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Sports: Ski Tour; SkiTour; Skiing; Hike</p><p>Tags: Vertical Speed; VerticalSpeed</p><p>!!! IT IS THE ONLY? DATA FIELD WITH VERTICAL SPEED (Hm/h] !!!</p><p>Idea: show most important (6) values on ONE data display with 4 values in BigFont for easy reading under bad conditions (and for my old eyes).</p><p>It is meant for hiking up a mountain, I use it for ski touring</p><p>ATTENTION: When instal...

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2018-04-19: second try to write VerticalSpeed in FIT file:added resources.xml</p><p>2018-04-16: first try to write VerticalSpeed in FIT file.</p><p>2018-03-13: small changes on layout and labels</p><p>2018-02-08: nicer layout and added labels

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