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Download current tide data through your smartphone. 7 days of tide data are available for offline viewing so you can leave your phone in a safe place during your on-the-water activites.</p><p></p><p>Defaults to current GPS position, press START to enter coordinates for a different location or select a recently used location. Use UP/DOWN to change the date.</p><p></p><p>NOTE: The Tides app depends on an active connection to Garmin Connect Mobile to download tide data


Adds support for languages in Southeast Asia.


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  • インターネットとの情報の送受信
  • GPS位置
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平均評価: (241評価)

Jose Moreno 🇪🇸🇮🇨
2019/02/26 | バージョン1.7

Se ha actualizado y ha dejado de funcionar.

2019/02/19 | バージョン1.7

Tide information is incorrect (Pasajes-Gipuzkoa-Spain) Longitud: -1.9270700 Latitud: 43.3253000

2019/02/09 | バージョン1.6

It works...but the tide times are wrong. Not sure where this is pulling from but if you verify against multiple other sources this app is always wrong.

2019/02/06 | バージョン1.6

It's working on my FR645. I love it :)

2019/02/04 | バージョン1.6

Does not work with fenix 3hr

2019/01/21 | バージョン1.6

Very useful, Shall be even better if it was displaying the current tide, and not only the min/max

2019/01/19 | バージョン1.6

A mi me sirve

2019/01/11 | バージョン1.6

Con Fénix 5x plus da error "invalid tides API key"

2019/01/05 | バージョン1.6

Cannot uninstall

James Melrose
2019/01/05 | バージョン1.6

Very handy if you like walking along the coastline, at home or abroad. Just make sure you have a good connection via WiFi or data with your mobile device. Connection can be a bit spotty, but that's normally due to my phone's Bluetooth or signal.

2019/01/03 | バージョン1.6

inverse les marées à Mauritius.

2018/12/19 | バージョン1.6

Not synchronizing with f5. Please need update

Ross B
2018/12/10 | バージョン1.6

Just doesn't even sync to my watch Forerunner 935. Embarrassing for Garmin to put their name to something they can't even get their own devices to work with.

2018/11/26 | バージョン1.6

Please add support for Vivoactive 3.

2018/11/12 | バージョン1.6

Tide information is incorrect (Pasajes-Gipuzkoa-Spain) Longitud: -1.9270700 Latitud: 43.3253000

2018/10/27 | バージョン1.5

Would be great if i could put the tide on the watch face in a data field. I have the Decent Mk1

2018/10/17 | バージョン1.5

Same as another reviewer in Dublin tide times appear to be out by 90mins. Any fix coming Garmin?

Guy Molyneux
2018/10/11 | バージョン1.5

The app opens OK. However the data is 90 minutes out and the tide measurements are incorrect. I'm in Dublin, Ireland

Lars Jensen
2018/09/23 | バージョン1.5

Not working on Forerunner 645. Just says IQ and dies.

Tony Fetigan
2018/09/16 | バージョン1.5

Really good to have the data on a watch for 7 days however it seems the readable information is overlapping therefore makes it extremely difficult to read. Needs to have a days date over two screens in my opinion

2018/09/15 | バージョン1.5

El planteamiento es muy bueno, sencillo y claro. Le daria mas puntuacion si no fuera por que las mareas tienen 1h de diferencia a tablas de mareas oficiales.

2018/09/12 | バージョン1.5

I think this Garmin app deserves higher rating than its competitors (world tides, tidal graph etc), which rely on a service subscription that will cost money after 100 lookups. Thanks for bringing this to us for free :-)

Jean-Marc Larguier
2018/09/01 | バージョン1.5

When it was working data were not accurate. And is not working at all. Just display iq! On forerunner 645

Alex Gillan
2018/08/29 | バージョン1.5

wrong tide data - 7 hours out for Bells Beach Australia.

Milton Velasquez
2018/08/23 | バージョン1.5

En un 645 Music solo muestra IQ!