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Bontrager Light Control


Bontrager Light Control data field gives you the ability to directly control the modes of any connected Bontrager RT series lights. Once the lights are paired with the Edge computer, the data field will display a graphical battery status, and buttons to quickly change the mode of the connected headlights and taillights.</p><p></p><p>To Setup:</p><p> 1. Download and install the data field to you...


1.2.1 - CIQ SDK version 2.4.8.</p><p>1.2.0 - CIQ SDK version 2.4.0</p><p>1.1.1 - Edge 1030 support. CIQ SDK version 2.3.4.</p><p>1.0.8 - Updated build using the new CIQ SDK version 2.2.6</p><p>1.0.7 - Updated build using the new CIQ SDK version 2.2.5</p><p>1.0.6 - Fixed potential crash in the settings screen</p><p>1.0.5 - Updated build using the new CIQ SDK version 2.2.4</p><p>1.0.4 - Fixed an ...

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Dette programmet krever tilgang til:

  • Sende/motta data via ANT til/fra tredjepartssensorer
  • Edge® 1000 Edge® 1000
  • Edge® 1030 Edge® 1030
  • Edge® 1030, Bontrager Edge® 1030, Bontrager
  • Edge® 820 Edge® 820
  • Edge® Explore 1000 Edge® Explore 1000
  • Edge® Explore 820 Edge® Explore 820
Gjennomsnittlig vurdering: (34 vurderinger)

Raymond A. Cook
20. september 2018 | Versjon 1.2.1

The app seems to be running perfectly with my ion 200 RT and my flare RT. The only reason for four stars instead of five is that it's a bit slow to form it's network each time and the app is not all that intuitive to get up and running. Be sure to swipe down to get more options from the widget. How many lights can it control at one time? Winter's coming on and I might like to add the ion pro RT. 'Doesn't look like there's room in the app screen for a third column.

Tommy Haywood
9. september 2018 | Versjon 1.2.1

As others have said, this is a great idea but a bit disappointing. My edge 1030 has so much spare space but I can only set 2 modes. Why not allow to set all 5 modes (off,day flash,all day flash, night flash,high,low). Yes I know know auto is controlled by Garmin, but as far as I can tell that sets day flash in bright conditions and night flash in dark conditions. We need to be able to set all the other modes. There is plenty of room

David D’Souza
13. august 2018 | Versjon 1.2.1

So much potential but doesn't quite make it. The auto mode for the light is terrible as others have mentioned. Going to full brightness when traveling under trees burns the battery too quickly and makes the light useless for anything but the shortest rides. While it's nice the light turns on when my Garmin starts recording the ride, it doesn't automatically turn off the lights when I am paused for a lengthy period. There isn't a button to turn off the lights and have them auto-start when I move again. Lots of common sense features just not there.

Utviklerens svar
14. august 2018, TrekBicycles

Hi David, The auto mode is controlled by Garmin in the light network mode. The light control app does not have the ability to control auto, only take the lights out of auto and put them into a specific mode. The 'Light Beam Activated' feature can be accessed also under the Network Mode and is controlled by Garmin. Changing that to 'Timer Start' should do what you are asking. I can help relay your feedback to Garmin if you would like.

Bob Pinnick
8. august 2018 | Versjon 1.2.1

I downloaded Bontranger Light Control to my Garmin Edge 1000. I was hoping to be able to control the modes of the Ion 800 RT. The only modes in the app are “Auto, Hight, Low, Off”. Using “Auto” during the day has a problem in that if there is any shade the light stops flashing and stays on (not sure if it is in “High” or “Low” mode). The battery does not last very long using this approach. I found that if one uses the tool box icon on the Edge 1000 then selects “Sensors” then “Lights” then “Network Options” then “Light Mode” then select “Individual”. Go back to the “Network Options” screen and select “Headlight” then “Light Mode”. I then select “Day Flash” which increases the battery life. I have removed the Light Control app as I do not find it very useful to allow me to have enough charge for a multi-hour ride.

Utviklerens svar
14. august 2018, TrekBicycles

Hi Bob, In the upper right corner of the light control you will see a button that will take you to the settings menu. In here, you can change the override buttons (the two middle buttons) so that they reflect the modes you want to be able to go to. Auto is controlled by Garmin, and the app only has the ability to take the lights out of auto and set them to a specific mode.

Carlos Kintana
29. mai 2018 | Versjon 1.2.0

Hello, I have changed my Edge 820 for another unit in warranty, with the previous 820 the flare RT was automatically turned on when starting the edge 820, but now it does not turn on, I have to do it manually. I have the Bontrager Light Control installed as usual, even if it does not turn on automatically. It only turns off when edge 820 is turned off.

Utviklerens svar
14. august 2018, TrekBicycles

Carlos, Light Beam Activated is controlled by Garmin, and the options can be found in Network Mode. Changing it to Device power up will turn on when the device is turned on or off, and Timer Start will only have the lights on when you are riding.

Lee Molyneux
29. mai 2018 | Versjon 1.2.0

Keeps disconnecting from network and turning my lights off - not good.

Utviklerens svar
14. august 2018, TrekBicycles

Lee, I sorry you are having issues with the lights. The light pairing and network is formed between the Edge unit and the lights. The light control app can only interact with the network once it is formed. Please contact customer support for advice on how to deal with network disconnects.

12. april 2018 | Versjon 1.2.0

My garmin edge 1000 can't find the flare r Light when i search the device

Utviklerens svar
14. august 2018, TrekBicycles

Michael, The light network is formed between the lights and the Edge. Please contact either Garmin or Trek for assistance on connecting the lights and the Edge.

Mark Muraski
21. mars 2018 | Versjon 1.1.1

When I turn my Garmin 820 on, it turns on the light network, however it turns on the Flare RT flashing and the Ion 700 solid. I ride during daylight and want it flashing all the time. I can select it on the Bontrager App screen and change it to flashing, but it would be easier to just turn the light on, and it comes on flashing automatically. Am I doing something wrong?

Utviklerens svar
2. april 2018, TrekBicycles

Hi Mark, The Edge 820 light network settings control how the lights turn on. Go into those, and make sure you are set to either Auto or Hi Vis. In Auto, the Edge will use ambient light to control what mode the lights are in, and in Hi Vis it sets them to flashing all the time. The light control app allows you to override what the light network puts the lights into. It does not have the ability to change the system settings for initial power on.

Mike Jacoubowsky
4. mars 2018 | Versjon 1.1.1

There should be an over-ride to the ambient light sensor. During daytime, I want to have the headlight "flashing" at all times, but if you go through a tree-covered area, it switches to solid mode, thinking it's "dark" and you need the light to see. It's in such conditions that I really want that light flashing! Plus it's a bigger drain on the battery. So my ask would be to tie an automatic mode into the Garmin's built-in ability to know sunrise & sunset times. Thanks!

Utviklerens svar
5. mars 2018, TrekBicycles

Hi Mike, The 'auto' mode is controlled by Garmin, and reflects the settings you have for the light network. The other buttons are overrides to whatever the Edge has put the lights into. What you are describing is actually the intent of the light control. If auto is not doing what you want, you can quickly change to whatever mode you need, and then give control back to the Edge when you are done. Hope that helps.

Felipe Serra
1. mars 2018 | Versjon 1.1.1

What setup for using always the same mode, for example: All Day Flash, how do i setup the network light options and the light it self? By the way i have only one ant+ light . Does the brake functionality works on Flare RT? Can i lock the mode? As in Flare R only?

Ros Tocker
30. desember 2017 | Versjon 1.1.1

headlight is always in high-mode on timerstart or garmin is ractivated after break does not change mode before turn off in sleepstate, permanently low- or medium-mode is missing or automatically reactivate the last mode after break with garmin sleepstate, important on long tours to save batterypower.

Peter van Wijk
3. oktober 2017 | Versjon 1.0.8

Werkte erg goed op mijn Edge 1000. Helaas niet compatibele met de Edge 1030!!!

Ignacio Ramirez Gonzalez
28. september 2017 | Versjon 1.0.8

Don't work with my new Edge 1030¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Sam Golden
26. september 2017 | Versjon 1.0.8

You should be able to configure the auto mode, first off there is no documentation as to what auto mode even does. Secondly maybe I don't want my headlight in low or high mode and I want it in a flash mode depending on day or night. It would be great if you could set things like above X speed I want the mode to be HIGH LIGHTS, if I am below x speed set to day or night flash etc... people are going to want different settings here, ultimately I should be able to configure different profiles based on what I am doing too. If you don't want to provide such configuration let at least document what "auto" mode does for the headlight and tail light as I have both and I can't tell what it is trying to do. Lots of potential here, GIVE SOME UPDATES!

Utviklerens svar
5. oktober 2017, TrekBicycles

Auto is controlled by the Edge light network mode. Your options in the Edge setup are: Auto - Ambient light controlled for day and night settings HiVis - Puts the lights in flashing modes Individual - The Edge does not automatically set the modes. Your ideas are good, I would advise passing them along to Garmin. They control what the network modes do on the Edge.

13. september 2017 | Versjon 1.0.8

It works well with my Bontrager Flare RT. However, I feel as though it is really better suited to being a Widget, rather than a data field. Data Field screens are precious, and there's no reason to have to scroll through this app when I rarely have to use it. I'd rather swipe down on my Edge 1000, swipe right or left and have the light controls available there.

Gabriel Wehle (el Gabo)
9. september 2017 | Versjon 1.0.8

no work Edge 1030

Alberto Montes
13. juni 2017 | Versjon 1.0.8

I have 4 buttons. First is 'IND' which makes nothing for me. Then I can configure 2nd and 3rd buttons and the 4th is fixed to OFF. So for example I can program 'Day Flash' and 'Night Flash' (which is great) but...why cant program the other 2 buttons? As the light has 5 modes (Day-DayFlash-Night-NightFlash-OFF) would be great to have 5 instead 4 buttons or at least be able to configure 'IND' as well.

Utviklerens svar
21. juni 2017, TrekBicycles

Hello, Thank you for your review. I want to clear up the operation for you. The light control is intended to work with the automatic system on the Edge. The 'IND' says that your light network is set to Individual Mode. In this mode, the light control will only allow you to switch between the two programmed buttons and Off. If you switch your light network to be either AUTO or Hi-Vis, then you have the ability to use the two middle buttons as 'over-rides' to the system. To change the light network, go to the sensor menu for lights, and change network mode.

Adam Pirillo
9. juni 2017 | Versjon 1.0.8

This app works fine and the interface is simple, but it is annoying that you can not easily switch between ALL the modes the light has available. You have to go into the menu and switch things. For example I'd like to be able to go from high medium low and flash but you only get two options and than you have to go into the settings to change the two options.

Pat Toher
15. mai 2017 | Versjon 1.0.7

The user interface seems quite nice but does not function at all on my Edge 1000 (firmware 12.2). In addition to one Ion 800 headlight and two Flare RT taillights, I am also running Dura Ace Di2 9150 (newest groupset) with the EW-WU-111 D-Fly (also newest model D-Fly). The native Garmin light control works normally, albeit somewhat flakey and intermittent, but Bontrager's app continually displays "Forming Light Network" but it never does. It seems that third party apps and Garmin need more beta testing. -111 D-fly (also newest model D-Fly). The native Garmin light controls work normally, albeit somewhat flakey and intermittent, but Bontrager's app continually displays "Forming Light Network" but it never does. It seems that third party apps and Garmin need more beta testing.

Utviklerens svar
21. juni 2017, TrekBicycles

Thank you for taking the time to write a review. The 'forming light network' is actually coming from the Edge system itself, and the light control has to wait for that to finish before it can do anything. There have been a lot of updates in the last few months, so I would encourage you to try it again with the latest version of FW and build of the light control.

Kenneth Lenger
18. april 2017 | Versjon 1.0.7

The app itself seems OK, but it does not play well (or not at all) with other 3rd party apps. I've tried 3 different gear ratio apps and the Garmin Edge crashes with every combination of a 3rd party app + the Bontrager app. Trek/Bontrager: Any chance of fixing this?

Vicente Gomez
30. mars 2017 | Versjon 1.0.5

Pienso como Franges. Dado que la mayoría de usuarios tenemos una sola luz, se podría configurar para que en el caso de solo detecte una, toda la pantalla este dedicada a ella, y así poner todos los modos para elegir

11. mars 2017 | Versjon 1.0.5

muy buena !! estaria bien una app para el rada garmin varia!!

5. februar 2017 | Versjon 1.0.4

Very cool app !

Phill Mai
1. februar 2017 | Versjon 1.0.4

Set any data screen size to 1, then change the field to the app. It works perfectly!

21. januar 2017 | Versjon 1.0.3

je voudrais savoir comment fonctionne le systeme decelaration automatique

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