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Experimental version (expires in sept 2017)</p><p></p><p>Main purpose: Real time navigation and datafield for (trail)running / (mtb)biking and other sports without the need for user actions on the watch</p><p></p><p>This app replaces the datafields and</p>

새 소식

- 1.0.31</p><p>fixed expires screen</p><p>- 1.0.30</p><p>Updated the strava connection, most tracks were less then 120 points (about 80), I will release a 160 points version soon (testing with datafield version)31</p><p>31-10, fixed issue with points on website (no routes were returned)</p><p>- 1.0.27</p><p>Added autolap on distance (in meters or feet)</p><p>- 1.0.26</p><p>Enabled heartrate and cadence</p>

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Tomas Demesmaeker
2018년 8월 16일 (목)

Can someone tell me how you import a route? Which app on my phone do I need? Installed this app on my vivoactive but don't know what to do now. Any help appreciated.

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