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Perayaan Pertengahan Musim Luruh

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Perayaan Pertengahan Musim Luruh (juga disebut Perayaan Bulan) ialah pesta menuai yang diraikan di China sebagai masa untuk berkumpul, kesyukuran dan beribadat. Mitos tragik Chang'e, Dewi Bulan dan wira Houyi ditunjukkan dalam peringatan bersama dengan masa dan tarikh.

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Penilaian Purata: (5 Penilaian)

28 November 2017 | Versi 1.3

♡ Total süüüsss ♡

Roberto Gamero
24 Ogos 2017 | Versi 1.3

268/5000 It is interesting the application, the images change constantly and it has lag in that change because the screen turns black, it would be more convenient to select the image and change it when you decide. I really love the image of the rabbits, the others make me ugly. please, let me pic the image of the rabbits.

Jamie Granquist
10 Februari 2017 | Versi 1.2-upd2

Cute design and screens but if you "timeout" your screen with gesture activation at the wrong time, then it gets left on the black screen of nothing except the time until the next time you gesture look at it. So nearly half the time, there is no pic screen on your watch. Sadness. So I used it for a few days and then deleted. Garmin needs to design a shorter "between" pic screens or just scroll them instead of fading each part slowly, which makes it more likely that you'll get stuck on a partial pic or nothing.

Balasan Pembangun
13 Februari 2017, Garmin

Thank you for reporting the issue to us. We have resolved the problem and updated new version on the Store.

Elves Leung
15 September 2015 | Versi 1.0-upd

I love this one. However, there is bug showing black screen with time and date only on my F3. Please help.

04 September 2015 | Versi 1.0


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