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De største artistene i verden. Nå spiller de på håndleddet ditt.</p><p>Få tilgang til og last ned spillelistene, albumene og podkastene dine, og lytt til dem hvor som helst. Skaff deg musikk som er skapt for deg eller for treningsøkter. Finn nye sanger som gjør at du kan trene enda bedre.</p><p></p><p>Merk: Spotify på Garmin krever en Spotify Premium-konto


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Gjennomsnittlig vurdering: (1 050 vurderinger)

Andrew W.
5. desember 2019

Get used to seeing the words "Sync failed." I waste more time trying to download a podcast than I do actually using the watch to listen to said podcast on my runs. Why is the sync feature so buggy?

4. desember 2019

Can't sync any songs with my new Garmin venu. I hit sync on the watch and then it just sits at 0% and nothing downloads. Ridiculous for a $300 watch.

Amy Hayward
4. desember 2019

Useless. Felix 5S, loads the music however doesn’t play it. Try to update and it searches for WiFi, sometimes connects then says sync failed. Had this watch for 3months now and never had Spotify work.

4. desember 2019

Does not work - useless

Aaron Meese
4. desember 2019

The only reason I bought this watch was for the music storage. Now I'm seeing that there is zero effort by the company to support this issue that is obviously a problem for a lot of customers. My Garmin Venu fails to sync every single time I try to download a playlist and I am extremely disappointed.

James Davey
4. desember 2019

Doesn't work. Have installed Spotify but can't open or add playlists or anything

4. desember 2019

Blocking downloads of playlists due to low battery ( at 32%) is ridiculous. Should be a warning message at best.

Jamón Iberico
4. desember 2019

If i choose a playlist the APP tries to load but then i get a wifi error, even though I am conected to the Internet.

Alexander Altby
4. desember 2019

Works perfectly fine with my Forerunner 645 Music

Niggle (Nigel)
4. desember 2019

Great. Took 5 minutes and works well.

3. desember 2019

Finally works like supposed. Also podcasts, which were not working in previous versions. (Fenix 5 plus)

Luke Palmer
3. desember 2019

Brilliantly done. Allows seamless sync to watch and listen to your favourite playlists. My experience is on a Vivoactive 3 Music.

3. desember 2019

Works awesome with vva4 and jaybird vista. Didnt work with JBL reflect.

Colin van Zyl
3. desember 2019

Avoid this app at all costs. It does not work. I just get “sync failed” errors like everyone else. A terrible effort by both Garmin and Spotify. I have cancelled my Spotify subscription.

Michiel Evers
3. desember 2019

Spotify won’t download any songs. Once I select a playlist, it starts searching for WiFi until I get a 0200 error. I already tried several WiFi networks

Scott Boyle
3. desember 2019

It's fine for music I suppose, though I rarely use it for that. But for podcasts, there is a lot of work to be done. #1 problem: I need continuous play! If you have 5 episodes of a podcast downloaded and play one, when that episode is over, I get silence. If I hit play, it restarts the episode I just listened to! Most podcasts have episodes shorter than my runs - do you know how obnoxious it is to back track through my library to manually select the next episode in the middle of a run??? It really ruins the whole experience. Problem #2: when I plug the watch in to charge, it automatically starts syncing Spotify. Which is really unnecessary, my playlists don't change that often. But the one thing I actually would like it to do during this sync, which is down load the newest episodes of my podcasts, it doesn't do! I would really like to see this app act like any other standard podcast app on any other device: have a setting where I can tell it to automatically delete episodes after being listened to, have a setting where I can have it automatically check for download new episodes when syncing, and to play episodes in sequence.

Paul Hartwig
3. desember 2019

I bought the Vivoactive 3 Music so I can have music on my runs and during my workouts and music doesn't load or play. I bought the watch for this feature. It looks like time to return this one and go back to my reliable brand.

Sebastian Oye
3. desember 2019

Works Fine on Fenix 6s Pro with Apple Ear Pods Gen 2.

DanSeb Ⓥ
3. desember 2019

This really feels like a half done effort, I mean it works (sort of) but the experience is really bad, and they don’t really improve, almost never update the app

Chris James
2. desember 2019

I thought I was going crazy.. the reviews don't lie.. This is NOT WORKING

Dave Frauenfelder
2. desember 2019

Keeps on searching for Wi-Fi when you try to download music from the app, but gets error code 0200. Wi-Fi is connected on my Garmin 645 music, so that is strange... Garmin please help!

Michiel Blanksma
2. desember 2019

Would not sync at my new VA4s but after updating the VA it suddenly worked and syncs via WiFi. Almost returned my Garmin.

Genalaine Fe Archua
2. desember 2019

Cannot connect to Spotify as it's a major selling point this is bad form no more garmin for me

2. desember 2019

Ehm... This thing crashing as my first installed app is no good advertising. If its spotify, i would pull it from the store... if its issue with the garmin watch i would fix it asap. I would be pretty upset if garmin did have such a good track record when it comes to other stuff...

2. desember 2019

Does not work anymore

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