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MyCustom RunFields (VA) 4/6/9 Trial

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=================== IMPORTANT =======================</p><p>NON-PRO version will have max session time per usage. Go Pro Go Unlimited!</p><p>Upgrade to PRO Level Please email with app & watch description : [email protected]</p><p>No provision for communication within the store.</p><p>======================================================</p><p></p><p>This is an expansion of the popular 367RunFields DataField but offering 4 user configurable DataScreens (up to 36 user selectable fields & options of 4/6/9 fields per Screen). (No longer will you be bound by static or fixed fields). No longer bound by the 2/2 CIQ DataFields limit imposed by Garmin.</p>




  • FITファイル(アクティビティの記録)
  • GPS位置
  • センサーデータ(ANT+、心拍数、コンパスなど)
  • vívoactive® vívoactive®
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Very good for my vivoactive! A lot of adjustment possibility!!! Only missing the lap button so far.

Janice Fry

This is great! I use the 6 fields and it gives me all the info I want right on the first page, no trying to flip through while running. and it reports all data including A Cad, A pace and A HR back to Garmin connect. Its worth the few $ for the pro version, as all the info I want is right there at a glance while running.


Very nice app providing more functionalities then I really need. So I use only this one anymore. Besides the configurable fields you get also a pacer and a heart rate zone field. I also don't understand why people complaining to pay for good work done by the programmer. Much more money is paid not complaining for other stuff. The free trial app is fully functional but stops after 25 minutes. For the "Pro-version" you have to pay some dollars to get a key. I used the trial version first and use the Pro now for every run. For me it is worth to pay the price as I like to have more 3 fields of information on the screen. (I was disappointed that Garmin only supports 3 field at once on the vivoactive) I like the automatic lap function which can be used to trigger lap times automatically either when you reach the same GPS position multiple times or at configurable distance. The lap screen which is visible for some seconds is also better then the Garmin lap screen because it additionally shows the average heart rate of the lap and lap number. (Would be very nice if this could also be configured - I didn't find a menu to do that) The way of configuration is a bit circuitous because the App jumps out completely from deep menu with back button instead of going only one step back. So I needed some time and patience to find an optimal screen configuration for me. Would be very nice if the App could be configured e.g. from garmin connect. Some people claiming about higher power consumption of this App. So I tested and compared the App with the native Garmin running app how long it lasts until the battery is down to 90% after fully charged at the same conditions (it was pretty cold) With Garmin Running App (3 fields) the battery was down at 90% after 42min35sec. With this App (running with 9 fields) the battery was at 90% after 40min30sec So it seems that there is really a little (ca. 5%) higher battery power consumption.


The perfect running app making my vivoactive as efficient as my 610 was. Thanks


Excellent app and great support. Love the configuration options. Gets my 'BDA' Best Damn App award :-) Thanks nikeow!