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이 디지털 시계는 스타일리시한 중국 패턴을 특징으로 하며, 하루동안 소모한 칼로리에 따라 색이 바뀝니다. 파란색으로 시작해서 400 칼로리에 녹색, 800 칼로리에 노란색, 1200 칼로리에 빨간색으로 바뀝니다. </p><p></p><p>이 앱은 Garmin Connect™ 피트니스 프로필에 접근할 수 있어야 합니다.

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평균 평점: (평점 11)

Cheyenne Dijkslag
2017년 7월 5일 (수)

I don't like the colors, I would like to keep it black and white or the option to change the white but not the whole screen. I do like that you can see you calories but again, I don't like the colors. I do really love the look of it, the pattern is really beautiful!

2017년 6월 17일 (토)

I like it. It's a more softer design. Although I would like to set my own calorie-goal. And even better, the ability to choose from calories and steps.

2017년 5월 25일 (목)

Could be great if the colors changed with the steps like other reviewers said. I too, like the face, as this is a very manly watch, and this is a little more feminine then most watch faces. Maybe Garmin Developer's should make some apps, widgets and watch faces with women in mind

nathalie auzanneau
2017년 4월 5일 (수)

Déçue ; annoncée changeante en fond de couleurs, on ne peut pas la changer. De plus date en anglais. Garmin, faites un petit effort svp , c'est dommage, elle est sympa cette horloge.

Tanisha Davis
2017년 1월 1일 (일)

I love the concept of this watch face, but I would rather have the colors change based on your percentage of goal steps taken.

Helen Hales
2016년 9월 18일 (일)

Love the prettiness of this, it makes my manly Garmin feel a bit more feminine. I would love to be able to chose the colour to display permanently rather than the default of white other than that I love it.

2016년 8월 31일 (수)

Very Nice Design. But I'd rather like a step counter, than the calories! :)

2016년 7월 17일 (일)

Can we have the same thing but with a step counter? Love the design

Madeline Rehm
2016년 7월 7일 (목)

the color only changes on mine when i flick it upwards, but other than that i love the design!

2016년 5월 5일 (목)

I like this watch face. Simple and clean design. I like how the color of the design changes as your activity level changes. Nothing fancy, but nice.

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