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Heart Rate and Time in Zone


The Heart Rate and Time in Zone data field enables you to see all the relevant heart rate data in one screen.</p><p>This data field shows your current heart rate and zone in a gauge and the time spent in each zone during the current activity. </p><p></p><p>*********** Features ***********</p><p>- Heart Rate in beats per minute (BPM), percentage of maximum (HR %Max.) or percentage of heart rate ...


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  • Edge® 1000 Edge® 1000
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平均評価: (126評価)

2018/02/06 | バージョン1.2-upd2-e83

Miss it so much on my Fenix5...

2017/12/26 | バージョン1.2-upd2-e83

Do you know when will be available for Fenix 5?

2017/12/14 | バージョン1.2-upd2-e83

I dont know how to open . It is instaled on "Data Field".

Peter Strandberg
2017/10/30 | バージョン1.2-upd2-e83

Doesn’t even show up under apps on watch after sync. Useless app.

Christophe Rémond
2017/07/27 | バージョン1.2-upd2-e83

Perfect... but I miss it on my F5x :-(

Thomas Franke
2017/03/30 | バージョン1.2-upd2-e83

Pls support Fenix 5X

Jeferson Tonin
2017/03/27 | バージョン1.2-upd2-e83

Please, support a LTHR mode. Doing it this gauge will be the best.

Susun Corda
2017/03/19 | バージョン1.2-upd2-e83

Better if you add the option of taking HR zones directly from the user profile. Also you have to change the COLORS of the zones... please make it more intuitive, some kind of "universal" convention, you know... As this: Z1 must be the "cold" blue Z2 must be the green "oxygen/aerial" typical color of plants...and etc Z3 the yellow... Z4 the orange.... temperature rising... Z5 obviously red...

Eric Duprat
2017/01/19 | バージョン1.2-upd2-e83

Very useful data filed. Simple and to the point, very visual.

Saul Cunningham
2017/01/13 | バージョン1.2-upd2-e83

Please change so you can use HR as a % of Lactate HR as this is preferable to % of HRR for me. Should be able to choose between %HRMax, %HRLT, %HRR

2017/01/12 | バージョン1.2-upd2-e83

Hi, it seems to not display accurately the time in each zone. when i stopped my training today i had 1min in zone 5 for example, while when uploaded/synced to GC i have 4.5min which is close to what i got calculating it manually during workout. have set the zknes to same as in user setings in GC.

Jose N
2017/01/09 | バージョン1.2-upd2-e83

Great app. I have on nearly all activities.

Carlos Santos
2017/01/08 | バージョン1.2-upd2-e83

Awesome HR visualization

2017/01/02 | バージョン1.2-upd2-e83

nice layout but crashes on fr735xt (shows IQ icon - message in log: Failed in data field compute)

2016/12/27 | バージョン1.2-upd2-e83

Funktioniert nicht am Edge 1000 Querformat

2016/11/23 | バージョン1.2-upd2-e83

Sull' Edge 1000 non si possono configurare le zone di frequenza cardiaca, quindi serve a poco...

2016/11/22 | バージョン1.2-upd2-e83

Very good. Simple and usefull

2016/11/20 | バージョン1.2-upd2-e83

non si puo' configurare nel garmin 1000

2016/11/12 | バージョン1.2-upd2-e83

Hi! Very nice app :) just one question. I have the fenix3. The %HRR corresponds to the upper limit of a zone or to the lower? If it corresponds to the upper limit, then by using 100% in Z5 the gauge turns red without zone separation. Thanks for a short feedback!

Vicente Gomez
2016/11/08 | バージョン1.2-upd2-e83

para entrenar en zonas de entrenamiento cardiaco esencial. Claro y sencillo. Sabes en que zona vas y la controlas..Muy bueno.

2016/10/12 | バージョン1.2-upd2-e82

Great data field! good job. To all users wanting to use of %HRMax instead of %HRR , just set resting HR to zero (and HRMax the same as in garmin user setting) and it should work the same way... :)

Marian Chicu
2016/09/23 | バージョン1.2-upd2-e82

Simple and nice looking app

2016/09/14 | バージョン1.2-upd2-e82

Heart Rate Reserve (HRR) is the difference between your Maximum Heart Rate (HRmax) and Resting Heart Rate (HRrest). Exercise intensity can be evaluated by calculating your heart rate as a percentage of HRR. The calculation to work out %HRR is (HRex – HRrest)/(HRmax – HRrest), where HRex is the exercise Heart Rate. So a HRmax of 180, a HRrest of 40 and HRex of 140 would be (140 – 40)/(180 – 40), which is 71%. Using %HRR is better than a percentage of HRmax, as it reflects the relative intensity more accurately. For example, if two athletes both have a HRmax of 180, but one has a HRrest of 40 and the other 70, at a HR of 140 they would both have the same %HRmax, but one is at 64 %HRR and the other is at 71 %HRR. However, for HRR to be of value, you have to test your HRmax, as it cannot be calculated. Most Heart Rate Monitors will display your %HRR if you input your HRmax and HRrest.

2016/09/08 | バージョン1.2-upd2-e82

Wird in Fenix 3HR nicht angezeigt

2016/09/07 | バージョン1.2-upd2-e82

Sorry, where i can find this app in the system!? In A Fenix HR3 is not showing. Syncing was done. In a Connect its shown. Please help!