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Active Lady


||For Sunrise/Sunset calculation, before first run of watch face,</p><p>||need to activate GPS (on device Menu – Settings – System – Time – Sync with GPS)</p><p></p><p>Nice watchfase for active lady.</p><p>All data on screen.</p><p></p><p>!!! For proper update, first - completely remove old version !!!

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Ver 3.1.4</p><p>-- Update in accordance with SDK 2.4.7 changes.</p><p></p><p>Ver 2.0</p><p>-- Russificated</p><p>-- Icons update</p><p></p><p>Ver 2.5</p><p>-- Try to fix "Out of memory" crashes after SDK update...</p><p></p><p>Ver 2.7</p><p>-- More function</p><p>-- font adoptation</p><p>-- code adoptation</p><p></p><p>Ver 3.0.0</p><p>-- All crashes fixed, functionality restored.</p><p></p><p>Ver 3.0.1</p>

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