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if you want to remove “trial version” on the watch face,please donate about 3.5 US dollars to get the unlock code ;</p><p>when donating,you MUST leave a note to tell me the “Device code” which is shown in the top of the watchface settings page。</p><p>the unlock code will be permanently valid,whenever you reinstall it or update it。</p><p>in "trial version" mode,the weather will update every 4hous.</p>

새 소식

1.5.1~1.5.5(if crash,please uninstall and reinstall)</p><p>------change some weather service;</p><p>------add option of “fill the graph” for heratrate plot in the 6th data field;</p><p>1.5.0</p><p>------show location name in local language;</p><p>1.3.9</p><p>------fix crash on fenix5x/tactix Charlie;</p><p>1.3.8</p><p>------change weather icon;</p><p>------add a weather layout;</p><p>------add heart rate to data field4;</p>

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  • MARQ™ Captain MARQ™ Captain
  • MARQ™ Commander MARQ™ Commander
  • MARQ™ Driver MARQ™ Driver
  • MARQ™ Expedition MARQ™ Expedition
  • vívoactive® 3 vívoactive® 3
  • vívoactive® 3 Mercedes-Benz® Collection vívoactive® 3 Mercedes-Benz® Collection
  • vívoactive® 3 Music vívoactive® 3 Music
  • vívoactive® 4 vívoactive® 4, GarminActive
  • vívolife vívolife
평균 평점: (평점 116)

2020년 1월 21일 (화) | 버전 1.5.3

I sent money on Paypal and need to get my unlock code to my device. There wasn't a place to add my device code though so how do I get that to you?

개발자 회신
2020년 1월 21일 (화), Monsterious

Have sent you the code

Diego Millan Garrido
2020년 1월 21일 (화) | 버전 1.5.3

Hi friend tnx for very nice wachtface, I send you and donation for unlook, please send me code to my e-mail [email protected] tnx very much.

개발자 회신
2020년 1월 21일 (화), Monsterious

sorry,I can not find a payment from this paypal account(kompre[email protected]).PLEASE CHECK THAT

Seb T
2020년 1월 20일 (월) | 버전 1.5.1

Great job !!! Is it possible to have battery in days instead of percent as the fenix 6 capabiity ?

Bart Peeters
2020년 1월 20일 (월) | 버전 1.5.1

The link to paypal does not work ?

개발자 회신
2020년 1월 20일 (월), Monsterious

it may be because of the problem of browser。my paypal account is ([email protected])

2020년 1월 13일 (월) | 버전 1.5.0

Bonjour, comment faire pour enlever le Msg d'erreur plz get GPS data?

개발자 회신
2020년 1월 13일 (월), Monsterious

to get GPS data,you need to start any activity which is relying a GPS data outside and wait for a GPS fix。

Marvin M
2020년 1월 11일 (토) | 버전 1.5.0

Great face! Easy to read and all the data I need to know. Customer service was excellent! He even helped me with a few tweaks I wanted to do.

Mario K.
2020년 1월 10일 (금) | 버전 1.5.0

Great Watchface, also after unlock! Good job :) Maybe custom weather icons and a little bigger ones in next release? Fullfilled clowds looks like a color lumps.

2020년 1월 7일 (화) | 버전 1.5.0

Отличный циферблат! Хотелось бы узнать как получить доступ к полной версии. Спасибо.

개발자 회신
2020년 1월 7일 (화), Monsterious

Hi,it nees a donation of 3.5USD to my paypal account([email protected]

2020년 1월 1일 (수) | 버전 1.3.9

Excellent watch face. Everything is working like a charm. After donation received immediately the unlock code. Excellent communication with the developer. Thank you very much.

2019년 12월 26일 (목) | 버전 1.3.9

Besoin d’aide! Problème: je n’est plus la date du jour. Trial version inscrit à la place??

개발자 회신
2019년 12월 27일 (금), Monsterious

if you want to remove “trial version” on the watch face,please donate about 3.5 US dollars to get the unlock code;If you have donated,please email me。

Dieter Müller
2019년 12월 24일 (화) | 버전 1.3.9

Super Service, Super Watchface.

2019년 12월 22일 (일) | 버전 1.3.9

Very nice layout. Worth the money. One request: Could you make the option of NOT showing location name ? Or just set custom Thanks

개발자 회신
2019년 12월 22일 (일), Monsterious

you can change to weather layout 5~9

2019년 12월 20일 (금) | 버전 1.3.9

Perfect full function beautiful and neat as his name Harmony , also great developer support. Cheer up

2019년 12월 19일 (목) | 버전 1.3.9

Best watch face I have found so far. Yeah it cost money, but I don’t mind it. The layout is great. The weather function works and it’s accurate. Thumps up! Only $3.50 USA worth every penny!

2019년 12월 16일 (월) | 버전 1.3.9

Perfect! I got a light speed service and received my “code” immediately. I love the look and because I’m learning Chinese I’ve installed the Chinese version. I could not be more happy ! ;)

2019년 12월 14일 (토) | 버전 1.3.9

Awesome watch face. Very good customer service that communicates in a timely manner. My favorite face so far

İrem Daskin
2019년 12월 14일 (토) | 버전 1.3.9

started writing trial version in history section after last update.

개발자 회신
2019년 12월 14일 (토), Monsterious

I have written in the update log that If you paid before,I will send you new unlock code for free。please email me!

Siegfried Heilmeier
2019년 12월 11일 (수) | 버전 1.3.9

Keine Abstürze mehr danke

Bjørnar Falk
2019년 12월 9일 (월) | 버전 1.3.8

Not working anymore after last update. Have latest firmware.

개발자 회신
2019년 12월 10일 (화), Monsterious

you'd better to send me emails with details。JUST this review,I don't know how to help you。

2019년 12월 7일 (토) | 버전 1.3.8

return old weather icons please

개발자 회신
2019년 12월 8일 (일), Monsterious

the old weather icons are hard to see in some situations with some colors。

2019년 12월 7일 (토) | 버전 1.3.8

I was happy to pay $3.50 for this watch face. I really like all the data fields! The developer is responsive and helpful if needed. Great customer service!! Thanks.

Charles van Ham
2019년 12월 6일 (금) | 버전 1.3.8

Very professional watch face. A lot of possibilities to alter the colors, items and settings. Many thanks for the great job!

2019년 12월 5일 (목) | 버전 1.3.8

Kann leider das Datum nicht installieren! Tag und Monat! Sehr schade!

개발자 회신
2019년 12월 11일 (수), Monsterious

it needs a unlock code

John Sexton
2019년 12월 4일 (수) | 버전 1.3.8

This is a great watch face and the developer is very polite and responsive. I have to laugh at some of the less than positive reviews. Guys don't read the instructions or don't notice (for example) that to change the background you - ready for this - change the background! it's all there.

Michael Calma
2019년 12월 2일 (월) | 버전 1.3.6

*Amazing watch face. *very reaponsive developer that works with you to get the product working on your device. *the fields are customizable and makes us of all the features my watch has to offer. Fnx5

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