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Double Arc+, a simple and gentle watch face for your Garmin device:</p><p></p><p>Two arc progress bars indicating your daily success in steps, floors or calories. Starting at the analog clock pointers, arcs rotate with clock pointers and make your watch style individual every minute. A seconds pointer appears everytime you have a look on your watch. Two additional function fields can be set up to present the digital time, date, heart rate, altitude, distance, calories or battery status. Set up your watch style with up to 53 colors available for each display element. Get the most of that variety by saving up to three watch themes and with the ability to switch by just one click.</p>


Ver. 2.07: Performance optimizations and bug fixes.</p><p>Ver. 2.06: Bug fix.</p><p>Ver. 2.05: Sunrise/Sunset for function field 3, more gentle completion icon, removed theme memory 3 (due to memory limitations), fixed some bugs</p><p>Ver. 2.04: Sunrise/sunset for function field 1 and 2, unlocked anti-alias, font adjustments.</p><p>Ver. 2.03: Fixed a bug in the calories progress bar. </p><p>Ver. 2.02: Added steps, floors and calories to function field 3.</p>




  • GPS位置
  • Approach® S60 Approach® S60
  • D2™ Bravo D2™ Bravo
  • D2™ Bravo Titanium D2™ Bravo Titanium
  • D2™ Charlie D2™ Charlie
  • D2™ Delta D2™ Delta
  • D2™ Delta PX D2™ Delta PX
  • D2™ Delta S D2™ Delta S
  • Descent™ Mk1 Descent™ Mk1
  • ForeAthlete® 230J ForeAthlete® 230J
  • ForeAthlete® 235J ForeAthlete® 235J
  • ForeAthlete® 630J ForeAthlete® 630J
  • ForeAthlete® 920XTJ ForeAthlete® 920XTJ
  • Forerunner® 230 Forerunner® 230
  • Forerunner® 235 Forerunner® 235
  • Forerunner® 630 Forerunner® 630
  • Forerunner® 645 Forerunner® 645
  • Forerunner® 645 Music Forerunner® 645 Music
  • Forerunner® 920XT Forerunner® 920XT
  • Forerunner® 935 Forerunner® 935
  • fēnix® 3 fēnix® 3, quatix® 3, tactix® Bravo
  • fēnix® 3 HR fēnix® 3 HR
  • fēnix® 5 fēnix® 5, quatix® 5
  • fēnix® 5 Plus fēnix® 5 Plus
  • fēnix® 5S fēnix® 5S
  • fēnix® 5S Plus fēnix® 5S Plus
  • fēnix® 5X fēnix® 5X, tactix® Charlie
  • fēnix® 5X Plus fēnix® 5X Plus
  • fēnix® Chronos fēnix® Chronos
  • vívoactive® vívoactive®
  • vívoactive® 3 vívoactive® 3
  • vívoactive® 3 Mercedes-Benz® Collection vívoactive® 3 Mercedes-Benz® Collection
  • vívoactive® 3 Music vívoactive® 3 Music
平均評価: (35評価)

2019/03/04 | バージョン2.07

Very good! But still needs seconds always on and weekday. Thank You.

2019/02/09 | バージョン2.04

Please remove completion sign

2019/01/29 | バージョン2.03

Please add the weather and I'll bought the license. Thanks

2019/01/28 | バージョン2.03

Is it possible to pay with Paypal? It does not work for me (btw, the instructions are in German). Thank you!

2019/01/28, GreenBean

Hi, any troubles there? Please contact me directly via private mail. Greetings, GreenBean

2019/01/27 | バージョン2.02

Very good . there are a few things that can be added.

2019/01/27, GreenBean

Hi there, thank you for your feedback. I am continuously working on adding more and more features. Stay up to date. Cheers GreenBean

2019/01/25 | バージョン2.02

Старайтесь лучше, пока не стоит денег.

2019/01/21 | バージョン2.02

I like the design very much.Think you for you work.But i don't know why my watch(fenix5P) couldn't show battery,heart rate,bluetooth and other parameter.I really want your help,look forward your reply.

2019/01/21, GreenBean

Dear Wangyixin, let's get this done. Would you please contact me by mail. Thank you, GreenBean

2019/01/21 | バージョン2.02

Thank You. Hope to have Seconds always on soon.

Milos Herman
2019/01/18 | バージョン2.01

Very nice watch face :-)! Two questions though: 1. How do I switch between the color schemes? (I have a Descent MK1) 2. What colors do the numbers represent?

2019/01/18, GreenBean

Dear Milos, you can change the color settings in watch face settings (see eg here: You can either change color individually (see color settings A to M) or you can safe the color numbers to the three theme memories and set the switch. If a theme memory is set, the app preferes this theme memory before taking the individual colors. BTW: I will leave a color overview in the app settings soon. Greetings GB

2019/01/15 | バージョン1.10

Thank You for good work. But still needs more Function fields on the right and Seconds always On (I think on the Outer ring seconds will be better).

2019/01/17, GreenBean

Hi there, I just uploaded a new release with third function field on the right. I started with battery, active minutes and a move bar. More functions are coming... Cheers GB

2019/01/15 | バージョン1.09

Can you also change the Complete sign when I reach a goal to show the value? If I go over the goal it doesn't show the value just the complete sign. Thanks

2019/01/15, GreenBean

Dear Shaka, good point, thx. I will have a closer look on that. Cheers GB

Doan The Duan
2019/01/14 | バージョン1.08

Hi developer, I applied for my vivoactive 3 music and It could not show heart rate, battery and other parameter as your introduction, it just show "step" and "floor" only. It will be perfect if these thing were fixed. Love it and bunch of thanks.

2019/01/14, GreenBean

Dear Doan, thank you for your feedback. I just uploaded a new release (Ver. 1.09). Would you please try with the new version. If you still have this phenomena, please contact me via mail. Greetings GB

2019/01/14 | バージョン1.08

Wird immer besser. Ist es möglich noch eine Movebar hinzuzufügen? Zb als kleiner Kreis in der Mitte?

2019/01/14, GreenBean

Thanks for good rating. Currently working on a special datafield on the right side. May I implement a movebar there. Cheers GB

2019/01/13 | バージョン1.08

Really nice analog watch face and battery friendly. Many thanks for having adding bigger fonts. Maybe can you consider having possibility for the activity circle to stay at 12h or to follow hour and min hands. Good work !

2019/01/12 | バージョン1.06

I have pro version. I need extra info on right, some option for size of text I like it smaller. Also option to make rings more thinner. Please look into this if ok with you. Nice wf idea but needs work still. Make me happy fast haha.

2019/01/12, GreenBean

Dear Shaka, if you like the watch face, why this bad rating? I took your inputs on my list. Info field/fields on the right will come soon. Greetings GB

2019/01/11 | バージョン1.06

Hi, do you still consider making the right side also can show some or three data?

2019/01/11, GreenBean

Hello, in future releases, the right side definetely will have some certain features. Unfortunately, due to memory limits I can only implement such a feature for newer devices. Cheers GB

2019/01/11 | バージョン1.06

As I sad before - nice wf. Could You pls add weekly active minutes option to Arc Data? Thank You in advance.

2019/01/11, GreenBean

Hi there, thank you for that input. I took that point on my list to implement in further releases. Greetings GB

Stone Shi
2019/01/11 | バージョン1.05

Most of the functions are locked until you pay. The base version is very basic and plain. To make things worse, the watch face wiped my step count upon installation. That's an unforgivable bug.

2019/01/11, GreenBean

Dear Shi, I'm very sorry for your impression of my watchface. It was surprising me a bit, because it does not correlate with the rest of the contact I have to other users. Nevertheless, I will take your feedback to account and put in a more attractive free version release. Hope you might give it a second chance. Greetings GB

2019/01/09 | バージョン1.05

Vert beautiful watch face but, Could you add on data on screen please on free version ? Tnanks

Trudy Berryman
2019/01/09 | バージョン1.05

Froze my watch

2019/01/09, GreenBean

Dear Trudy, Do to less memory I had to stop release Forerunner 735xt and vivoactive HR? Do you have one of those devices? For all other devices, this bug was fixed with release 1.05. If you have further troubles, please contact me via mail. Thank You

2019/01/09 | バージョン1.05

Danke für die große Schrift. Bei battery leider etwas zu groß. Da verschwindet die Zahl im Icon. Vielleicht kann man das noch optimieren. Weiter so.

2019/01/09, GreenBean

Dear Ronnos, thank you for your feedback. I will try to adjust the fonts to avoid overlappings. Greetings GB

Adam Rykala 🐐
2019/01/07 | バージョン1.03

Much better font size! Great WF!

2019/01/06 | バージョン1.03

It's a perfect update, thanks. Btw, is there enough space to make the right side also can show three different data?For example, the date can make a stable data to be displayed forever, other two spces can make option for insteading others. Or all of three data at right side can be choosed.

2019/01/06, GreenBean

Hello, glad to hear, that you like my watchface. I will have a closer look on what is possible to implement on the right side. Greetings GB

Anja Sdmr
2019/01/06 | バージョン1.02

Great update!! Thanks!

2019/01/05 | バージョン1.01

Can you add am/pm icon for digital time ?

2019/01/06, GreenBean

Hello, I added the am/pm indicator in the current release (ver. 1.02). See the hourglass symbol. Greetings GB