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MyCustom RunFields (VA) 1/3/4 Trial

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=================== IMPORTANT =======================</p><p>NON-PRO version will have max session time per usage. Go Pro Go Unlimited!</p><p>Upgrade to PRO Level Please email : [email protected]</p><p>No provision for communication within the store.</p><p>======================================================</p><p></p><p>This is an expansion of the popular 367RunFields DataField but offering 4 user configurable DataScreens (up to 16 user selectable fields & options of 1/3/4 fields per Screen). (No longer will you be bound by static or fixed fields). No longer bound by the 2/2 CIQ DataFields limit imposed by Garmin.</p>




  • FITファイル(アクティビティの記録)
  • GPS位置
  • センサーデータ(ANT+、心拍数、コンパスなど)
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2016/05/06 | バージョン1.2.5

It's great. I use it in the three fields display and it's worked perfectly over lots of 20k runs.

Hiroshi Kayama
2016/01/14 | バージョン1.2.5

バックライトが暗くて夜間走行時に3分割のモニターが非常に見にくいのが欠点でした。1フィールドにするととても見やすいです。無料アプリは25分という時間制限があります。pro codeを入手(12ドル)すると、時間制限がなくなります。老眼で見にくくなってきた身にはとても良いアプリでした。

Chuck Abernathy
2015/12/16 | バージョン1.2.5

I have had this app for couple months now.. Ran a couple half marathons and plenty of training runs and no issue.. Does what it supposed to do.. I use it in a 3 screen mode and no problems reading the screens!

Nigel Taylor
2015/12/06 | バージョン1.2.3

Does exactly what it says, more readable than default app... battery drain a very decent 13-14% an hour (with light on a few seconds every km).

Gianmario Ripamonti
2015/11/16 | バージョン1.2.1

Great app, with the configurable screens you can access to all desidered data, and virtual pacer can help you to reach your running goal. The backlight switches on at every autolap to show your lap data (lap number, lap pace and lap HR), this could be useful for who, as me, run in the dark. Weel spent money.

David Thull
2015/11/09 | バージョン1.2.1

Awesome app!! I use it all the time.