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현재 시간과 함께 태국 코끼리가 표시됩니다.</p><p>* 시계 화면 포함:</p><p>시간, 날짜, 거리, 걸음수, 배터리 </p><p>* 이 앱은 다음 정보에 액세스할 수 있어야 합니다:</p><p>사용자의 Garmin Connect™ 피트니스 프로필

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평균 평점: (평점 12)

2017년 1월 24일 (화)

Love it! For the date however, it says June instead of January. When the date gets fixed, it will be perfect!

2016년 10월 25일 (화)

This is my favorite watch face! It shows everything I need. The Elephant starts moving when you've been inactive for too long. When you reach your goal there are great fireworks that go off. Plus, it's just so fun to look at!

2016년 4월 16일 (토)

i love it :) but need a change how do i delete it of my watch?

2016년 1월 31일 (일)

Having the same problem as the one below. My watch says June not January. It's kind of annoying. Love the elephant. Please fix it.

Laura White
2016년 1월 24일 (일)

I actually love this face, however it is January and mine says June. All my other watch faces say Jan/January... Please sort Garmin it bugs me so much I can't use it.

2015년 12월 30일 (수)

After searching for the watch face that is different I found this one. Just love it. Elephant moves sround on screen.

Joanna 🏵
2015년 12월 20일 (일)

Have been using it for a week and love it. I love elephants and think the watch display is easy to read and very bright and colorful.

2015년 10월 19일 (월)

I like it a lot. The distance is always displayed in KM....can you please fix it so that it sticks to the units selected on the watch - so that it can display in miles? Also bluetooth connection status will be very nice between the date and the battery indicator. If the battery indicator is bold faced, it can be read better.....thanks a lot for otherwise a great design!

2015년 9월 3일 (목)

This had become my default va watch face! Plenty of information, and showing step count increase in real time. When daily step goal is met, the elephant starts to sprinkle water. Very cute. And the watch face element design is neat and clean. Just love it.

2015년 8월 18일 (화)

Fun elephant! I use it to remind me to be mindful throughout the day.

Win U-tain 🇹🇭
2015년 8월 9일 (일)

Nice! I love it. :)

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