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Being an Amazon Prime member isn’t just about the free two-day shipping. It also means you have access to more than 2 million songs and more than 1,000 playlists and stations programmed by Amazon’s music experts — at no additional cost.</p><p></p><p>Download the Amazon Music app so you can start leaving your phone behind when you head out for a run or ride. The music that helps keep you moving will be right there on your wrist.</p>

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Gjennomsnittlig vurdering: (168 vurderinger)

31. mai 2020 | Versjon 1.0.10

I did not pay 600 dollars for a watch to not be able to listen to music when I run. This app is useless and does not work. So you all better figure this out.

30. mai 2020 | Versjon 1.0.10

Ich gehe wieder zurück zu Spotify, die Amazon app ist einfach nicht zu gebrauchen

Caroline Matthews
30. mai 2020 | Versjon 1.0.10

I am fed up with not being able to play music from the garmin when I run. Only Sync amazon to 5% the switches off the we start all over again. Sort it out Garmin. Everytime after a software upgrade, what's going on?

29. mai 2020 | Versjon 1.0.10

App pessima! Inizialmente funzionava...con gli ultimi aggiornamenti non più! Ho un Fenix 5 plus..ed ho provato più volte ad disinstallare e installare senza successo! Cose che da Amazon e Garmin non ti aspetti...

Shawn Reniker
26. mai 2020 | Versjon 1.0.10

I am sure Garmin will never read or do anything as a result of this review, but it makes me fell better to send it anyway. It’s clear that Garmin has a software issue that makes Music management and listening a huge issue. I can’t believe that they can’t get their act together on this topic. Compared to Apple Watch with a triathlon app the usability of the Garmin device is terrible. Maybe they should start recruiting software engineering talent outside of Olathe, KS. There has to be some smart kids you could hire that can fix this issue. Garmin should be embarrassed, don’t they do any product testing prior to experimenting on us? If this is the best they can do I can’t imagine trusting an aircraft navigation suite from these guys. It just can’t be this hard to figure out. Hey Garmin team, please fix this relatively minor issue that creates a lot of hate and discontent from your end users.

25. mai 2020 | Versjon 1.0.10

Have been able to play music maybe twice in the 3 months I’ve had this watch. If I knew it would be so much trouble I’d rather just spend my money one one that has more to do and not one that has music.

Keisuke Tsunoda
25. mai 2020 | Versjon 1.0.10

I solved the problem in which I can't play or sync my amazon music playlist with "IQ!" error. I sync and update my "Forerunner 245" with Garmin Express on Windows 10. Then I uninstalled "amazon music" and re-installed this app. It will repair some bugs. In my case, the key point is using the PC to sync. Syncing with "Garmin IQ" app on your smartphone might cause some errorr on amazon music app. amazon musicの再生、同期が全く出来ないエラーが解決できました(IQ!が表示されて、全くアクセスできない)。 ガーミンのPCアプリ「Garmin Express」を使って、ソフトウェアのアップデート、amazon musicのアンインストール、amazon musicの再インストールを行ったところ、音楽が聴けるようになりました。現状の理解だとスマホのアプリで、amazon musicをgarmin watchにインストールすると問題が発生するようです。

24. mai 2020 | Versjon 1.0.10

I cannot get this to go past 1% sync. I have left it for over 8 hours and it still remains on 1%.

Rich Fox
23. mai 2020 | Versjon 1.0.10

I cannot get this to sync to my Venu at all

Christopher Ball
22. mai 2020 | Versjon 1.0.10

I can't get it to sync songs

Gavin Whorton
22. mai 2020 | Versjon 1.0.10

Works great

21. mai 2020 | Versjon 1.0.10


21. mai 2020 | Versjon 1.0.10

Funktioniert leider immer noch nur bis 2% dann ist angeblich der Speicher voll. Obwohl 7gb frei sind. Seit dem vorletzten Update nicht mehr zu gebrauchen. Schade

Chris McQueen
20. mai 2020 | Versjon 1.0.10

I can usually get music to play on my FR 245, but often it won't sync over wifi. The sync will just sit at 0-2%. So, on the off chance I can get it to sync, it's fine. It's also a bit slow to navigate through screens. Once I press play though, I can usually just get my run in and listen to music well enough.

Alexander Kranner
20. mai 2020 | Versjon 1.0.10

Installation hat ein wenig gedauert, eingerichtet war es nach 3 Minuten und die erste Playlist wurde mach 2 Minuten runter geladen. Versteh nicht warum manche das App schlecht bewerten aber sind dann wohl Anwender Fehler

Andy Stegner
18. mai 2020 | Versjon 1.0.9

Installed about two months ago and so far so good, haven't had any issues and seems to function as expected

Jason Mauzey
17. mai 2020 | Versjon 1.0.9

Easy install. I was waiting for the songs to download and it seemed to be taking a while. Some of the songs I had selected weren't available with prime and had stalled the download. Removed those from the playlist and it all worked.

17. mai 2020 | Versjon 1.0.9


Lukasz Klepacki
17. mai 2020 | Versjon 1.0.9

Works fine on my Fenix 6X Pro.

Sean Carver
16. mai 2020 | Versjon 1.0.9

I'm not sure where all these negative reviews are coming from. Works just fine on my Vivoactive 3 Music. You do need to go into settings and make this your default music player and this is not super obvious from the directions given. Removing a star for that and because the sync takes forever and fails often. Also, changing playlists is kind of a chore. But it still beats the Hell out of sideloading music from my laptop.

Daniel Smith
16. mai 2020 | Versjon 1.0.9

Terrible! Utterly useless, does not work at all on Viviactive 4. Why advertise a watch as amazon music compatible if the app does not work!!!!

16. mai 2020 | Versjon 1.0.9

Does not work on Vivoactive. Was main interest for purchasing this watch. Disappointing.

Laurence Lamarcq
14. mai 2020 | Versjon 1.0.9

Does not work with Amazon unless you have an Unlimited Music individual membership which is £96 a year in addition to prime already £79 a year so better have music to upload from your computer

14. mai 2020 | Versjon 1.0.9

One reason I bought this watch (vivoactive 4s) was so that I could finally take advantage of my Amazon Prime Music. I have downloaded it and uninstalled it and downloaded it again through the Garmin IQ app and the music will not download! I even had my son try to figure it out for me and it will not work. Very disappointed.

木村 翔太
14. mai 2020 | Versjon 1.0.9


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