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Resting heart rate


Just put on a heart rate monitor and lie down. This data field will display your lowest heart rate.</p><p></p><p>*********** Feedback and support ***********</p><p>General feedback and support:</p><p>To support the developer:</p><p></p><p>--------------------------------------------------</p>

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Penilaian Purata: (66 Penilaian)

06 September 2015 | Versi 1.0-upd

ich kann die Anzeige auf der Vivoactiv nicht finden !

13 Ogos 2015 | Versi 1.0-upd

Struggled at first but added a field on watch and it is here, fluctuating as we speak. Thanks for previous couple of reviews for thumbs up ;)

Michiel Niekus
10 Ogos 2015 | Versi 1.0-upd

Also works fine on my 920XT. It does what it should do!

Bryne Forgey
09 Ogos 2015 | Versi 1.0-upd

Have to add it as a field on an application on my F3to get it to work. You have to start an activity and then discard it just to get your resting HR. Seems a bit unpractical.

Josh Bolton
07 Ogos 2015 | Versi 1.0-upd

Works on my 920xt. For those who can't get it working. It's a data field, you must add it to an activity layout screen.

06 Ogos 2015 | Versi 1.0-upd

Doesn't work

Federico 🇲🇽
31 Julai 2015 | Versi 1.0-upd

how can I work with it impossible to see terrible

29 Julai 2015 | Versi 1.0-upd

Doesn't work in my fenix 3. How to use it??????

13 Julai 2015 | Versi 1.0-upd

Unable to use...downloaded to my vivoactive, but not showing up on my watch for me to access. Please post HOW to do this on the vivoactive, otherwise, I will delete from my device....

Donald Gutkin
07 Julai 2015 | Versi 1.0-upd

doesn't show up anywhere

Shane Angove
02 Julai 2015 | Versi 1.0-upd

Can't figure out how to use it. Or even see that it is on my watch at all. Called Garmin and they can't figure it out either.

25 Jun 2015 | Versi 1.0

Thanks for the instructions for getting this on my fenix 3!!! Easy to use.

Dave Horne
20 Jun 2015 | Versi 1.0

No instructions how to get this to work. It should show on main screen when you use the scroll button, but it does not. You should not need to add a data field to an activity for this. If you have the HR strap you can add the HR data field with out this app. Anyone know how to set this app up with out adding it to a activity. Other wise this app is useless and not needed.

Mark Dallimore
12 Jun 2015 | Versi 1.0

Downloaded and installed on a 920xt but it's not showing when I scroll through using the up down arrows on the right hand side........Thoughts anyone?

11 Jun 2015 | Versi 1.0

It resets my Epix when i want to add it (cant enter field selection)

10 Jun 2015 | Versi 1.0

Are there instructions on how to get this installed on the 920XT? Thanks.

philip choi
02 Jun 2015 | Versi 1.0

works great!! took a while to figure out but its working now!!

19 Mei 2015 | Versi 1.0

Needs instructions.

James Ismailoglu
15 Mei 2015 | Versi 1.0

Works great. Thank you! On 920XT it was on the main screen scroll menu, For people who is looking for this on Fenix 3, create a custom app, call it HR and point the data field to IQ, select resting HR.

Tim Watkins
12 Mei 2015 | Versi 1.0

Would love to use this.... Still trying to figure out where to find it on a Fenix 3?

Pete Sheridan
04 Mei 2015 | Versi 1.0

Needs instructions for use.

19 April 2015 | Versi 1.0

Feeling really stupid cause I can't figure out how to get it to work- my watch vibrates and says HRM connected on the face but don't see the HR and when I swipe around still don't see any HR

15 April 2015 | Versi 1.0

You have to start an activity and add the data field to the display (I used the Hart Icon), I also add it average HR to it Go into settings for the current app and chage the data fields. You will see option for connect IQ fields. The you can add it and change the fields. I will get my lowest and my average nice!

Kirk Deligiannis
05 April 2015 | Versi 1.0

Works well! I like it, shows a real time graph - very cool. Would be cool to save your data so you can see your long term trends, but I suppose actually using my brain to remember something will have to do. 5 stars

Konstantinos Liti
01 April 2015 | Versi 1.0

Works fine!

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