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3D Chrono Collection


A tribute to my favorite watches (Coaxial, Moonwatch, Seamaster, Daytona, Carrera).</p><p>=======</p><p>Logo and Settings can be changed with Connect IQ on your phone (Video: and with Garmin Express on your PC.</p><p>=======</p><p>!!!!! WARNING !!!!!</p><p>Any setting or function can be removed or changed without notice.</p><p>To keep the currently installed features, disable automatic update in Garmin Connect, Connect IQ and Garmin Express and read "What’s New" before updating.</p>


- Ver. 2.5.6 -</p><p>Add Descent MK3.</p><p>- Ver. 2.5.5 -</p><p>Temperature and altitude option removed (again) due to compatibility issues with some models.</p><p>- Ver. 2.5.4 -</p><p>Add Vivoactive 5.</p><p>- Ver. 2.5.3 -</p><p>Add Venu3 and Venu3s.</p><p>- Ver. 2.5.2 -</p><p>Add Fenix7 Pro Series and Epix2 Pro Series.</p><p>- Ver. 2.5.1 -</p><p>Add Approach S70 and S70s.</p><p>- Ver. 2.5.0 -</p>

Mer informasjon

  • Approach® S70 (42mm) Approach® S70 (42mm)
  • Approach® S70 (47mm) Approach® S70 (47mm)
  • D2™ Air X10 D2™ Air X10
  • D2™ Mach 1 D2™ Mach 1
  • D2™ Mach 1 Pro D2™ Mach 1 Pro
  • Descent™ MK3 (43mm) Descent™ MK3 (43mm)
  • Descent™ MK3 (51mm) Descent™ MK3 (51mm)
  • epix™ (Gen 2) epix™ (Gen 2), quatix® 7 – Sapphire Edition
  • epix™ Pro (42mm) epix™ Pro (42mm)
  • epix™ Pro (47mm) epix™ Pro (47mm), quatix® 7 Pro
  • epix™ Pro (51mm) epix™ Pro (51mm)
  • Forerunner® 265 Forerunner® 265
  • Forerunner® 265S Forerunner® 265S
  • Forerunner® 965 Forerunner® 965
  • MARQ® (Gen 2) MARQ® (Gen 2), MARQ® Carbon Collection
  • MARQ® Commander (Gen 2) – Carbon Edition MARQ® Commander (Gen 2) – Carbon Edition
  • MARQ™ Aviator (Gen 2) MARQ™ Aviator (Gen 2)
  • Mercedes-Benz Venu® 2 Mercedes-Benz Venu® 2
  • Mercedes-Benz Venu® 2S Mercedes-Benz Venu® 2S
  • tactix® 7 – AMOLED Edition tactix® 7 – AMOLED Edition
  • Venu® 2 Venu® 2
  • Venu® 2 Plus Venu® 2 Plus
  • Venu® 2S Venu® 2S
  • Venu® 3 Venu® 3
  • Venu® 3S Venu® 3S
  • vívoactive® 5 vívoactive® 5
Gjennomsnittlig vurdering: (40 vurderinger)

18. november 2023 | Versjon 2.5.5

I love this watch face.

Michael Lemke
8. oktober 2023 | Versjon 2.5.4

This is the most realistic in 3D watch face ever.

26. september 2023 | Versjon 2.5.4

This chronograph digital watch face with its 3-D design adds a whole new level of sophistication to my watch, making it stand out in terms of style and uniqueness. Beyond its aesthetics, the face comes with incredibly useful features. The attention to detail and the functionality makes it a must-have for anyone seeking a stylish and practical watch face.

Lau Sinn Wee
28. august 2023 | Versjon 2.5.2

One of the best watch face out there. Response was quick for the code as well! Enjoy the beer my friend! U deserve it

Michael Lemke
19. august 2023 | Versjon 2.5.2

The Carrera is the most three-dimensional face that I have seen for the EPIX 2 Pro. You're getting very close to what the actual tag smartwatch face looks like! Great job!

Kurt Wild
18. august 2023 | Versjon 2.5.2

Really Cool . Developer is super responsive. Id give a fifth star if the orange was more orange. However this is complaining at a very high level

Robin M
21. juli 2023 | Versjon 2.5.2

My favorite watch face! I don't miss wearing my chrono as much when I look at my Garmin now. The developer made the face super customizable. The instructions to remove the developers logo are in the description, not in the YouTube video.

Marc Roth
7. juni 2023 | Versjon 2.5.2

Fantastic watch face, with great effect on the FR965 Amoled display. Very flexible for configuration. I especially love the analogue hands when “always on”. Thanks to the developer for the great work.

29. april 2023 | Versjon 2.4.0

I LOVE SO MUCH. If AMOLED you should choose this 3D face. Much more realistic and viewable than 2D.

Douglas Stevenson
22. april 2023 | Versjon 2.4.0

The moonwatch watch face is impressive. I sent a beer to the developer via PayPal and he or she responded immediately with a code that removed the developer's logo. It was easy and quick, even for someone without any programming skills. Great watch face!

8. april 2023 | Versjon 2.4.0

Love it

Marco Blonk
3. april 2023 | Versjon 2.4.0

Great quality watch faces and very supportive developer ! I will be happy to pay him some more beers for his new developments!

27. mars 2023 | Versjon 2.4.0

Love these watch faces! Makes it look like a legit watch. Developer very responsive and quality app.

21. mars 2023 | Versjon 2.3.0

Outstanding stuff , As always from this developer . Highly recommend checking out his other work

15. februar 2023 | Versjon 2.3.0

Superb !

5. februar 2023 | Versjon 2.2.2

Love very much the Carrera Watchface and the very realistic 3D effect !Very good job, so I paid a beer to Dario, he deserves it.

Boris Scheufele
2. februar 2023 | Versjon 2.2.2

Die 3D Darstellung sieht auf dem Amoled Display der MARQ Gen 2 super realistisch aus. Hier kommt der Fan klassischer Uhren wirklich auf seine Kosten. Top!

Hans Bräuer
27. januar 2023 | Versjon 2.2.2

3d Darstellung ist gelungen. Sehr schönes watchface mit vielen einstell Möglichkeiten. Hätte mir gewünscht ein watchface ohne Miniatur Zifferblätter. Die Farben sind sehr gut und harmonisch abgestimmt. Weiter so.

21. januar 2023 | Versjon 2.2.2

Really nice faces, sent the money for a beer and I quickly recieved the code to delete the initials and code, many thanks

8. januar 2023 | Versjon 2.2.2

Love the watch faces. Looks just like the real thing. Highly customizable. Great customer service. Thank u

Joseph Everard
27. november 2022 | Versjon 2.1.1

Great watch faces! Adds a really premium look!

9. november 2022 | Versjon 2.1.1

Amazing looking watch faces on AMOLED screens. I'd love to see a few more options for data display metrics (stress, weather, etc) but a must have for anyone who wants to make their AMOLED screens look more like a real watch

28. oktober 2022 | Versjon 2.1.0

Come togliere il logo piccolo con codice?

Utviklerens svar
28. oktober 2022, dfaina

Ci sono le istruzioni nella descrizione della watchface.

Peter Matthews
22. oktober 2022 | Versjon 2.1.0

Excellent graphics. At last an analogue watch face for Garmin that is competitive with other smartwatches.

Gerard Vivó
17. oktober 2022 | Versjon 2.0.0

Una pantalla muy estètica y completamente recomendable. Como recomendación diría poder poner los segundos en algún dial o el día de la semana.