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=================== IMPORTANT =======================</p><p>NON-PRO version will have max session time per usage. Go Pro Go Unlimited!</p><p>PRO Level Request / Field changes / Customisation pls email with App & watch model to : [email protected]</p><p>No provision for communication within the store.</p><p>======================================================</p><p></p><p>Forum for questions and what not</p>


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平均評価: (13評価)

Chris Ong
2015/12/18 | バージョン1.1.3.2

Fast response with the upgrade, love the data screen. Has everything i need.

Francisco Luis Acosta Vidal
2015/12/16 | バージョン1.1.3.2

Muy buena aplicación y muy bueno el soporte dado por el vendedor en todo momento. Solo una pega, lástima que no se puedan configurar los campos. La recomiendo totalmente al igual que la hecha para bicicleta del mismo autor

2015/10/11 | バージョン1.2.1

Great...! Thanx for developer.

Jason Lo
2015/10/01 | バージョン1.2.1

Just get the PRO, excellent data field and that's all I needed for running. Great Job~~

James Libecco
2015/09/29 | バージョン1.2.1

Nice concept. Paywall is a bit annoying but not a big deal, probably should be paid for work developing these things. Overall, it is too small for me to read at pace on a Garmin 920XT. I don't need reading glasses yet, either. Just a bit too much on a screen. Maybe it works okay for others.

Alex Hu
2015/09/27 | バージョン1.2.1

Shady developer. Broke old version and forces you to buy new one? No thanks

2015/09/24 | バージョン1.2.1

Great App! Having 6 data fields on the screen, in addition to current time of day and battery %, is a great asset. The trial version allows 25 minutes I believe; then the screen goes to an add for the pro version but data recording continues fine. Thanks for providing this!

Pedro Santos
2015/09/24 | バージョン1.2.1

Great program. Best one for running i've tested. Use it for last 2 months. Now get PRO versión, installed in seconds!! Thanks!!!

Sam Bell
2015/09/23 | バージョン1.2.1

After realizing on a mid-20 mile run that I had a trial version, I got over it and gladly supported the developer for a data field that I MUST HAVE! It saves me from fiddling with screen changes in racing/workout situations.

Lukas Wibowo
2015/09/23 | バージョン1.2

Great no-fuss data-field - now in paid version ("Go Pro" that you need to contact the developer directly); which I don't mind to pay after a satisfactory trial period. So far I never see a "BUY" link within Connect IQ Store. I wonder how can Garmin sustain developers' interest and get quality add-ons if everything is just free.

2015/09/22 | バージョン1.2

I was so happy with the last version of this data field! I downloaded this one and it is non functional. My 920 shows speed and average speed instead of pace. I double checked to make sure I downloaded the run and not the bike app, and it says it is the run app. The HR field is set to give a time rather than bpm. There's also some strange wording in the center of the screen that says "sess ending 25:00" What's going on with this?

Huub Raemakers
2015/09/18 | バージョン1.0