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Sheikah time


Dating back parallel to the Japanese ‘Jomon’ period, the ancient Sheikah technologies are baffling even today.</p><p></p><p>To the best of our understanding, we have restored some of these advanced technological relics into a system transferable to a device on your wrist.</p><p></p><p>From our research:</p><p>The top left light-blue indicator correlates to your daily step count. It’ll count to 100% and continues counting beyond as the indicator turns back on itself.</p>

Nieuwe functies

2.0 - Improved layout, new background image, new weekly-exercise meter, moved battery indicator, new phone-connectivity indicator</p><p>1.2 - Will show the time in the 'always-on display' mode. (Venu 2 owners have to wait for their next watch system update before this will work.)</p><p>1.1 - Battery indicator, minor graphical tweaks.

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Deze app vereist toegang tot:

  • Hartslag-, barometer-, temperatuur- en hoogtegeschiedenis
  • Uw Garmin Connect™ fitnessprofiel
  • D2™ Air D2™ Air
  • Venu® Venu®
  • Venu® 2 Venu® 2
  • Venu® 2S Venu® 2S

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