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Analog 24h watch incl. sunrise/sunset


This watch face displays a 24 h analog clock with hours (0-24, short hand) and minutes (0-60, long hand). Additionally solar noon (yellow hand) and sunrise to sunset duration (blue semi circle) is shown as well. Civic twilight times are indicated in dark blue and nautical twilight times in purple.</p><p></p><p>Last GPS location is used to calculate the sun data based on the equations from the Astronomical Algorithms, by Jean Meeus (verified against If no GPS data is available, Lat/Lon = 0/0 at UTC is used, so make sure to acquire a GPS position for your location. This feature does not work on Fenix 5X watches, were the coordinates can be set manually.</p>

새 소식

ver. 2.0.0: Pro features and donation system removed. I make the app freely available as donations so far cover less than 2% of the development costs. Many thanks to everybody who has donated, you made this watch face possible in the first place.</p><p></p><p>ver. 1.8.0: Now you can select the time zone offsets from a list of time zones, no float entry anymore. More bug fixes.</p><p></p><p>ver 1.7.0: The default option now exists to manually enter the required data for the sun calculation (Lat, Lon, Timezone). It is also possible for the user to activate getting the location from the GPS. Almost all users should be able to do so. Currently Fenix 5X users have to manually enter their location, the automatic retrieval does not work on Fenix 5X watches.

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평균 평점: (평점 11)

2020년 6월 29일 (월) | 버전 2.0.0

Can't see how to get noon to the top.

2020년 4월 16일 (목) | 버전 2.0.0

Have been using it for a little while now and love the simple yet effective 24h clock.

Miguel Baz
2020년 3월 5일 (목) | 버전 2.0.0

This watch face is one of the most interesting ones for Garmin devices. But that is nothing compared to its developer. He is a prompt answerer and always eager to help.

Sam S
2020년 2월 15일 (토) | 버전 2.0.0

Great watch face. Changing the 12hr to the top is a great feature.

Michael Mellinger
2020년 2월 9일 (일) | 버전 2.0.0

Watch face crashes if I change any settings. Trying to use on a vivoactive3.

개발자 회신
2020년 2월 10일 (월), alexj

Dear Michael, it is a real pity that you right away throw in a bad review instead of contacting me directly with a problem. This behavior makes the lives of developers like me, who develop and give away software for FREE! really hard. Either way please let me explain what causes your issue. First off I also own a vivoactive3, which is actually my main development platform. So I can assure you and all other users that the app work flawlessly on a vivoactive3 as I use it daily on mine. However this is only the case if the app was installed correctly. Quite often the Garmin "Connect IQ" app for IOS/Android has difficulties installing apps and placing the config files correctly on the watch. This might have happened to you without you realizing... Please do contact me via the "Contact Developer" link and I am sure we can work out what happened on your watch, make it work, so that you can enjoy a free app!

2019년 10월 1일 (화) | 버전 1.5.2

Full if bugs

개발자 회신
2019년 10월 1일 (화), alexj

Dear Gerard. It would be helpful if you would be more specific. Also, the fact that the watch face works for 15 mins without a pro key is a feature, not a bug. Anyhow, if you have issues with the watch face, do contact me via the "Contact Developer" link, I am sure we can work out the issue you have.

Randy H
2019년 9월 17일 (화) | 버전 1.5.1

This is a truly awesome watch face. The second time zone and daylight arc areperfect for travellers who want to immediately know the temporal situation of a loved one. Alex is also super helpful!

2019년 9월 6일 (금) | 버전 1.3.1

Interesting and well made, it requires a little bit of habit on the dial over 24 hours. The programmer works well and is very helpful. The notification icon is missing.

Vincent PERIE
2019년 8월 22일 (목) | 버전 1.0.0

Nice watchface, I've been looking for a 24h face like this one for a long time... Just a few customizations more to be perfect for me : colors (white background and dark blue foreground etc...), possibility of having the 12h up, to change and/or delete the snowflake... Anyway thanks for the job, regards, Vince.

개발자 회신
2019년 8월 22일 (목), alexj

Hi Vince, thanks for the review and helpful comments. I will consider them for my next release, they mostly align with what I have in mind. Please check back for updates, however I can't promise when I find time to implement those features. Cheers, Alex

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