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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p><p>- Settings on Fenix3 and vivo:</p><p>Several comment speaks about issues with settings on fenix3 and vivo.</p><p>I don't have these watchs so I need help in order to understand the problems.</p><p>What kind of errors ocured ? Did you test connectiq from android ? from iphone ? did you test garmin express ?</p><p>If you want a correction, I will need you in order to obtain information (context, log file)</p>


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平均評価: (62評価)

Manuel Schönfeld
2016/01/04 | バージョン1.0.j

Great watchface. German language missing.

C Clark
2016/01/02 | バージョン1.0.f

The cleanest looking watch face I've come across for the Vivoactive.

Miroslav Grgić
2016/01/02 | バージョン1.0.f

Hi, settings not working on my fenix 3...can't save my customization.

Eric Swanson
2016/01/02 | バージョン1.0.f

Why can't I customize the colors on my fenix 3?

2016/01/01 | バージョン1.0.f

Adopté comme écran principal ! Y'a tout ce que je veux. Merci pour ce travail. Deux requêtes pour atteindre ma perfection : serait possible de pouvoir masquer les calories? Et serait il possible de rendre la date un peu plus lisible (en gras par exemple?) Merciii

2015/12/31 | バージョン1.0.e

Works great! I love that you are able to change faces on this watch and not have to buy a new face(920xt)

Jules Durant
2015/12/30 | バージョン1.0.e

Très bien le cadran. J'aime beaucoup. Serait il possible de rajouter de personnaliser la couleur des heures et des minutes?

Boog-A-De-Boom Barwick
2015/12/29 | バージョン1.0.e

Configure to your liking. #1 face used

2015/12/29 | バージョン1.0.e

The design is awesome! But, there are some problems, like you have to change to another screen to refresh the notifications, for example. And there are some gramatical mistakes on the spanish translation (like, "messakes" instead of "mensajes"). If you need help with the translation, I would like to help. Btw, you did a great job!

Marko Rem
2015/12/28 | バージョン1.0.e

i love this watch face..

2015/12/28 | バージョン1.0.e

Great, thanks for the work on this. An Alarm icon would be 5 stars :-)

2015/12/28 | バージョン1.0.e

Awesome watchface!

2015/12/24 | バージョン1.0.e


2015/12/21 | バージョン1.0.e

Very nice! Suggestions for additional settings: - "Center clock" toggle - hours font color - minutes font color - date format options

Gustavo Gianordoli
2015/12/21 | バージョン1.0.e

Great watchface! Connection state is not updating alone. Have to move to another screen and then come back.

Lukáš Svoboda
2015/12/20 | バージョン1.0.e

Best watchface for 920XT so far!

Jason Player
2015/12/20 | バージョン1.0.e

Not bad at all, always find custom watch faces are heavy on the battery but this one isn't bad in the battery at all, nice job!

Danny Goh
2015/12/20 | バージョン1.0.e

My default Watch Face. Thanks for the hard work!

2015/12/20 | バージョン1.0.e

Thank you for the good start. Two things would make it much better for my use: 1. Allow the user to choose the font for the time (I am not a fan of the simulated LCD). 2. Add an icon for alarms. In any case, it is much better than I could create!

2015/12/20 | バージョン1.0.e

Clock great. what about other languages? Is it possible to somehow replace in files translation?

2015/12/19 | バージョン1.0.c

Best watch face for my Vivoactive so far. Customization is great along with the layout. Only wish there was sunrise/sunset info, if it's possible, and that the battery % font was a little bigger. Removing all other watch faces because this is the only one I need. Great job!

2015/12/19 | バージョン1.0.c

Nice and clean. The moon fase and week number are a nice touch

Ole Solbjørg
2015/12/18 | バージョン1.0.c

Cool. Like this one

2015/12/18 | バージョン1.0.c

It's great, but i prefer sunset ;) not moon.

2015/12/18 | バージョン1.0.c

Très jolie, Ne serait il pas possible d'avoir des icônes unies et de centrer plus l'heure ? On toucherait la perfection... Très bon travail, merci