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Interval Running HR


Language available: French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Sweden, Norwegian, Slovak, Finish and Japanese.</p><p>Website: Http://</p><p>Interval Running App is the only one App allowing to manage your interval running session by vibration way. Without to have a look on the screen, the app launches a specific vibration indicating the speed period and another for the slow period (management by time or distance); the two period are cycled until stop/pause key pressed (number of cycle can be adjusted, set to 0 for infinite cycling). A warm-up and warm-down step can be also adjusted. In real time, it’s reported on the screen: the distance (km and mile), the average or current pace (min:sec by km or mile) and the time elapsed (h:min:sec). When the Heart Rate monitor is connected, the heart rate value is reported on the screen in real time. A HR threshold can be adjusted; a periodical vibration warning (and a signal on screen) is activated as long as the heart rate is higher than the threshold. The session (map, pace, segment…) can be stored with FIT format compatible for Garmin Connect IQ (need to create a Garmin Connect account). For watches without Menu button, the settings menu is accessed by swiping the screen up or down for watches touch screen, or by pressing the up or down button.</p>


What’s new in this version 2.75: December 2018</p><p>• Run step index and total number of cycle displayed during Interval Running by flashing mode</p><p>







  • ANT Radioを介してサードパーティ製センサーとデータを送受信します
  • FITファイル(アクティビティの記録)
  • 追加情報をアクティビティファイルに記録する
  • GPS位置
  • センサーデータ(ANT+、心拍数、コンパスなど)
  • vívoactive® HR vívoactive® HR
平均評価: (39評価)

Romann Alter
2019/02/21 | バージョンV2.75

Une application très bien pensée qui transforme la Vivoactive HR en un parfait outil pour progresser en course à pied. J'étais plutôt frustré de voir qu'on ne pouvait pas programmer d'entraînement pour cet appareil Garmin, voilà mon problème résolu. Je recommande vivement !

2018/11/03 | バージョンV2.71

How can i delete the app? There's no remove option! Thanks

2018/11/03, SylvainMasaki

Hello, This is managed by Garmin Tools. Please use Garmin Express for that. Best regards

Christiano A. Santos #TimeManente
2018/10/25 | バージョンV2.71

I liked the app. Is it possible to set the heating and cooling by distance?

2018/10/26, SylvainMasaki

Thanks for your review! For that, I recommand you Interval Running Next Gen V2:

2018/09/04 | バージョンV2.70

Bonjour , pour charger les codes de déblocage, la page Cdlt n'est plus active ... Comment faire ? Merci

2018/09/05, SylvainMasaki

Bonjour Je viens de le faire à l’instant, le lien est actif. Cdlt

2018/08/18 | バージョンV2.70

une bonne application, mais je ne comprends pas le système du code d'enregistrement dans le menu. A quoi cela sert-il et comment fonctionne-t-il?

2018/08/23, SylvainMasaki

Bonjour, I s'agit d'un code d'enregistrement qui débloque certaines fonctionnalités: Cdlt

Pedro Dias Álvares
2018/08/02 | バージョンV2.70

This app doesnt count the distance with gps? the app in my watch keeps saying "no GPS"? Besides that good app !

2018/08/09, SylvainMasaki

Hello, Thnaks for your review! Of course distance is calculated through GPS; as soon as GPS is detected the red "no GPS" text change to green "GPS" test. Best regards

Paulo Cunha
2018/07/18 | バージョンV2.70

muito limitado na versâo gratis, nâo comprei por nâo ter certeza de como é na versâo paga

Huszti Gábor
2018/06/22 | バージョンV2.66

Best interval app!

2018/06/02 | バージョンV2.66

UBER RAD!!!!! Great app for running intervals! I've been looking for an app like and this one far exceeds my expectations, once I donated for the full app. The free one is ok but worth giving some money for the full app............awesome!!!!!!

2018/05/24 | バージョンV2.66

excellent app, but is it possible to implement a Pyramin Interval concept ? Intervals keep increasing with time / distance then decrease after reaching the maximum ? Can also be implemented as a negative interval increase probably. Best Regards, Mo.

2018/05/29, SylvainMasaki

It's not possible to make a Pyramid Intreval with Interval Running......but it s' posssible with Interval Running Next Gen V1. Here: Best regards

2018/04/08 | バージョンV2.65

So, with the free version, you basically can't do anything with intervals - it just gives you the same basic info you would get when tracking any run. I'm not going to pay for the pay version when I have no idea how the actual interval setting will work. Deleted.

Nathalie Vranjac
2018/03/23 | バージョンV2.65

Il ne manquait que la gestion des entraînements sur la Vivoactive HR, maintenant c'est possible grâce à cette appli ! Merci !!

Soph Brl
2018/03/20 | バージョンV2.65

Application indispensable pour compléter les fonctions de la Vivoactive HR. Un concepteur réactif et efficace ! Merci !!

2017/09/13 | バージョンV2.6

Application au top pour les intervalles. Excellente réactivité du développeur, qui donne rapidement suite. Logiciel avec possibilités de paramétrages très pointus, directement sur la montre, contrairement à d'autres applications qui nécessitent de passer via l'interface Garmin sur l'ordi (ce qui me pose quelques problèmes étant donné que Garmin n'a pas porté son appli sous Linux...).

Vié David
2017/08/18 | バージョンV2.514

David : Good application, have bought the code to have the total version and am happy about it, this is the only application that proposes interval running possibilities with my vivoactive HR. The access has been granted really quick following the payment and I've been granted the access to another similar application from Sylvain also. Thanks Sylvain, you're reliable, I'll keep you posted regarding any improvement I'd like on it if any. David

Stéphanie Chetaille
2017/08/09 | バージョンV2.514

Help..... Est ce qu'il existe un mode d'emploi de l'appli quelque part??? Suis une grande novice, besoin d'aide.... Merci beaucoup

2017/08/23, SylvainMasaki

Here: Best regards

2017/06/18 | バージョンV2.513

Tres bonne application . Comment faire pour avoir le code de déverrouillage svp ?

2017/06/06 | バージョンV2.512

Top! Merci pour cette appli essentielle pour l'entrainement et qui manquait cruellement sur cette montre. Vivement la prochaine version :)

Bertrand Cintract
2017/06/06 | バージョンV2.512

Be carefull the application name is changing every 6 month and the the price for registration are growing up (at least 10 euros for deblocking this time) . Older registrated user need to pay the différence for using ! In 6 month new name of application and New price ? For interval running you can alternativly use: For the same price you have all the 10 developper applications (for EVER and new one ! ) OR use this data fields and program your interval training Very disappointing by the commercial politics of this developper.

Omar Meza
2017/05/28 | バージョンV2.511

Great App for Interval Running!!!

Petros Savvidis
2017/05/28 | バージョンV2.511

The "need a code" version is a great addition for Vivoactive HR, everything you need for intervals. I donated a small amount and the developer sent me the code right away.

Robert Pogainis
2017/05/24 | バージョンV2.511

This is a brilliant app for interval running. Highly recommended.

Martin Paulick
2017/05/17 | バージョンV2.511

Great application. I use it on my vivoactive HR. Thank's for german language improvements.

Ilan Stefanon
2017/05/16 | バージョンV2.51

really nice app. simple and complete

2017/05/11 | バージョンV2.51

App is great, but do you think is possible to add increment time also for 1 sec? Because I prefere to increase intervals of training for 1 second for next trainings.

2017/05/14, SylvainMasaki

I will implement that in the next release!