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=====================================</p><p>IMPORTANT NOTES:</p><p>- MAKE SURE TO UNINSTALL THE OLD VERSION BEFORE INSTALLING THE NEW VERSION</p><p>- Seconds is only available during High Power Mode</p><p>=====================================</p><p>You can send your requests or concerns to GearMin Development on Facebook:</p><p>You can also send your r...


(NOTE: MAKE SURE TO UNINSTALL THE OLD VERSION BEFORE INSTALLING THE NEW VERSION)</p><p>GearMin v6.1.0</p><p>- Fixed the crash problem for locations that has no sunrise or sunset</p><p>- Removed the "Has built-in HR" setting, New HR data combined sources: Sensor History and Activity</p><p>- New Elevation data source priority: Sensor History -- Activity</p><p>GearMin v6.0.9</p><p>- Fixed the cras...


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平均評価: (1,461評価)

2017/11/23 | バージョンv6.1.0-upd1

fenix 5x. Firmware 6.0... Giving this four stars because even with the default settings, it gives me most of what I need for daily use. Having said that, I downloaded this about a month ago and loved the ability to customize the fields, colors, etc. to make this truly the only watch face I could see myself using going forward. Only, it continually reverts back to the default watch face after syncing with GarminConnect via Bluetooth. I tried everything I can think of... set the watch back to factory setings and downloaded ONLY this watch face as someone else suggested. Nope. But what I found DOES work after customizing is having the notifications setting turned off and Bluetooth off. For whatever reason, the watch AND the app settings on my MacBook Pro save the custom settings when these are turned off. Turn them on, and within 10 minutes, the default settings for this face reappear. I hope this can be addressed in a future release because I LOVE this watch face.

2017/11/22 | バージョンv6.1.0-upd1

good watchface. but if I set the graph as pressure, the scale of pressure is not right, I only can see a straight line, which is useless.

2017/11/22 | バージョンv6.1.0-upd1

Crashes on Fenix 5X. Switches to default Garmin face.

2017/11/19 | バージョンv6.1.0-upd

Самый лучший циферблат

2017/11/19 | バージョンv6.1.0-upd


2017/11/18 | バージョンv6.1.0-upd

Great app when it’s on my watch. Unfortunately, it defaults to Garmin digital face on my ViviactiveHR no matter what I try to keep it. But, could be very useful if bugs worked out.

2017/11/18 | バージョンv6.1.0-upd

I love it, but it slows my 235 down so badly, Its far worse than it ever used to be, I've even reset the watch and reloaded, is still really slow. Going to have to find something else.

2017/11/18 | バージョンv6.1.0-upd

Temperature and elevation sensors are not working on my epix instead It just show N/A. Can you please fix it? Thanks.

2017/11/17 | バージョンv6.1.0-upd

De las mejores que he probado. Siempre en mi reloj. Una fija.

2017/11/16 | バージョンv6.1.0-upd


2017/11/16 | バージョンv6.1.0-upd

Άθλιο χάνει συνέχεια τις ρυθμίσεις!!! Σπάνε τα νεύρα σου . Αν δεν μπορείτε να γράψετε κώδικα να πατέ να δουλέψετε σε μανάβικο!!!!

2017/11/15 | バージョンv6.1.0-upd

Crashes on Fenix 5X. Switches to default Garmin face.

2017/11/15 | バージョンv6.1.0-upd

Please update the version for germin 235

2017/11/14 | バージョンv6.1.0-upd

Best watchface but pressure, temperature and climbing ist onlay Show as N/A on my Fenix 3.

2017/11/12 | バージョンv6.1.0-upd

First I'd like to say I love this watch face when it works correctly. However that's not often. More often than not I look down and the settings have reverted to default so instead of having info I'd like, I have what it wants me to have. The changing back to default happens way more often than it should. Other than this would a 5/5.

2017/11/10 | バージョンv6.1.0-upd

Sarebbe ottima se segnasse la temperatura e la pressione invece mi da sempre N/A in entrambe le voci sul mio epix

2017/11/10 | バージョンv6.1.0-upd

The sunset/sunrise was available with fenix5x till last week and now again its not available. - sad

2017/11/09 | バージョンv6.1.0-upd

a very nice app, I have enjoyed using this today, I even walked round all day with my HRM on hehe, I have just seen you can configure the watch face a bit, yes it does take a while to change between settings, but then again it is running so much ( fenix 3) My fave watch face though is the Original Garmin one with the second hand permanently ticking, there are a few faces I would have if the second hand stayed on, all in all though a very nice watch face and I shall be keeping this for a good while :) ....

2017/11/07 | バージョンv6.1.0-upd

Sehr gut. Great. Makes changing to other things a bit slow. A more detailed manual would be fine.

2017/11/07 | バージョンv6.1.0-upd

By far my favorite watch face. I️ had the same problems as other users on the Fenix 5x, where the data fields would reset several times daily, after updating to FW 6.0. Apparently it is a watch problem, because after performing a restore to defaults, and then re-downloading the watch face, Gearmin is now performing flawlessly.

2017/11/07 | バージョンv6.1.0-upd

Muy bonito, pero una consulta, el dibujo de la parte de abajo bajo la hora de salida y entrada del sol ¿que es? ¿los cambios de altura?¿la actividad?

2017/11/06 | バージョンv6.1.0-upd

При установке показаний барометра - не работает.

2017/11/05 | バージョンv6.1.0-upd

Me encanta. Lo único malo es que no me aparece la hora del amanecer y de la puesta de sol... ¿se puede solucionar? Gracias

2017/11/04 | バージョンv6.1.0-upd

Good for reading!!!

2017/11/04 | バージョンv6.1.0-upd

Probably the best watch face out there, but making my Fenix 3 HR responding very slowly when switching widgets substracts functionality to the watch and stars to this review. Could the performance be increased?