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App which add support for some other sports: RUN, TRAIL, WALKING, SPEED WALKING, HIKING, INLINE SKATING, ICE SKATING, CROSS COUNTRY SKIING, HORSEBACK RIDING</p><p>=================================</p><p>Do you like it? You can support my work with a small donation.</p><p>=================================


0.10 - Initial release, more Edge devices will be added later</p><p>0.20 - added Edge 1000 series</p><p>0.30 - added Edge 820 series




  • ANT Radioを介してサードパーティ製センサーとデータを送受信します
  • FITファイル(アクティビティの記録)
  • GPS位置
  • センサーデータ(ANT+、心拍数、コンパスなど)
  • Garmin Connect™フィットネスプロフィール
  • Edge® 1000 Edge® 1000
  • Edge® 1030 Edge® 1030
  • Edge® 1030, Bontrager Edge® 1030, Bontrager
  • Edge® 820 Edge® 820
  • Edge® Explore Edge® Explore
  • Edge® Explore 1000 Edge® Explore 1000
  • Edge® Explore 820 Edge® Explore 820

2020/08/07 | バージョン0.30

At startup works fine on edge1030. After few minutes device freezes. Recording continues, but screen only shows back and settings, nothing else posible exept hrd shutdown. Then after shutdown recording seems to have finished, and completed, but uploaded as a ride. Therefore useless!

Ivo Stach
2019/04/14 | バージョン0.30

Dobrá aplikace, také bych uvítal podporu pro kroky, respektive běžecká data z HRM TRI do Edge1030. Pak by na běhání nebyly potřeba hodinky.

Garmin Murphy Cz
2018/09/08 | バージョン0.30

Raději bych uvítal aktivitu kroky,než jízdu na koni.

2018/09/08, Stanislav.Bures

Nožní senzor mám v plánu přidat až jej budu moci s cyklonavigací otestovat v reálu. Přístroje EDGE nemají čidlo na počítání kroků a proto aplikace kroky nezobrazuje