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NOTE 1: I'm working on a 'Battery Gauge 2' widget with added functionality for the newest Garmin watches (among them the Vivoactive 3). </p><p>NOTE 2: It is currently not possible to access the menu on the Vivoactive 3. I'm aware of this, but due to various circumstances I cannot provide a timeline for a fix. So for the time being, Vivoactive 3 functionality is limited. </p><p></p><p>*** If you have problems with the widget, or any comments or suggestions, please post in the support thread ***</p>

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Version 2.4b - July 5, 2018:</p><p>- Support for new devices</p><p> </p><p>The somewhat slow startup time of the widget is due to the fact that widgets may only access watch data such as battery status when the widget is running. So some necessary calculations has top be done at startup.

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Penilaian Purata: (101 Penilaian)

08 Jun 2019 | Versi 2.4b

Best battery meter app, but please add support for new watches!

23 Mei 2019 | Versi 2.4b

Best battery meter available, but please add MARQ support!!

Dani B
03 April 2019 | Versi 2.4b

As a Vivoactive 3 user, I am waiting for a fix. However, I would like to congratulate the developer for such a useful app, keep up and I cross fingers!

31 Januari 2019 | Versi 2.4b

Very convenient! I would like to have it as app. Since it has to make some calculations, it ends up slowing all my widget "roll". If I could install it like an app, that would be perfect.

23 Januari 2019 | Versi 2.4b

really great App. Well done. Thanks.

Малюгин Дмитрий
10 Disember 2018 | Versi 2.4b

Очень хорошее и полезное приложение!

01 Disember 2018 | Versi 2.4b

App works great. Particularly like setting reference points.

Σάββας Σ.
28 November 2018 | Versi 2.4b

Not working (Vivoactive 3)

05 November 2018 | Versi 2.4b

Awesome work!

21 Oktober 2018 | Versi 2.4b

Very good widget, I have been using it on the original vivo-active, I just got the vivo-active 3 and can't figure out how to access the setting menu, all I get is the chart with 1 week scale but can't perform any changes.

Balasan Pembangun
24 Oktober 2018, torsteinvh

As stated in other comments, I'm aware of the problem with teh Viviactive 3, and I am working on a fix.

Tony Dauvillier
05 September 2018 | Versi 2.4b

Looks good, but on a touchscreen device (VA3) I couldn't find any ways to get to the menu, other screens etc. The graph is displayed but no setting, no next screen, no scaling of difference period (day, week etc). I look forward to being able to use this widget fully on the VA3 for now, just a passive graph, no other actions possible.

Balasan Pembangun
10 September 2018, torsteinvh

As stated in a couple of other reviews lately, I'm aware of this problem, and will fix it eventually.

Tonny Madsen
28 Ogos 2018 | Versi 2.4b

Essential in order to figure out if new versions of the firmware is better or worse than the previous versions.

Yair Zafri
27 Ogos 2018 | Versi 2.4b

Most functionality not working on va3 because not possible to reach menu. Note for the developer: I think entering menu via pressing button can never work on va3 because garmin uses it to exit back to the watch. I noticed that other widgets use tap on screen to enter widget's additional data or options.

Balasan Pembangun
29 Ogos 2018, torsteinvh

I'm aware of the problems with the VA3 and menu access, and plan on fixing it in the next update.

06 Julai 2018 | Versi 2.4b

Running a VA3 , where to find or how to enter the Widget Menu/settings?

Balasan Pembangun
06 Julai 2018, torsteinvh

Most likely a bug in the widget. I'll try to fix it as soon as possible.

Michael Klingberg
05 Julai 2018 | Versi 2.4b

Still the best in the market ... ;-))

Michael Klingberg
21 Jun 2018 | Versi 2.3b

Please update to plus devices.

Balasan Pembangun
05 Julai 2018, torsteinvh

Plus devices now supported :)

05 Mac 2018 | Versi 2.3b


02 Februari 2018 | Versi 2.3b

Could you please add a way to us to configure an alarm when the battery is getting low?

Andrey K
09 Januari 2018 | Versi 2.3b

Please add Vivoactive 3 support

Balasan Pembangun
12 Januari 2018, torsteinvh

Coming real soon now, currently testing a new version on my own devices.

07 Januari 2018 | Versi 2.3b

I'm looking for something to see the battery status of a chest strap, is that possible? (FR 920XT)

Sergey K.
26 Oktober 2017 | Versi 2.3b

Are you going to implement Vivoactive 3 support for this widget? it'll be great!

Balasan Pembangun
30 Oktober 2017, torsteinvh

Yes, Vivoactive 3 support is planned in the next update.

08 September 2017 | Versi 2.3b

I would like for someone to tell me how this works. In the 1 Day graph you would see eg. 48% to 15%. But when you add the amount of reported battery lost per day something it's about 30% which by right 3 days by 30% each day you are suppose to recharge. But the battery last longer than 3 days. Please explain. Thanks

Povl Kvols
04 September 2017 | Versi 2.3b

Great widget to keep track of battery status and power consumption!

27 Julai 2017 | Versi 2.3b

This is an effective and configurable graphic display of battery charge history. I generally use the 1-week view, which gives a good overview of recent changes. My only request would be to make the numbers that appear along the graph a bit bigger, perhaps as a configuration option.

10 Julai 2017 | Versi 2.3b

Super useful and configurable!

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