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Many users ask me to migrate “Crossfit” app (now called CrossFit Lite) from F920xt to F935 and to the Fenix5, and I do it. I just have the simulator to test this version, so maybe it has some bugs, don t hesitate to send me feedbacks, the app is for you.</p><p></p><p>ABOUT the ‘SAVE FAILS’ reported by Martine and AndreiG: I assume they use their watch with their mobile and that the ‘Auto upload...


V1.72 Improve 6 chrono view (Cindy, Barbara, Chelsea ...)</p><p>V1.71 Internal refactoring</p><p>V1.7 add 5 girls and 6 heroes, a ‘What’s new’ view and a perf management.</p><p>V1.66 fix a tabata bug</p><p>V1.65 Improve calories update</p><p>V1.64 Compatibily with F735xt</p><p>V1.6 Add "Popular schemes" menu, improve some girls chrono view </p><p>V1.5 menu refactoring, add girls, add girls des...




  • FITファイル(アクティビティの記録)
  • センサーデータ(ANT+、心拍数、コンパスなど)
  • ForeAthlete® 735XTJ ForeAthlete® 735XTJ
  • Forerunner® 735XT Forerunner® 735XT
  • Forerunner® 935 Forerunner® 935
  • fēnix® 5 fēnix® 5
  • fēnix® 5S fēnix® 5S
  • fēnix® 5X fēnix® 5X
平均評価: (20評価)

Vivian Ta
2018/02/14 | バージョンCrossFitLiteV1.71

I like the app a lot but was wondering if there's a way to show the split times of each round when using AFAP or AMRAP in timers? After finishing the workout, it shows the times for each round but after you move away from that page on the watch, you can't go back to see it and it also doesn't appear on Garmin Connect. Is that something that can be added on your end?

2018/02/15, Juggus

Hi Vivian Ta. 1) Have a split times historical... I dont find an easy way to do that yet. its not so simple (for memory and performance reasons). 2) It could have been a V1.71 regression but it seems to work, you can find the split times in Garmin Connect, at the bottom of the activity, next to the 'statistics' tab, in french the tab is called 'intervalles'. Use 'contact developer' if you have any question.

Martin Grob
2018/02/08 | バージョンCrossFitV1.7-upd1

its already awesome but if there was a way to add more wod's through a webconfig it would be perfect. runs on my fenix 5x no problems with saving

2018/02/15, Juggus

Hi Martin, thank you. My first idea was to do a stand alone app but I can change my mind.

2018/02/06 | バージョンCrossFitV1.7-upd

Very good application and I would use it everyday, but as Martine also wrote in a previous review, as soon as I try to save the workout it tell me that it failed to save. Please try to make it work for the Fenix 5X. Thank you.

2018/02/06, Juggus

Hi AndreiG, I understand you give me 3/5 because you fund a problem but I need more information to try to fix the problem. Use 'contact developper' to contact me and I will ask you some questions, and maybe send you test apps.

2018/01/23 | バージョンCrossFitV1.7

Tried out the app today on a fenix 5, selected Cindy, pressed start and had a very heavy workout. At one point when I thought my pulse would be 170-180 it said 99, I checked that the watch was tight enough on the wrist, even pushed on it and the pulse didnt change, even though I could tell my pulse was much higher. Then when I finished and tried to save it said it failed to save and all data disappeared. Tried again and it failed to save. I do have the workout synced to my phone, but 89 cal burned and average HR of 99. Also did a treadmill and strength workout at the measurements were fine.

2018/01/24, Juggus

Sorry for your bad experience. Well, regarding the current HR: My app just displays the value garmin sends to the app, so if garmin sends 99 its displays 99, I can t do nothing. My app don t knows if a 'save' fails, I think its a Fenix 5 message and as its written in app description I don t have a fenix 5, so I can t be aware of the problem (no similar problem reported). The sync with your phone: apps can t modified colories and HR values, those data are private and are only handled by garmin, so if Garmin have computed 99, it s mean that your watch have computed 99.

Roger Everitt
2018/01/13 | バージョンCrossFitV1.66

Thank you for speedily responding to my request in making your app compatible to with forerunner 735xt. Much appreciated. Great app for crossfit :)

2018/01/24, Juggus

Thank you.

2018/01/10 | バージョンCrossFitV1.65

Very great app. Love it. (From Austria)

2018/01/10 | バージョンCrossFitV1.65

Utile mais bug sur fenix 5S, supprime les cadrans importé et pas de bouton d'arrêt accessible. Un peu difficile à comprendre en utilisation

2018/01/10, Juggus

Je ne comprends vos remarques, si l appli vous est utile envoyez moi mail pour que je l améliore.

Renata Brandt
2017/12/23 | バージョンCrossFitV1.63

Thank you, I'm using it everyday!

2017/12/27, Juggus

Nice comment for christmas. Thank you.

2017/12/15 | バージョンCrossFitV1.61

Applicazione ottima per l'allenamento, tutto a portata di mano. Consiglio di implementare la possibilità del countdown iniziale ( esempio 5" )

2017/12/17, Juggus

Thank you. Good idea, very usefull. Done in V1.62.

2017/12/13 | バージョンCrossFitV1.61

Love this app!

2017/12/27, Juggus

Thank you.

2017/11/27 | バージョンCrossFitV1.51-upd

Mooie app! Zeker om mijn Multisport horloge compleet te hebben! Ga zo door!

2017/12/27, Juggus

Third comment in dutch. Thank you Brammotelli.

Mark Dickason
2017/11/19 | バージョンCrossFitV1.51

An absolutely must have app, very well done!!!!

2017/12/09, Juggus

Thank you. Hope you will love the 1.6 version

2017/11/05 | バージョンCrossFitV1.51

Just the perfect application I was looking for. Would be good to add the calories burned

2017/12/09, Juggus

Thank you. Done in V1.6 in "summary" view

Joram Martens🇳🇱
2017/11/04 | バージョンCrossFitV1.51

Super tof!!! Leuk om je crossfit oefeningen te kunnen klokken. Ga door met ontwikkelen!!

2017/12/09, Juggus

Thank you

Gerardo Nunez
2017/10/29 | バージョンCrossFitV1.51

Only guys missing but otherwise running perfectly on Fenix5. Thanks much

2017/12/09, Juggus

Thank you for feedback

PlantFuel :)
2017/10/20 | バージョンCrossFitV1.5

Great app. Works very well. Only issue i have had is when during tabata session, my alarm went off, I pressed start button on 5x, which reversed the timer into countdown mode!!! Thanks.

2017/10/21, Juggus

Thank you. Use "contact developer" to tell me more.

Tomislav Falcevic
2017/10/08 | バージョンCrossFitV1.3

I can not believe there are no more comments here!!! App IS GREAT! On my fenix 5 everything works great. I simply love it. Hope you will input other `girls` as well With a scaled version like `Cindy` & `Barbara`. It would make the application incredible. Great job!

2017/10/09, Juggus

Thank you for your comment. I am working on Tabata for the next version. Use "Contact Developer" if you have any suggestion.

Joram Martens🇳🇱
2017/10/02 | バージョンCrossFitV1.2

Leuk!! Zeker verder ontwikkelen graag. Crossfit is upcoming

2017/12/09, Juggus

My first review. thank you