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평균 평점: (평점 10)

Ian Bulled
2019년 4월 16일 (화) | 버전 1.4.0

works fine, and glad it is only km's, normal people use metric.. ;-)

2018년 6월 17일 (일) | 버전 1.4.0

Dials are too small and IQ won't let me remove. Error message says: Error - Unable to delete watch faces. So it seems I'm stuck for eternity with a watch face I can not see well. Garmin Tech Support no response.

2016년 7월 4일 (월) | 버전 1.0-upd1

Somehow the KM and % fields are now down to single digits with no KM or % anymore. When the battery gets low on the watch, the time seems to drop off or accelerate by 20 minutes or even changing dates. It was working well before this :( I expected better from a GARMIN app.

2016년 5월 4일 (수) | 버전 1.0-upd

bummer...I really wanted to switch to miles

2016년 4월 2일 (토) | 버전 1.0-upd


2016년 3월 10일 (목) | 버전 1.0

I like the idea on this, but I'm not going to use this because I can't change to miles. If this is updated, I would gladly use it.

Daniel Lipinski
2016년 3월 1일 (화) | 버전 1.0

Nice. But the ability to switch between km and miles would make it better. Come on! It's a computer! How hard can it be!?

2016년 1월 4일 (월) | 버전 1.0

I like the watch face. What would make it "great" is the option to change the distance from km to mi.

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