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FACEBOOK: (lots more photos available!)</p><p>VIDEO: INSTALL AND CONFIGURE:</p><p>TROUBLESHOOT:</p><p></p><p>If you have trouble installing or you don't see the new changes, please restart your watch by powering it off and on again.</p><p>If you still have issues, uninstall completely and reinstall a fresh ...


Fenix 5 support</p><p>More data options to display under clock: sunrise, sunset, altitude and temperature (only on supported devices)</p><p>Battery icon</p><p>Do not disturb icon (only on supported devices: 735xt, Chronos, Fenix 5 series, Vivoactive HR)


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平均評価: (468評価)

2017/06/16 | バージョン5.3.0

Love it - best watchface out there, in my humble opinion. Love how the numerals fill up with water. Could this feature be made into a location-based configurable tide chart?

2017/06/16 | バージョン5.3.0

After latest update i miss the option to put the clock into 24hr style. How do i change the am/pm into 24hr style? (And the heart rate, but i already read that this is a well known problem)

2017/06/16, HermoT

24 hour style is the watch settings. The watch fave just detect what your system setting for time format is. Consult your device manual to check how to set the 12 / 24 option. With heart rate we are all waiting for Garmin to fix their firmware.

2017/06/16 | バージョン5.3.0

Very nice Thx

2017/06/15 | バージョン5.3.0

The best אפליקציה פני שעון פצצה

2017/06/13 | バージョン5.3.0

Best watchface. Heart rate gone with latest update:(

2017/06/13, HermoT

Known issue that is causes by Garmin's firmware update that affects 735xt. We will have to wait for Garmin to fix this.

2017/06/11 | バージョン5.3.0

The best face watch ! For some reason, the heart rate data and the heart does not show anymore, even though it is still checked in my settings. I have restarted both the watch and Iphone but it still does not show. Any idea how to get it back?

2017/06/13, HermoT

Known issue that is causes by Garmin's firmware update that affects 735xt. We will have to wait for Garmin to fix this.

2017/06/11 | バージョン5.3.0

Added to and customized on my new FR235, I really like the simple basic look and ability to to customize colors and format. The larger clock numbers in white make it easier to read the time in lower light. I really like it and see this being my primary watchface.

2017/06/11 | バージョン5.3.0

Good watch face except heart rate disappeared with Garmin update.

2017/06/13, HermoT

Known issue that is causes by Garmin's firmware update that affects 735xt. We will have to wait for Garmin to fix this.

2017/06/10 | バージョン5.3.0

Love this watch face. Sadly my heart rate icon disappeared with he new update on my 735xt. Can't wait to get it back! :)

2017/06/13, HermoT

Known issue that is causes by Garmin's firmware update that affects 735xt. We will have to wait for Garmin to fix this.

2017/06/10 | バージョン5.3.0

Everything I needed. Thank you.

2017/06/09 | バージョン5.3.0

Don't work with version 8.20 garmin with update thanks :)

2017/06/13, HermoT

Known issue that is causes by Garmin's firmware update that affects 735xt. We will have to wait for Garmin to fix this.

2017/06/08 | バージョン5.3.0

Great watch face, but I am not able to figure out how to customize it on a Garmin 935. I just want to change the colour of the Time to a single tone. Cheers.

2017/06/13, HermoT

Please watch the detailed video supplied on the NoFrills page. It shows you how to configure in different ways.

2017/06/05 | バージョン5.3.0

Great job! But would it be possible to move the colon a little bit up? I think it should be right i the middle between numbers and the distance between dots should be a bit smaller.

2017/06/04 | バージョン5.3.0

Love the Watch Face and it is working perfectly on the Fenix 5! Would be great if you could add stairs since on the Fenix 5 you have 2 lines under the moving bar and it would fit perfectly! Thank you again for a great watch face

2017/06/04 | バージョン5.3.0

The best. Simple and reliable. It's easy to watch time without pressing light button.

2017/06/02 | バージョン5.3.0

The Best. Clear, totally customisable with a couple of feilds to display what is important to you. This will be on for over 90% of the time. Well done Buddy, I didn't see a 'Beer' link to reward your efforts? Cheers

2017/06/13, HermoT

Not necessary, I provide this free of charge and I am glad that you enjoy it!!

2017/06/02 | バージョン5.3.0

Hi, there's no dual colour option available for the hour / minutes in the Fenix 3HR?

2017/05/31 | バージョン5.3.0

Has to be the best face. I have tried many and feel this one has the simplicity I'm looking for which incorporates necessary extras that are displayed neatly and easy to read on glance. Also, it's an attractive look which has a lot of options to personalize. This will be my face from now on. Thanks!

2017/05/29 | バージョン5.3.0

tried and downloaded about 30 watch faces, this dumb simple thing I keep coming back to? Its simply the No Frills best. like the water in the numbers and the simple step and HR display. No featuritis and F-16 cockpit dials look......easy on the eyes and simple. bam boom!

2017/05/25 | バージョン5.3.0

Very good watchface, I use it as my main watchface on F5X. Easily readable, light, with all needed information. Suggestion: add the ability to fill only the hour or only the minutes (or both with separate colors) along with the ability to fill from the top (not only from the bottom as it is now). It would be super great.

2017/05/24 | バージョン5.3.0

Good watch display, but track activity doesn't work together with bluetooth, notification and alarmindication on my fenix 5x

2017/05/24 | バージョン5.3.0

Best watch face on ConnectIQ! I've had it on my 230 for well over a year now and enjoying every minute of it. I also own a 920XT. It's that time of the year I start using it as my first duathlon is this Saturday. It looks great on the 920XT except for the battery percentage. It's in the upper left hand corner and only displays the second digit and the % sign (ie right now I see 9% when I know it is in fact 99%). If you have the ability to do so, please move the battery percentage over 2 positions to the right. Thanks!

2017/05/24, HermoT

Thanks for reporting this!

2017/05/23 | バージョン5.3.0

Hi. On the stravs live it's hard to read if ahead/behind. Is it possible to change the screen colors or ? on these to tell the difference? Thanks

2017/05/22 | バージョン5.3.0

Best watch face for Garmin FR 235. To make it perfect for me, the battery percentage would change colour (green 100-50%, orange 50-25%, red 25-0%). Thanks

2017/05/19 | バージョン5.3.0

I like this face alot. Would love if you can ad altitude to it. All the other are to buys screens. But i need one with m in it.