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Papan pemuka merupakan koleksi maklumat yang diringkaskan dan disampaikan dengan cara yang boleh difahami dengan mudah dan muka jam tangan ini tiada bezanya.</p><p></p><p>Padat dalam skrin bulat ialah semua maklumat penting yang anda perlukan, boleh dibaca dengan mudah dengan sekali imbas.</p><p></p><p>Masa dipaparkan paling menonjol berhampiran tengah, dengan hari, tarikh dan suhu berada betul-betul di bawahnya. Di bawahnya ialah graf sejarah langkah 7 hari anda. Bar bateri menunjukkan baki tahap bateri di bahagian atas sebelah kiri, manakala bar pergerakan di bahagian atas sebelah kanan. Di bahagian atas ialah status dan ikon pemberitahuan. Sekitar lilitan skrin terdapat dua bar bulatan yang menunjukkan kemajuan anda terhadap matlamat langkah harian anda dalam warna biru dan matlamat lantai dalam warna ungu.

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Penilaian Purata: (29 Penilaian)

29 April 2020 | Versi 1.2.0

Low Quality

Ισμήνη Παμπούκα
10 September 2019 | Versi 1.2.0

I love the looks. I installed it on a Fenix 6s Pro. I feel that it makes the watch slower, I press the buttons and it takes an extra second for the watch to respond, and this does not happen when I use the other watch faces. Having sad that I like the big bold time, I love the graph (I love the blue colour, but it is too small to see the ups and downs in details) I love the step and loor 'rings' as well as the easy to visualize battery gauge and move bar. I love it in general, had it not bee for the apparent lower response of the watch when I use this watch face I would use it all the time. I will keep looking for updates, hopefully it will become sleeker...

Barry Haworth
30 Ogos 2019 | Versi 1.2.0

I liked the look of this on the web page and decided to check it out despite the reviews. Alas, this was a mistake. As others have noted the screen is harder to read than it should be - the background is grey rather than black and there is no option to change it. Two other things: 1) the watchface is very large - 300K on my Vivoactive 3. Some effort into reducing the size would not go astray. 2) The HR chart is truncated vertically. I was looking forward to seeing my activity tracked by peaks and troughs over the last four hours, but the top of the chart is lopped off. So - time for the delete button.

Katie Long
06 Ogos 2019 | Versi 1.2.0

I love how it looks in the store, but on my forerunner 645 the black isn't black the colors look washed out and it just looks low quality. I agree with another review, it looks worse with backlight.

23 Jun 2019 | Versi 1.2.0

Dirthering and anti-aliasing just doesn't work on the low-saturation and narrow-gamut screen of Fenix 5X. It looks passable without the backlight but quite messy with the backlight on.

16 Jun 2019 | Versi 1.1.0

Поебень. На Fenix 3 HR зверски тормозит.

16 Mei 2019 | Versi 1.1.0

Ужаснейший интерфейс. Все элементы нечёткие. Автор, похоже, не проверял, как он будет выглядеть в часах

Radek Polášek
15 Mei 2019 | Versi 1.1.0

Useless ... very bad and not responsible and not readable

11 Mei 2019 | Versi 1.1.0

Ugly graphics Cannot uninstall...

Σάββας Σ.
10 Mei 2019 | Versi 1.1.0

Awful graphics. No settings.

Carl McDermott
05 Mei 2019 | Versi 1.1.0

I have just downloaded the app on to the 645 Music and it looks ok

04 Mei 2019 | Versi 1.1.0

The colors are horrible. What you see in the app store is not what’s displayed on your watch. To make matters worst, I cannot delete this app....ugh, do not waste your time...not worth it!

01 Mei 2019 | Versi 1.1.0

Sorry, but I do not understand, who can create such a, sorry, crap. The design is nice, but not usable on my fenix 3 HR.

Joe Tortorici
29 April 2019 | Versi 1.1.0

I suggest brighter colors. The photos of the watch face look great but after installing, it appears grey and doesn’t pop out at you like I wish it would. I really like the layout though.

28 April 2019 | Versi 1.1.0

ok garmin i use a tactix charlie. HOW your designer could make this shit and put it in download ! its one of the most ugly and difficult to read face that i dowload. even free it doesnt worse the 2 seconds needed to download it.

Aleksandra Ivić 🇭🇷
26 April 2019 | Versi 1.0.0

It doesn't work on VA3

Radek Polášek
24 April 2019 | Versi 1.0.0

Not working on F3 HR.

gonza1977 🔻
24 April 2019 | Versi 1.0.0

The resolution seems to be made for a Casio calculador clock. Looks really horrible on a Fenix 5.

23 April 2019 | Versi 1.0.0

Garmin! Please stop making watch faces with gray pixelated backgrounds! Unreadable.

23 April 2019 | Versi 1.0.0

Keeps Crashing on my 5X?

23 April 2019 | Versi 1.0.0

Does not work on Fenix 3HR

22 April 2019 | Versi 1.0.0

Comes up blank on fenix hr 3. Has tons of potential. Please fix

22 April 2019 | Versi 1.0.0

On fenix3hr I can't see anything.

Jorge Rocha
22 April 2019 | Versi 1.0.0

On a FR945 is VERY small; the colours are ugly and very tinny!!!

22 April 2019 | Versi 1.0.0

All faces from garmin has this small time you need a magnifying glass to read it. Looks stupid on a 5x

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