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Instinct Pro Classic


This is a clone of Instinct Pro 2.3.0, but with the original data font.</p><p></p><p>Because of the very limited memory on Instinct devices it not possible to continue adding new features while keeping the old font.</p><p></p><p>So, this release is meant for those who prefer the old font and don't mind that there will be little or no updates, besides necessary maintenance and possible bug fixes.</p>

Nieuwe functies

IN RELEASE 2.3.3</p><p></p><p>• Updated active calories calculation for Instinct 2X</p><p>• Removed the space between hours and minutes when colon off</p><p></p><p>-</p><p>IN RELEASE 2.3.2</p><p></p><p>• Rebuilt with Garmin Connect IQ SDK 4.1.7, since as it turns out, the new SDK 4.2.4 (used to build 2.3.1) breaks several key functions on Instinct watches</p><p>• This release should bring back things like battery days, body battery and stress if they went missing in 2.3.1</p>

Aanvullende informatie


Deze app vereist toegang tot:

  • Voer op de achtergrond uit indien niet actief (batterijduur wordt mogelijk beïnvloed)
  • Verzend/ontvang informatie naar/van internet
  • GPS-locatie
  • Hartslag-, barometer-, temperatuur- en hoogtegeschiedenis
  • Uw Garmin Connect™ fitnessprofiel
  • Descent™ G1 Descent™ G1, Descent™ G1 Solar
  • Instinct® 2 Instinct® 2, Instinct® 2 - Camo Edition, Instinct® 2 Solar - Tactical Edition, Instinct® 2 Solar - Surf Edition, Instinct® 2 - dēzl™ Edition
  • Instinct® 2S Instinct® 2S, Instinct® 2S - Camo Edition, Instinct® 2S Solar - Tactical Edition, Instinct® 2S Solar - Surf Edition, Instinct® 2S - dēzl™ Edition
  • Instinct® 2X Instinct® 2X
  • Instinct® Crossover Instinct® Crossover
Gemiddelde beoordeling: (31 beoordelingen)

21 september 2023

Great watch face, I would appreciate it if you could add the “power save” or "battery saving" feature, could be triggered by gesture like on the “instinct pro watch face”. Tks

Julio César Rodríguez Salgado
13 september 2023

Muy bueno

Alexander Leibman
8 september 2023

Very accurate watchface with lot of customizations. I think this is the best one for Instinct 2s Solar. I would really appreciate if you could add the week number option.

7 september 2023

My favorite face. Like this font more than in original Instinct Pro. Wish day-date has the same font too.

Иван Иванов
2 september 2023

Verry profesional! Make more like this!

Cj Lattimer
25 augustus 2023

I can't seem to get a 24hr clock. Like the face tho. Gives me what I want to see.

La To
9 augustus 2023

Good Work. Now I like my Instinct 2 more :)

Dr. Josch
2 augustus 2023

Sehr coole Uhrenoberfläche- nutze sie auf der Instinct2 Camo. Habe 12 Funktionen ständig im Blick. Einfache Installation sowie individuelle Anpassung der Anzeigen. Die Freischaltung eingeschränkter Funktionen für kleines Geld funktionierte problemlos. Bin total happy und bin begeistert, was man aus der Uhr alles rausholen kann! Einfach super!!!

Marc Jimenez
25 juli 2023

Great watch face. I just wish the data were centered in their respective positions or there was an option to set it that way. The face would've looked much cleaner and proportionate.