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Heart Rate Monitor [hHRMonitor]


A Data Field providing current, average and percentage of max Heart Rate</p><p>--</p><p>* New option to reset on each new Lap</p><p>* Data Field now uses your Garmin Profile Heart Rate Bands.</p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p>The Data Field has been designed to provide your heart rate as a percentage (against your maximum), average and current (not Vivoactive HR) values all in a single field.</p>

Nieuwe functies

Version 5.1 (23/Mar/18):</p><p> - Done: Refresh for latest SDK (Trivial Case 00660)</p><p>Version 5.0 (13/Apr/17):</p><p> - Done: Add Option to reset on new Lap (Major Case 00403)</p><p> - Done: Upgrade to 2.2.3 SDK (Trivial Case 00451)</p><p>Version 4.1 (16/Nov/16):</p><p> - Done: Handle Activity Restarting (Minor Case 00336)</p><p>Version 4.0 (16/Aug/16):</p><p> - Done: Upgrade to support Garmin IQ Version 2 (Trivial Case 00275)</p>

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