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Heartrate and Cadance


Display Heartrate and Cadance in one field</p><p></p><p>1.0.1</p><p>Added inverse colors (White on Black)</p><p></p><p>1.0.0</p><p>Added option to change field headers (for multi language)

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Paris Georgiades
2016년 7월 8일 (금) | 버전 1.0.1

Very useful data field. Saves space on on my garmin display by showing 2 essential data's. Thanks also for creating black background option.

Paris Georgiades
2016년 7월 5일 (화) | 버전 1.0.0

Works fine but unless you can make the backround black, or at least an option to change from white to black, as it is i cannot use it.