day Steady:1|1,Night Steady:5|1,Day Flash:7|1,All-Day Flash:8|1,Night Flash:63#0::#0:0#B3095#1#1#0#0

Odpowiedź producenta
26 października 2021, maca88

That is very strange, error 4 means that the configuration contains a light mode that is not supported by the lights, which shouldn't be the case as your configuration is valid. Please try to re-pair the lights again by using the Garmin sensor menu. If it still doesn't work, try to clear the "Lights Configuration" setting to see if the error 4 will be gone. Please contact me by using "Contact Developer" in case the re-pairing didn't work.

Jas0n Chan
2 października 2021 | Wersja 0.13.1

The custom config feature is very useful for non-touch Garmin. And make the light as smart as HomeKit’s light

18 września 2021 | Wersja 0.13.1

Really useful datafield on my Garmin Edge Explore. Just one annoying bug: When I start recording on my Garmin, the lights starts blinking even though I have selected sunset-sunrise in the filter. I have to manually scroll left to the datafield of Smart Bike Lights and as soon as the datafield “loads in” the lights stop blinking as expected. So it seems the datafield isn’t active until you scroll to it? I have solved it temporarily by having Smart Bike Lights as my starting datafield when I start recording a ride. But then I have to scroll to my map every single time. Otherwise, really good job! Using ION 200RT and ION Flare RT

Odpowiedź producenta
18 września 2021, maca88

Thanks for the positive review. Your assumption is correct, the data field will be started only when you scroll to it and unfortunately there is nothing that I can do to fix it. Most likely Garmin did this for performance reasons to prevent screen freezes when starting an activity.

Xabier Scully
11 sierpnia 2021 | Wersja 0.13.0

149 / 5000 Resultados de traducción It works perfectly. Incredible. On my bike: Bontrager Ion 200 front light, and Garmin Varia RTL510 rear light. Magnificent and perfect field

Rajeev Singh
22 lipca 2021 | Wersja 0.12.0

Struggling a bit however I am sure this will work. I have both Varia's head and tail from Garmin with 1080 plus and I want the setup to work automatically based on the time of the day (i.e. day, night etc.) using this application

20 lipca 2021 | Wersja 0.12.0

the app works flawlessly! I recommend it!! the only part the needs improving, is a more detailed description inside the configuration page..I spent an hour to set up and test my light, it's not so easy but it's satisfying at the end! I don't get the % of deceleration how it works and the minimum time active Inside any filter but even those, I don't have any problem!

Odpowiedź producenta
20 lipca 2021, maca88

Thanks for the positive feedback! I will try to add a more detailed description with samples in the near future. The acceleration filter calculates the difference between the current speed and the speed measured one second ago. In case the current speed is 10km/h and the previous speed was 15km/h, the acceleration will be -50%. The minimum time active setting will leave the configured light mode for at least the configured seconds. In case you set it to 5 seconds, the light mode on the filter group will be used for at least 5 seconds, once all filters conditions in that group are met. The filters conditions are tested every second, so even if in the following few seconds one of the filter condition won't be met, the light mode of that filter group will still be used as we are still within 5 seconds.

Piotr Majka
19 lipca 2021 | Wersja 0.12.0

Could you make some "slots" for light configurations? At the moment, changing the light mode means entering the code and synchronizing all over again. It would be more convenient to be able to quickly switch between several (two or three) already entered configurations :)

Odpowiedź producenta
20 lipca 2021, maca88

Thanks for the review! That is a great idea but I am not sure how would switching between configurations work as the user interaction is very limited with data fields. In case you have an idea on how it should be implemented, please let us know on the following Garmin thread:

Gerry Vece
12 lipca 2021 | Wersja 0.12.0

Really helpful developer... Helped to get the right set up for Radar and UT800 for use when riding in a group.

3 lipca 2021 | Wersja 0.12.0

Why do i have numbers(1,2,5,63,62) on the screen instead of text(high, low flash etc.)? Is this changeable? And how? I have the bontrager ion rt200 and the bontrager flare.

Odpowiedź producenta
4 lipca 2021, maca88

Because you need to configure the lights using Lights Configurator. Please check the "How to use" guide here:

Deme Zoltán
26 czerwca 2021 | Wersja 0.12.0

kiváló app

Per Bjälevik
18 czerwca 2021 | Wersja 0.11.0

The best app! My config: Have the light off during the day to save the battery on my Varia RTL515. But added brake light and that the light flashes when vehicles approach.

Kevin Pilo
14 maja 2021 | Wersja 0.11.0

Great app. My RTL510 is a couple of years old and the battery was only lasting a couple of rides. I have it so the light only come on when there is something coming up behind me. I do a mix of on road and bike path riding and it was a waste to have the light working on the bike path or when there was no traffic.

Miloš Matůš
26 kwietnia 2021 | Wersja 0.11.0

One from the best data fields and definity must if you have Garmin radar and front light with ANT+ control.

George Makrypoulias
5 kwietnia 2021 | Wersja 0.11.0

Great app - I change light settings to turn on only when radar detection saving battery and be more visible! Still try to combine Radar with brake (It seemed that there is overlapping?) - recommended!

Francis Gigon
5 kwietnia 2021 | Wersja 0.11.0

Great and very useful datafield! Much better than the Garmin built-in light control options. Almost unlimited possibilities with the provided filters to customize the behavior of your lights (in my case Bontrager ION 200RT and FlareRT) to any need. Very responsive and helpful developer. Thanks!

Simon Harris
28 marca 2021 | Wersja 0.10.2

Amazing app, responsive developer. There was a problem with ios connectiq configuration which was sorted really quickly. Fully customisable light programmer for smart lights. What could make it even better would be if there were different modes that could be chosen from the menu, i.e. Bad weather/poor visibility mode.

Odpowiedź producenta
29 marca 2021, maca88

Thanks for the updated review! The light modes in the menu are all the modes that the light supports and unfortunately it is not possible to create additional ones.

marcin szatkowski
22 marca 2021 | Wersja 0.10.1

Brilliant! I always hated that ION 200 RT turns to steady light when dark, instead of night flash.... now you can configure it by yourself... I am impatiantly waiting for the integration with the lights ambient sensor (if possible). Well done!

Odpowiedź producenta
23 marca 2021, maca88

Thanks for the review! About the ambient sensor, unfortunately it is currently not accessible within a CIQ application. The only thing that we can do is to upvote the ambient sensor request thread: so that we have a higher chance that it will be added in a future CIQ update.

14 marca 2021 | Wersja 0.10.1

Way better than garmin light control. Finally my ut800 has true smart control function. Strongly recommended.

Alexander Alashkin
24 stycznia 2021 | Wersja 0.8.3

Way better than native bonrager field!

17 stycznia 2021 | Wersja 0.8.3

Not the prettiest, but very flexible and the only way I've found to get things to just work right. Nice job, thanks.

15 stycznia 2021 | Wersja 0.8.3

Awesome! . Absolutely must have. Perfect works ION 200RT and Varia 515.

Shahed Ameer
29 grudnia 2020 | Wersja 0.7.1

Awesome data field! I use the Varia RTL515 mainly as a radar, and only turn on the light at sunset/sunrise/night-time, to save battery. I love how configurable the smart mode is to define filters to automatically set the light mode. I haven't tried messing with the acceleration filter yet but I wonder if that could be used to automatically turn on the light when braking. Great work.

Odpowiedź producenta
3 stycznia 2021, maca88

Thanks for the review! For braking you can use the acceleration filter with a negative value. Here I posted an example: The important thing to note is that the acceleration filter must be defined before the sunset/sunrise filter.