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Track your surfing sessions in real time! This data field estimates the number of waves ridden using speed, time and distance thresholds to mark the start and end of a wave ride. Detailed info:</p><p></p><p>**This is a data field not an App...this means that you add the data field (ConnectIQ - Surf Tracker) into an existing...


v2.80 </p><p>- add more dir segments to Beach Facing setting. Fix Beach Facing setting output. </p><p>Instructions: Set watch compass to True. Stand on the beach and face the water and read the watch compass setting</p><p></p><p>v2.70 </p><p>- change RightDir to Beach Facing Direction eg. if you used (N 0 deg) before, use (E +90) deg now</p><p>"Beach Facing Direction" the direction the beach is...


  • Approach® S60 Approach® S60
  • D2™ Charlie D2™ Charlie
  • Descent™ Mk1 Descent™ Mk1
  • ForeAthlete® 735XTJ ForeAthlete® 735XTJ
  • Forerunner® 645 Forerunner® 645
  • Forerunner® 645 Music Forerunner® 645 Music
  • Forerunner® 735XT Forerunner® 735XT
  • Forerunner® 935 Forerunner® 935
  • fēnix® 5 fēnix® 5
  • fēnix® 5S fēnix® 5S
  • fēnix® 5X fēnix® 5X
  • fēnix® Chronos fēnix® Chronos
  • vívoactive® 3 vívoactive® 3
  • vívoactive® HR vívoactive® HR
平均評価: (28評価)

2018/05/27 | バージョン2.80-upd1

Great good job man just didn’t get how to use it I’m now to garmin a short video of how to use it will be great! Thanks a lot !

2018/05/08 | バージョン2.80-upd1

Great App!!!

Kyveli Ampela
2018/03/06 | バージョン2.80

Very good app! Well done until the next update :-) And a question: How can I change the time threshold of the wave ride from 6sec to 3 oe 4 sec as we really have some small waves down here to ride :-) and I would like to see at least how many wave I was able to catch! Thanks!

2018/03/06, bwd1

Change the settings in Garmin Connect Mobile (on your phone) or using Garmin Express: You may have to increase the Min Max Speed (to 13 or more) so you don't get waves counted that you paddle for and miss.

Luke Noonan
2018/02/15 | バージョン2.80

A Few weeks back I questioned the surfers direction - your response was I should of done beach facing direction and a week or to later you changed it. Outstanding work you put in..... Follow up from Bens Comments. HOW CAN WE DONATE?:) The App that you have made is worth much more then factious stars

Ben Grozier
2018/02/07 | バージョン2.60-upd

This data field has to be close to top of the pile for Garmin to acquire and to bring the dev bwd a little windfall for his / her work. With the latest updates, it's a legit challenger to the Rip Curl GPS watch. I agree, changing to 'Beach Facing Direction' would be a bit clearer and I tweaked my settings to be 10, 6, 15, 10 and 35. I surf Sydney beach breaks most often on a performance long-board and sometimes short-board. With the above settings and making sure I stand / stay pretty still in the water for 5-10 seconds after each wave the log is extremely accurate. If there was a way to count a wave as a 'lap' that would be cool. Obviously the way way Rip Curl maps the wave as opposed to the paddle back out is a bridge to far (understandably). Again, great work, great app. Very spoilt to get it for free. Can we donate anywhere bwd to say thanks?

2018/02/03 | バージョン2.60-upd

I have followed the instructions to save the data into a text file. Once the correct .PRG file was found i put in into the GARMIN/APPS/LOGS folder and once i opened the text file it was unreadable symbols and words that i couldn't make any sense of. If anybody could please help me find out how to collect and review my data by referring a link or anything it would be greatly appreciated i'm having a great deal of trouble. Thank you.

2018/02/09, bwd1

Use the Contact Developer link and send me a message and hopefully i can help. Just to be clear, don't move or copy the .PRG file, just use it to get the filename and create a file in the GARMIN/APPS/LOGS folder. For example, if you find that SurfTracker is called /GARMIN/APPS/69SI5820.PRG, then create an empty file with this name /GARMIN/APPS/LOGS/69SI5820.TXT

2018/01/31 | バージョン2.60

Could be possible to have a lap for each wave, so then we can compare the waves of the session, Cool !!!

Luke Noonan
2018/01/21 | バージョン2.60

Now its added lefts and rights. keeps getting better. Are you able to help me in explain what the surfers right direction (deg) should be set to. If it helps the beaches are facing east where I mainly head to.

2018/01/22, bwd1

Thanks for the comments. I guess I didn't really give instructions on how to set the "Surfers Right Direction". If your beaches are facing E, then you would set the direction to North. Maybe I should change it to "Beach Facing Direction", to make it easier to understand (in your case E), and then rotate it...?

2017/12/28 | バージョン2.40-upd

perfect app, goog job, it detects all the waves I bought the garmin to use this app. thanks pecoraneradelconero

2017/12/21 | バージョン2.40-upd

Hi guys Best settings for Fenix 5? I change some settings but F5 give me more waves and differents speeds. Ex: 12/34 waves max speed 326 km/h (impossible lolololol) I change my VivoActive to F5 and the GPS are less noise in Vivo active.. Please helppp meee about the settings.. merry Christmas ho ho ho!!!

2017/12/24, bwd1

Not sure, on my 935 I use 12/6/15/0 and it works. Can you send me a message using the developer link and send me a link to a sample activity.

Luke Noonan
2017/12/05 | バージョン2.40-upd

App has never failed. Have a Fenix 5x. I do screenshots after a session on the watch. I noticed that garmin connect incorporated an IQ. Which showed min /max speed. Min/max distance and total wave travelled someother cool things. But now its disappeared. My point is looks like garmin is trying to work with your APP. This APP is (for me) so stable. You have done such a great job.

2017/12/04 | バージョン2.40-upd

Really good for those tracking their SUP paddling and wave riding efforts in particular long wave runner areas in river inlets etc some great insights

Garth Calver
2017/12/01 | バージョン2.40-upd

Thanks so much for creating this's the main reason I bought the vivoactive 3! When you get the time, it would be great if you could amend the layout for the VA3. The watch currently shows the time of day and activity time in the top and bottom fields which means you don't need to display those in the middle. It looks like you only display the last/longest/total ride. That is, only one of those and not of them as you do on the other watches. I would seriously be happy to pay for this fix... Like I said this app is why I bought the watch, thanks again.

2017/12/02, bwd1

Thanks for the review. Can you send me a message using the Contact Developer link. I need some more info since I don't have a VA3. I'll reply and then maybe you can email me a photo or screenshot. Are using the middle row in a 3 row setup? You can also use a 1 field layout to show all the info.

Howie Nordström
2017/11/26 | バージョン2.40-upd

Fun! Would like more explanation regarding why there's a max speed threshold.

2017/11/16 | バージョン2.40

Awesome app - thanks for adding vivoactive 3 support! However, I just updated to the latest app version and I can no longer see the settings to configure the app when I go to Garmin Connect - Devices - Activities and App Management - Data Fields - Surf Tracker 2 Have the settings moved elsewhere? I haven't been able to find them

Scotty J
2017/11/12 | バージョン2.3.0 great on the fenix 5x. No longer have to guess how many/how far/how fast ever again.

Lee Belbin
2017/11/12 | バージョン2.3.0

Thanks heaps for the Vivoactive 3 support! Fabulous. The only hassle is Garmin’s new approach to field layouts - you have to select a FIXED number of fields for an application regardless of the number of data screens used, not as in other watches such as the VA HR. This means that to see Surf Tracker fields in full, you have to use ONE FIELD for all data screens. I use 3 for all (timer, distance and time of day), and if I use that for the SUP app, you only see the time on wave value if it is the first field. But, you will still get all the details on Garmin Connect. II will contact Garmin about this, but wonder what hope we have of being able to select the NUMBER of data fields on each data screen.

2017/11/13, bwd1

Thanks for the review. I didn't know about the Vivo3 limitations. The new version allows you to pick SurfTracker as the middle field for the Vivo3 (using 3 fields) and still see some of the info.

Lee Belbin
2017/11/08 | バージョン2.1-upd

I also have moved up from a VivoActive HR to a VivoActive 3 and was alarmed that Surf Track v2 wasn't available as yet. Please, please....

Greg Felix
2017/11/03 | バージョン2.1-upd

I have used Surf Tracker v2 on the Vivoactive HR and really like this data field. Just bought the Vivoactive 3. If Surf Tracker v2 ran on this watch it would be a near perfect device. Tracking weight training, cycling, running, treadmill, lap swimming, AND SURFING would be awesome. Hoping developer will make it run on the Vivoactive 3.

Gary Muller
2017/10/25 | バージョン2.1-upd

I have downloaded the app and can see it under the manage storage option in Garmin Connect, but not when I look at installed apps, and it doesnt appear on my device(735xt) when synced. Please help

2017/10/25, bwd1

Really, a 1/5 star review just because you didn't read the instructions? It is a data field not an app...

2017/10/03 | バージョン2.1-upd

I have the vivoactive HR andI planing to buy the new Vivoactive 3, its compatible? can i try it directly or you need to allow it on connect IQ ? thanks m8 you the best ;)

2017/10/04, bwd1

It is not compatible yet but if I get some time in the next few weeks I will add it, thanks

2017/09/22 | バージョン2.1-upd

Great app. Works perfectly. I do need some feedback though. Down here in south Australia. What should I set the min and max speed at? Distance ect. Checked my last session and something tells me I didn't do 127kms/h lol. Total user error obviously. I'd appreciate a decent baseline setting? Also are people using gps and glonass or just gps?

2017/09/22, bwd1

Thanks for the feedback and review. If it is counting waves properly then you probably don't need to change the settings. The high max speed was likely measured by Garmin - it usually means that your GPS was jumping around. Check the summary on Garmin Connect and look at Garmin's max speed and speed plot and you should see it there. I can add some upper limits on the next version. For now, try and get your hand out of the water fast so it can get a GPS lock, and wear the watch outside the wetsuit (if you wear one). I use GPS only but you could try Glonass to see if it helps.

Anthony Wollaston
2017/08/16 | バージョン2.1-upd

Greta fun app for the surf, thanks BWD, legend you are!

Bruno Costa Mundim
2017/07/25 | バージョン2.1-upd

It worked perfect for me after some adjustments in the settings. Used with my VivoActive HR. For Brazil (Rio) I used the following settings: minimum speed: 9 minimum time: 4 max speed: 13 minimum distance: 0 It counted maybe one or two waves more. Thanks!

2017/07/14 | バージョン2.1

A must have for sup surfing. Works well on Fénix 5S. It'd be perfect if access to the details of the surfs was possible directly from Garmin connect. Perhaps in future data field update ?