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Application for soccer referees</p><p>This application allows you to manage the score as well as the time.

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Penilaian Purata: (22 Penilaian)

1 Mei 2023 | Versi 1.1.4

Two thing this app is missing, its having HR and ability to save activity

Balasan Pembangun
14 Mei 2023, Alexis_Lecanu

I don't see the point of saving in activity. It would bring nothing from my point of view except if you make several games without making a direct game sheet.

2 April 2023 | Versi 1.1.4

Super appli. Je l’utilise depuis 2 ans. C’est super pratique pour la gestion du temps des matchs. En un coup d’œil on voit le temps qu’il reste à jouer. Super pratique pour noter le score également. Je recommande cette application. Pas un seul beug rencontré

Balasan Pembangun
2 April 2023, Alexis_Lecanu

Merci beaucoup

Benjamin Brown
6 November 2022 | Versi 1.1.3

I really like this app. Just wish I could log the activity and score on Garmin Connect. Even if there was no GPS with it, just the time and score would be an improvement. The developer has said before it’s impossible but RefereeWatch by hSoftware lets you log the game on Garmin Connect, including the score - so not sure what they are doing different.

Balasan Pembangun
6 November 2022, Alexis_Lecanu

It wasn't possible a long time ago, now it's possible, I just need to find time to edit the code. It's an application I don't use so it's not a priority.

29 Oktober 2022 | Versi 1.1.3

Comment on lance le chrono ? Appuyer sur start mais ou? Mon bouton bas ne répond pas

Balasan Pembangun
1 November 2022, Alexis_Lecanu

Ca dépend des montres, mais c'est le même bouton que de lancer une activité.

Valter Pereiro
2 Julai 2022 | Versi 1.1.3

Press "" for 5 esconde and change the settings

9 Jun 2022 | Versi 1.1.3

This app is great and perfect for what I need. Only thing is I can't see how to change the half times? Any tips? I know it can be done, I just can't find the option.

Sebastian "Baschti"
26 Mac 2022 | Versi 1.1.3

I like this app. But I don't have the GPS to be able to better track my routes in the game. Can this still be programmed/activated? Thank you very much.

Balasan Pembangun
27 Mac 2022, Alexis_Lecanu

Hello, considering the size of a soccer field, the gps is not precise enough to have data to exploit. I will see when I have time to add it but for me it is completely useless.

Rob N
11 Mac 2022 | Versi 1.1.3

- Nice App for recording time & game stats - Custom time feature is great - Not having GPS tracking detracts from the App. Tracking activity is a primary reason people purchase smart watches. - Fonts are too small. Does not cater to a large group of referees who are older & eyesight has deteriorated over time. I'm an older referee & would not be able to use this App to manage a game.

Balasan Pembangun
11 Mac 2022, Alexis_Lecanu

Thanks for the feedback, for the font size difficult to put all the info I was asked + have a larger size I already take the whole screen. For the activity tracking, it's just that the data output on a soccer field of the gps are inconsistent. I can add it but it's just giving data for data because the GPS precision is not good enough for a tracking on a field.

2 Mac 2022 | Versi 1.1.3

Hello, je n'arrive pas a compter un but pour une équipe, comment faire ?? De plus il s'agit juste d'un chrono ou cela permet d'enregistrer une activité sportive ??

Balasan Pembangun
3 Mac 2022, Alexis_Lecanu

Il faut cliquer sur up ou down pour ajouter des buts. Ca n'enregistre pas une activité car sur un terrain de foot les données sont fausse ca donne de très mauvais résulat niveau GPS

Marc Ferrando
7 Januari 2022 | Versi 1.1.2

The best app for referees, but it could give the option to activate gps and count as another activity. Congratulations to the developer.

Aron Tepper
24 Oktober 2021 | Versi 1.1.2

Awesome app! Easy to use, adjustable and a clean interface. It’s like having a better, rechargeable Spintso watch. Probs to the developer. The only negative is the name; it’s called football, not soccer. ;p

Balasan Pembangun
24 Oktober 2021, Alexis_Lecanu

Thanks a lot, even in the US it's Football?

1 September 2021 | Versi 1.1.2

Great fantastic app ! Huge thanks to developer ! I'm doing the ref for kids games and this is so useful . It really gives my garmin watch one extra use. I would have still some wish ... #1 Would be nice if countdown time does not stop on 0 but continues to minus e.g. - 1:34 (or red 1:34) . It gives me overview how much extra "clean" time was used. #2 After the game is finnished, would be nice have overview with score and the minutes in match then the goals was scored. Total time and timeouts times. If this could be also saved to connect.garmin it would be even nicer. #3 My eyes are old it would be nice to make font just a bit bigger or bolder , that I could see very quickly (I'm in hurry during game) the time "Chrono" ! Again, many thanks for great app !

Balasan Pembangun
2 September 2021, Alexis_Lecanu

Thanks for your feedback, I will add an option to make the total time = the time the game time. For the font I use the fonts of the watch because making its own fonts takes a lot of time. For the summary, I tried for the field hockey referee application and I can try to do that but nothing will fit on Connect because it is limited in character.

Rich Nelson
30 Ogos 2021 | Versi 1.1.2

Fantastic App. It does all the things I wanted it to do and keeps my phone free for filming the game or backup timer. I recommend experimenting with all the time functions using short 1 or 2 min periods to learn how it works (no user guide). I wish there was a way to sync the results to Garmin connect to keep a record of the game data!

Balasan Pembangun
30 Ogos 2021, Alexis_Lecanu

Hello, impossible to send a history on Garmin Connect because it is very limited in characters.

29 Ogos 2021 | Versi 1.1.2

Superbe application très utile pour les rencontres de football et de futsal. Développeur a l écoute et très réactif. Merci pour cette belle appli

Balasan Pembangun
29 Ogos 2021, Alexis_Lecanu

Merci beaucoup

Josh Nowack
4 Mac 2021 | Versi 1.1.2

I really like this app. And Garamond extended battery life make it even more desirable. I join the crew in wanting to see the ability to make it an activity. Great work.

Ben Lankford
1 Mac 2021 | Versi 1.1.2

I really enjoy this app. The custom times and correct 2nd half display are great. The only thing I would like to see is activity tracking. I just wrapped up a 3-game set in one day (youth level). Despite having over 20,000 steps, the watch registered no “activity”. Otherwise this is a very well-designed app!

Balasan Pembangun
1 Mac 2021, Alexis_Lecanu

Hello, thank you for your return. Since the terrain is small the GPS errors are huge but I can add this feature but it will not be a fault if the data is wrong.

17 Disember 2020 | Versi 1.1.2

Great app. Really useful. An added GPS feature would be really helpful.

Balasan Pembangun
19 Disember 2020, Alexis_Lecanu

Thank you very much, I thought about it but on a football field there is a lot of error because the gps is not precise enough but I will look to add it as a parameter.

Paul Wuerslin (Bratwurst)
4 Disember 2020 | Versi 1.1.2

Stable and much like prior Garmin produced app. Would like to see GPS or non-GPS (preferred to save battery) tracking added as an option.

Balasan Pembangun
4 Disember 2020, Alexis_Lecanu

Thank you very much, the gps on a field does not give much but if you are several to ask for it I will do the development.

25 September 2020 | Versi 1.0.4

Bonjour Très bonne appli très utile et bien pensée Le développeur est très sympathique Merci beaucoup

Balasan Pembangun
25 September 2020, Alexis_Lecanu

Merci beaucoup, content que l'application te convienne