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Live Peak Power (MMP) Graph


**** 世界初 CPカーブと時間平均カーブの同時表示 ****</p><p></p><p>最大平均パワーやMMP(Max Mean Power)とも呼ばれるあるピーク・パワー・グラフは、1秒から1時間以上までのすべての最大平均パワー値を表すグラフです。このデータフィールドは、瞬時に現在のパフォーマンスを評価し、トレーニングをアジャストするために、それを実時間でトレーニング中に表示します。</p><p></p><p>FTPのような一つの数値よりも複雑である反面、ピーク・パワー・グラフはより多くの情報を提供します。例えば、短時間・長時間それぞれにおけるパフォーマンス、つまり、強みが短距離なのか長距離なのか、トレーニングで過去の最高パフォーマンスと比べてどの程度のレベルにあったのか、現在のトレーニングの焦点において改善しているのか、など。残念ながら、通常これはトレーニング後にデータをアッ...


V0.3.35b2</p><p>- Changed the coloring of the area of current ride power to be more intuitive: 0% - light gray - 90% - light orange - 100% - light red.</p><p></p><p>V0.3.35b </p><p>- Fixed bug that prevented graph from being updated while displaying other screens.</p><p>- Changed layout to increase graph height. </p><p></p><p>V 0.3.33</p><p>- Fixed a bug when calculating ratio to decide colorin...




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平均評価: (17評価)

DONNAY Jean Francois
2018/04/27 | バージョン0.3.35b2-upd

Colors more contrasted or more visible and it is a "without mistakes"

Laurent Forti
2018/04/26 | バージョン0.3.35b2-upd

A very usefull app. I use it with a garmin edge explore 1000.

2017/12/20 | バージョン0.3.35b2


Teruel deCampo
2017/11/28 | バージョン0.3.35b2

THXS, unique app!! In an edge 820 riding outside sometimes is hard to read, I wonder if is possible to have an option where only the "lines" of power average, current power and all time power are outline without the shadow backgorund (gray, orange, red) to make it easier to read. Of course the lines can keep the same color.

Joe Morgan
2017/08/26 | バージョン0.3.33

Very well thought out app . Amazing live graphical feedback. On my edge 520 displaying the peak power less than 30 secs makes the graph less easy to see at lower power outputs. Although it would spoil the graph could there be an option to crop either power or time? Love the app anyway.

Christian Willard
2017/06/14 | バージョン0.3.33

Super App!! Allerdings müsste es noch paar mehr Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten geben. Ansonsten super

2017/04/12 | バージョン0.3.33

Super App. Ich werde sie weiterempfehlen ... Danke.

Andre Marechal
2017/04/05 | バージョン0.3.33

Love it! Amazed how you can compact so much useful data in a small screen.

Gabriele Tarsia Incuria
2017/03/12 | バージョン0.3.33

it's really really nice, but i notice a excessive battery drain

2017/03/15, takura87

Thanks for trying this out and writing the review. In the tests I did, the current version reduced battery life by about 30% up to 50%. The reason seems that the amount of computation does not allow the device to go into brief, battery saving "idle" phases in between display refreshes. Knowing how many calculations this requires and for indoor trainig where charging is less of an issue I personally wouldn't call it excessive - but I totally understand that use cases and expectations differ. Improvements of battery usage might be possible but I'd need more information from users to find the best solution. So, pls don't hesitate to message me if you read this and have some requests or ideas.

2017/03/07 | バージョン0.3.33

Oh man you fuckin genius...

Thomas Skov
2017/02/07 | バージョン0.3.33

This is a great idea and well implemented. Thanks for sharing. Would be nice if the user could change what data to show on the upper right side (Pwr, Hr etc.) or at least being able to disable some of them. Also allow to customize what to show in the top bar.

2017/01/08 | バージョン0.3.26

Just how fantastic this app is!? Wonderfully. I found just one bug: I'm not able to enter the home-screen button while your app is active/in front. Which is normally shown when touching the display once. I've first to swipe to another display to do so. Nothing dramatically. Cheers.

2017/01/09, takura87

Thanks for downloading, your feedback - together with mentioning the workaround! - and for still giving five stars. :-) My suspicion is that this does more computation than Garmin assumed data fields will do and that the operating system is unprepared for that to occur, causing it to run out of time to process all user interactions. I will check and seek to improve.

Saul Cunningham
2017/01/07 | バージョン0.3.26

Best Connect IQ invention yet.

2016/12/30 | バージョン0.3.25

Can you please add the option of miles an hour for speed. Thanks a lot

2017/01/08, takura87

Thanks for trying this out. Good point. Added in V0.3.26, pls let me know again if it is still not what you'd need.

Ted Rosen
2016/12/26 | バージョン0.3.25

Excellent! Very useful!

2016/12/25 | バージョン0.3.24

Looks very promising. The results of my first try on a trainer match well the post-ride analysis results of my desktop software.