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Caution!</p><p>If you upgrade, please delete the old prg file as much as possible before downloading. Especially when it crashes.</p><p>If setting of option from smartphone does not work, please set it from PC.</p><p></p><p>If sunrise sunset after installation is incorrect, please receive GPS quickly.</p><p></p><p>It is the second version of SeiWatchFace.</p><p>We changed the font and layout to...

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2018.8.9 Ver.2.5l</p><p>Response to cases where setting is impossible in rare cases.</p><p>Use ConnectIQ 2.4.9</p><p>2018.7.5 Ver.2.5 k</p><p>Fixed bug in date display.</p><p>Fixed typographical errors in Italian.</p><p>2018.6.27 Ver.2.5 j</p><p>It corresponds to Italian for the moon and the day of the week.</p><p>Use Connect IQ 2.4.7</p><p>It corresponds to the device corresponding to 2.4.7.</...

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דירוג ממוצע: (47 דירוגים)

22 אוגוסט 2018 | גרסה Ver.2.5l

I like it, but, even if I go cycling very often - activating the GPS, my 920 XT don't display sunrise and sunset, one of the reason that I've choosed this watchface.

תשובת מפתח
22 אוגוסט 2018, SeiOkamoto

Can the 920 TX not be able to hold the latitude and longitude after the activity is over? In that case, specification is made so that sunrise sunset can be calculated by manually inserting latitude and longitude into the setting of SeiWatchFace 2. It is not much specification in other WatchFace. The evaluation of this time is four stars, but was there something missing? It will be helpful if you let me know with Contact Developer.

Thomas Schmidt
28 יולי 2018 | גרסה Ver.2.5k

Super Watchface, zeigt alles was wichtig ist auf einen Blick. Einstellung funktioniert bei mir nur über Garmin Express. Danke.

תשובת מפתח
29 יולי 2018, SeiOkamoto

Thank you for the high rating of 5 stars. I think that I want GARMIN MOBILE upsides to improve.

Gabriel Benitez
21 יולי 2018 | גרסה Ver.2.5k

The sunrise and sunset doesn't show the time, it just says retrieve gps.

תשובת מפתח
23 יולי 2018, SeiOkamoto

It is a message displayed when there is no GPS data on the device of the clock. Please go outdoors and run the activity once and receive GPS. Sunrise sunset will be displayed once you receive it only once.

14 יולי 2018 | גרסה Ver.2.5k

Всё супер, спасибо!!!

תשובת מפתח
14 יולי 2018, SeiOkamoto

Thank you for the high rating of 5 stars.

Marlon Meese
4 יולי 2018 | גרסה Ver.2.5j

*Wieder das gleiche Problem: Fehlerbehebung: *Beim Datumsformat SUN 31 DEC 2018, wird am Ende nicht das Jahr angezeigt, sondern der Tag. ("Mi 4 Jul 4". Es muss heißen: Mi 4 Jul 2018)

תשובת מפתח
5 יולי 2018, SeiOkamoto

Thank you for notifying me of the problem with the date display.

4 יולי 2018 | גרסה Ver.2.5j

Nice! Just a little tip. The Italian translation for days of week is: "Lun Mar Mer Gio Ven Sab Dom." (There's a little error on 3rd one). Thank you again. Excellent watch face! Good job! Keep it up!

תשובת מפתח
5 יולי 2018, SeiOkamoto

Thank you for letting me know the Italian typographical errors.

1 יולי 2018 | גרסה Ver.2.5j

Great watch face. However I can't change any of the settings. I get the following message "There was an error retrieving the settings from your device".

תשובת מפתח
2 יולי 2018, SeiOkamoto

Thank you for the high rating of 5 stars. There seems to be a problem with GarminConnect in setting error. When there is this trouble, please set it with PC's GarminExpress. Once you set it on the PC, you may be able to set it even with GarminConnect.

24 יוני 2018 | גרסה Ver.2.5i

Could you set the day of week in Italian too? Very, very good job! One of the best and complete watchface in the Garmin store! Thanks.

תשובת מפתח
26 יוני 2018, SeiOkamoto

Thank you for the high rating of five stars. Sorry for the late reply. I will correspond Italian language days as soon as possible.

Marlon Meese
27 אפריל 2018 | גרסה Ver.2.5g

Fehlerbehebung: *Beim Datumsformat SUN 31 DEC 2018, wird am Ende nicht das Jahr angezeigt, sondern der Tag. ("Fr 27 Apr 27". Es muss heißen: Fr 27 Apr 2018)

תשובת מפתח
27 אפריל 2018, SeiOkamoto

Thank you for notifying me of a bug. I uploaded a modified version.

18 מרץ 2018 | גרסה Ver.2.5f

3 stars because when i set pressure and temperature from settings the half screen appears empty

תשובת מפתח
18 מרץ 2018, SeiOkamoto

What is your device? Temperature and barometric pressure are displayed on the device corresponding to the sensor history. For devices not compatible with sensor history, neither temperature nor atmospheric pressure can naturally be displayed.

15 מרץ 2018 | גרסה Ver.2.5f

日本の方とお見受けしましたので、日本語でコメントさせていただきます。デザインを大変気に入ったので、常用させていただいているのですが、settingを変更しようとしたところ「デバイスから設定を取得する際にエラーが発生しました。やりなおしますか?」のメッセージが出て、設定変更ができません。2.5c以降で同様の症状です。デバイスは235J、IOS11.2.6、Garmin connectは最新の4.4環境での事象です。 ご確認いただけますか?

תשובת מפתח
15 מרץ 2018, SeiOkamoto

気に入って頂きありがとうございます。 現在、GARMIN Connectからの設定変更には不具合があるようです。 何かの条件でそうなることは把握しておりますが、私のレベルではどうにもできないようです。 解決策は新しいなって自然になおること以外は、本体プログラムとセッティングファイルも削除してから再インストールで直るかもです。 PCからのExpressからなら設定は可能なはずです。 もし、contact開発者でメールを頂ければ今後のやり取りが可能になります。

Jason Khoo
13 מרץ 2018 | גרסה Ver.2.5e

Is the non second removed? I using that setting can it be port back?

תשובת מפתח
13 מרץ 2018, SeiOkamoto

Since the number of optional items has increased, non second has been deleted. Instead, if you set the second color option to be the same as the backcolor, you get the same result. For example if the back color is black please also set the second charactors color black.

7 מרץ 2018 | גרסה Ver.2.5b

Tengo el Fénix 5x. Y cuando pongo el fondo de pantalla blanco y todo lo demás negro no me sale ni los segundos ni el rismo cardíacos. Un saludo

תשובת מפתח
7 מרץ 2018, SeiOkamoto

Thanks for the announcement that the display disappears. I uploaded the modified Ver.2.5c.

Marlon Meese
28 פברואר 2018 | גרסה Ver.2.4

*Außentemperatur messen, statt Innentemperatur *Übersetzung:Temp deg=Innentemperatur *Beschriftung hinzugefügen: -Außentemperatur *°C neben der Temperatur hinzufügen *Farbiger Batteriestand: grün/gelb/orange/rot

תשובת מפתח
1 מרץ 2018, SeiOkamoto

Thank you very much for the high five-star rating. Sorry, the google translation can not translate German well. Is the outside temperature the temperature measured with ANT + or the weather forecast temperature? I am sorry, I do not understand the method either way. When the battery icon becomes 25% or less, it becomes red.

Alberto Pellegrini
21 פברואר 2018 | גרסה Ver.2.3j

very nice and configurable application in a simple way. Unfortunately only 3 stars because, once installed, it no longer allows you to change the settings

תשובת מפתח
21 פברואר 2018, SeiOkamoto

What is your device? I've heard that those who use f5x can make settings from the PC. Since it can be set without problem with my FR 235, I am in trouble because I do not know what the cause is. I will update the new version soon so please try it once there.

14 פברואר 2018 | גרסה Ver.2.3f

In Ver.2.3f sunrise/sunset times lost in 30 min after GPS psn update (tried two times).

תשובת מפתח
14 פברואר 2018, SeiOkamoto

Because SeiWatchFace 2 is reading GPS data every minute, f5x seems to be unable to read GPS data after 30 minutes. I will consider a good countermeasure. What time is the display when I made it a loss? Please tell me with the ko developer.

13 פברואר 2018 | גרסה Ver.2.3b

Thank You one more time, Sei. Settings are ok. I will check Sun times and Active Calories calculation later and give You know.

תשובת מפתח
13 פברואר 2018, SeiOkamoto

It was good that I was able to set up the settings well. Calculate the active calorie when Move bar becomes maximum with 2h. There is also a method of putting a number divided by 12 for the basal metabolism of the day before calculating it. However, it may not match the calculation of GARMIN. Please tell us the result.

13 פברואר 2018 | גרסה Ver.2.3

Sei, thank You for updates. But now I can not make any settings - it crashes after settings.

תשובת מפתח
13 פברואר 2018, SeiOkamoto

I uploaded 2.3b. Please confirm with this.

12 פברואר 2018 | גרסה Ver.2.2e

Sun times require new GPS psn update every day. Would You pls make Sunrise/sunset times to be updated automatically every new day. And it would be better to have Next Two Sun Events Times after every sunrise/sunset.

תשובת מפתח
13 פברואר 2018, SeiOkamoto

Thank you, I finally found out that f5x behaves differently from other clocks. It is because f5x lost GPS data every day. You should also inform other developers about this information. I also recommend that you ask GAMIN to keep GPS data as f5x as other clocks. However, if I lost GPS data in the next version, I will change it to use GPS data before lost. Thank you for the suggestion of next sun event. Consider the correspondence with the option.

Marlon Meese
12 פברואר 2018 | גרסה Ver.2.2e

*Noch Temperatur in °C & Sekunden hinzufügen (Vivoactive HR)

תשובת מפתח
13 פברואר 2018, SeiOkamoto

Thank you very much for the high five-star rating. The temperature will correspond with the next version. Please wait for a moment.

9 פברואר 2018 | גרסה Ver.2.2c

S U P E R ! ) Thank You very much! Now is working perfect.

תשובת מפתח
9 פברואר 2018, SeiOkamoto

It was nice to work with your f5x.

8 פברואר 2018 | גרסה Ver.2.2a

Great job.

תשובת מפתח
8 פברואר 2018, SeiOkamoto

Thank you very much for the high five-star rating. Your idea is also five stars.

7 פברואר 2018 | גרסה Ver.2.1

Really enjoying this face. Clean, simple and easy to read. Couple of suggestions. Seems like too much dead space on the left and right margins. Don't know if you can increase time size without sacrificing other data don't size. Also, sunrise is spelled incorrectly (not sunrize) and sunset is in 24 hour military time. Can you make that non military? My sunset reads 17:14. Keep up the good work.

תשובת מפתח
7 פברואר 2018, SeiOkamoto

Thank you very much for the high five-star rating. Thank you for pointing out Sunrise's mistake. I mistakenly remembered. If there is a mistake, old teacher of the school will not give me five stars. But thank you five stars. Since the time font is designed symmetrically, the current width is the maximum. Now, with the request from others I am creating an additional option for AM / PM on the left side of time. The sunset 12H display is possible by turning off the optional Sunset 24H.

5 פברואר 2018 | גרסה Ver.2.0a

Tengo el Fénix 5x. Me gustaría poner el fondo de pantalla blanco y todo lo demás en negro. Ya que a sin se vería todo mucho mejor. Muchas gracias.

תשובת מפתח
5 פברואר 2018, SeiOkamoto

Thank you review.

3 פברואר 2018 | גרסה Ver.2.0a

For me all settings working fine now at f5x. Pefect! Thank you!

תשובת מפתח
3 פברואר 2018, SeiOkamoto

Thank you very much for always high evaluation and quick response. Thanks to you I was able to create a WatchFace that works stably.

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