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This app provides a small glimpse of how Xert uses power data in unique ways to understand how you perform and respond to training. Be sure to check Xert out with a Premium 30-Day Free Trial at</p><p></p><p>This convenient simple datafield determines your FTP *on-the-fly*, continually updating and increasing the value the harder you ride. Using a sophisticated Xert™-based algorithm, the app uses patterns in power data coming from your power meter and looks at how you fatigue to provide an estimate of your FTP. Use it during regular riding or use it during FTP tests, if you prefer. You don't have to worry about pacing or interruptions. Just ride as hard as you can, right to your limit, and you'll then have your FTP.</p>


*What's My FTP?* Wins Best Edge App of the Year at the Garmin ConnectIQ Summit!!</p><p></p><p>Blog:</p><p></p><p>

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  • fēnix® Chronos fēnix® Chronos
Gjennomsnittlig vurdering: (50 vurderinger)

Leandro Sgallari
28. august 2017 | Versjon 1.3.3-upd

Is it possible to save the data of the ride to Garmin connect?

Utviklerens svar
29. august 2017, Xert-BaronBiosystems

Your Threshold Power (FTP) and other fitness variables are managed and saved on Xert. We hope our app demonstrates the innovative capabilities of the Xert platform.

Ali Ilyas
23. august 2017 | Versjon 1.3.3-upd

It works ! pretty accurate

Vincent Bischoff
21. august 2017 | Versjon 1.3.3-upd

It's really a great and motivating tool ! Congrats for building it ! A feature that would be very nice is the possibility to show at the same time : - the FTP of the day - and the FTP of the lap. Is that possible ? Vincent

Stefan Cameron
15. august 2017 | Versjon 1.3.3-upd

The app seems to do what it promises, however, the initial experience is sub-par. The configuration options clearly state "reset on lap" -- that's "LAP", so to me, that means the LAP button, not the start/stop button. OK, so that means I can press the stop button for a long pause in my ride, and then press start to resume, and a reset should not happen. To the contrary, start/stop DOES RESET the app, just like, I presume, LAP does. Disappointing after giving it my all, only to find the reading had been reset after I used the start/stop button mid-ride. 3 stars for an average first-time use and lack of instructions. Otherwise, I'd give it 5.

Juan Gutierrez
14. august 2017 | Versjon 1.3.3-upd

The results provided by this app are very much similar to the one I had for FTP. It is awesome to see a trustable FTP real time.

Marcus Durant
14. august 2017 | Versjon 1.3.3-upd

waste of time

Utviklerens svar
16. august 2017, Xert-BaronBiosystems

Be sure errors don't creep into the datastream. Since it doesn't use 8 or 20 minutes worth of average data but instanteneous data instead, errors will be amplified. If you suspect an error, delete the app and reinstall it to reset its internal settings.

Cory Pittman
10. august 2017 | Versjon 1.3.3-upd

Gave results that were almost identical to my 20-minute test. NOTE: You have to throw down a hard effort. I'm talking 90+ TSS for an hour. Load a hard workout, and watch it do it's magic. Lots of these other reviews seem to be user error. The algorithm seems to work.

7. august 2017 | Versjon 1.3.3-upd

I really like the idea but can't seem to get it to work. Installed on my F5X and it worked the first few times. But now it is stuck at either 100, 200 or 400 from the start of a ride and never changes even as my power changes. I also do not see the colored ring to indicate progress of measurement.

Utviklerens svar
7. august 2017, Xert-BaronBiosystems

Try removing and reinstalling the app to reset it to the default settings. Power spikes can cause errors.

Chris Benten
4. august 2017 | Versjon 1.3.3-upd

Installed app fine on F3 but is it supposed to upload the "determined" value to Garmin Connect? I do not see it anywhere (trial version). Otherwise interesting and will be useful.

Utviklerens svar
7. august 2017, Xert-BaronBiosystems

Unfortunately Garmin doesn't enable this ability for downloaded apps.

Pascal Gielen
3. august 2017 | Versjon 1.3.3-upd

Great tool and seems accurate as well. One thing to improve; let the last FTP stays as baseline for the next ride... Seems I start over at 150W every time...

Utviklerens svar
7. august 2017, Xert-BaronBiosystems

We had considered that but opted to have it reset to a lower value so you can get a broader understanding of the efforts needed during your rides without having to push yourself to your limit every time.

Leszek Prozorowicz
1. august 2017 | Versjon 1.3.3-upd

The previous version has done pretty well with the estimate, maybe even a bit too optimistic identically Fenix 3 and Edge 520. But the current 1.3.3 is something wrong: power intervals 8 min: 220-230W plus rest very light, 1h NP slightly over 200W AVP 1h: 190W (a lot of effort was missing), and this one enumerates on F3: 188W, on E520: 166W. Previously suggested on both 210W FTP devices, and that just makes sense - similar forecasts also give me GoldenCheetah, and in fact so much I should get from the standard FTP test (but I do not want to tire;)), test 2x8min IMHO slightly inflated and after cutting this About 10W the most real maintenance for me for a full hour would be about 205W (with a rising trend;)).

Utviklerens svar
2. august 2017, Xert-BaronBiosystems

The Fenix and Edge should have identical results since they are using the exact same algorithm. Check that you are not resetting things by either have autolap enabled and/or pausing the recording. This will always result in lower values.

30. juli 2017 | Versjon 1.3.3-upd

Had no problem with installation on 520. My only power meter is based in a set of Elite Digital Interactive Rollers. The app read this and it seems to respond actively and my FTP was adjusted as I did a workout with 10 intervals ranging from one to four minutes in length. Reading the earlier reviews tipped me to the need to set the app up not to restart on every lap. Seems the default should be to NOT restart with every lap. Installed with Garmin Express on the computer and changed setting with Garmin Connect on my phone, so both of these functioned well with it.

Norm Worthington
26. juli 2017 | Versjon 1.3.3-upd

Incredible way to get validation of FTP settings. Thanks!

25. juli 2017 | Versjon 1.3.3-upd

From one of the reviews I learned you need a power meter. Maybe that is something to add to the description of the app? And how would that work with a watch? Are the power meters for running as well?

Utviklerens svar
26. juli 2017, Xert-BaronBiosystems

Thank you for pointing that out. Description has been updated.

Timmy Hutchinson
25. juli 2017 | Versjon 1.3.3-upd

I have an edge 820. Downloaded using Garmin mobile. Only getting "IQ!" on data field on unit. Any suggestions?

Utviklerens svar
25. juli 2017, Xert-BaronBiosystems

Try and restart the unit. If that fails, uninstall and reinstall. The app is pretty simple and should work without any issues on the 820. If this still doesn't work, you may want to contact Garmin to see what they say.

Fernando Miguel Castillo
22. juli 2017 | Versjon 1.3.3

is necessary sensor of power? because I have a 520 without sensor of power and I ride 1h and all time I see 100w

Utviklerens svar
22. juli 2017, Xert-BaronBiosystems

FTP means "Functional Threshold Power" and you will need a power meter in order to use this app.

21. juli 2017 | Versjon 1.3.3

Sounds good on the paper, but I don't understand why value is reset to 100 many times during my ride. I'm using Fenix 3, with auto-lap 10km. Is reset applied at every lap ?

Utviklerens svar
21. juli 2017, Xert-BaronBiosystems

There is a "Reset on Lap" setting that you can disable using Garmin Express or Garmin Connect Mobile.

Alexandre Kirillov
20. juli 2017 | Versjon 1.3.2

Got it working on my Edge 520 with the latest firmware 12.10. Added a new screen an displaying 2 fields with Power and the My FTP app. No issues so far.

Jack Masih
19. juli 2017 | Versjon 1.3.2

Tried it out today on a Fenix 5x. Seemed to work sometimes. After the 5 mile lap it got stick at 100 and didn't do anything. Also, there's no rings, just a number.

Jim Chomko
19. juli 2017 | Versjon 1.3.2

I have a Garmin Edge Explore 1000 and I haven't been able to get this to work. The data field is on my device. I have it setup for it's own separate screen. I have a stages power meter. All it gives me is IQ with a little yellow circle with and explanation point in the middle of it. I've tried to uninstall it and re-install it, but that didn't work. What am I missing?

Utviklerens svar
19. juli 2017, Xert-BaronBiosystems

Try using Garmin Connect Mobile rather than Garmin Express to install and setup the app. This often can work better.

Sven-Erik Olsson
19. juli 2017 | Versjon 1.3.2

Test of the FTP app by BaronBiosystems/Xert with a Power2Max powermeter and Garmin 520 FTP value initially stabilised at 177w but later during climb effort recalculated and showed 185w Rode at several different exertion levels including some max efforts. App is very simple and it is easy to see when calculations re initiated and when they are completed.

Mike Booth
19. juli 2017 | Versjon 1.3.2

not getting the fancy graphics on my 520 - just the number

Utviklerens svar
19. juli 2017, Xert-BaronBiosystems

Strange. We've not seen this issue at all. Do you get colours when you use it on profiles with multiple fields?

Ian Blackburn
19. juli 2017 | Versjon 1.3.2

This is a data field, not an app - so I guess that is why I only see the number and not the coloured rings show in the screen shots on an FR935? Or am I missing something?

Павел Васильев
18. juli 2017 | Versjon 1.3.1

No color ring, as on screenshots, in Fenix 5

Utviklerens svar
18. juli 2017, Xert-BaronBiosystems

No issues on the 5X that we've tested with. Which model do you have? We're the numbers affected?

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