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Podcasts is a free Garmin Connect IQ podcatcher app. It requires no external service or subscription! The app manages a library of subscribed podcasts and automatically synchronizes the latest episodes for each.</p><p></p><p>Podcasts is Open Source: fork it on Github!</p><p></p><p>If you like this app feel free to donate at</p><p></p><p>*** FEATURES ***</p><p>- Free</p>

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*** VERSION 2.0.3 *** </p><p>- Fixed persistent artwork</p><p>- Fixed bad icon on Vivomove 4</p><p></p><p>*** VERSION 2.0.2 *** </p><p>- Queue doesn't retain old items</p><p>- Metadata is updated with the podcast name and episode title</p><p>- Playback position is stored</p><p>- Fixed multiple play buttons on some devices</p><p>- Fixed missing icon transparency on some devices</p><p></p><p>*** VERSION 2.0.1 *** </p>

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דירוג ממוצע: (13 דירוגים)

Adam Jeffrey
16 ינואר 2021 | גרסה 2.0.3

Can't get it to work. Watch will sync over wi-fi but from podcasts it spends hours searching for WiFi

תשובת מפתח
16 ינואר 2021, LucaSax

This is unfortunately an issue with the watch itself, I'm pretty sure that other apps will have the same issue. Developers have no control on WiFi connectivity.

7 ינואר 2021 | גרסה 2.0.1

Doesn’t work

תשובת מפתח
16 ינואר 2021, LucaSax

Do you mind explaining what exactly doesn't work so I can fix it?

William Davies
6 ינואר 2021 | גרסה 2.0.1

Old episodes seem to remain in the play queue after sync. The causes an issue where nothing will playback (presumably it's still trying to play episodes in the queue that no longer exist on the device?) Otherwise, great app.

תשובת מפתח
16 ינואר 2021, LucaSax

Hi William, I fixed this in the latest app version. Thank you for the feedback!

30 דצמבר 2020 | גרסה 2.0.1

Love the idea but just doesn't work. Got a couple of episodes downloaded then nothing else will sync.

תשובת מפתח
16 ינואר 2021, LucaSax

Unfortunately the app at the moment just downloads the latest N episodes from each feed (you can change how many from the settings). I'm working to make this more functional, and allow downloading individual episodes, but Garmin software is extremely limited. Stay tuned!

12 דצמבר 2020 | גרסה 2.0.1

Can't seem to get the syncing to work. Won't leave 0% at all. Had to uninstall and reinstall everytime.

תשובת מפתח
16 ינואר 2021, LucaSax

Are you able to sync with other apps?

9 דצמבר 2020 | גרסה 2.0.1

Really not sure what the point is of only allowing the most recent episode to be downloaded. Most of the feeds I listen to don't really work out-of-order, so this restricts me to stuff that has exactly one unlistened episode. I couldn't test the gpodder integration as it's down, as usual. I've tried to use gpodder multiple times over at least a decade, and it's never really worked very well and very often doesn't work at all. The search for a useful podcast manager for my Fenix 6 continues...

תשובת מפתח
16 ינואר 2021, LucaSax

Unfortunately the Fenix 6 (as well as any other Garmin device really) has so little memory and such a poor software support that doing this type of stuff is really painful. As you, I was surprised why no decent podcast apps exist, but as I started to work on one I realized why. That being said I'm working on it, so stay tuned! :)

1 דצמבר 2020 | גרסה 2.0.0

Great idea. is always down. Is there an alternative site somewhere? Thanks

תשובת מפתח
1 דצמבר 2020, LucaSax

Hi Matt, Currently the gpodder guys are having issues. Hopefully it will be solved soon!

27 נובמבר 2020 | גרסה 2.0.0

Garmin's podcast retrieval options don't really exist, so I looked to see if a 3rd party app exists to bridge this gap. Sure enough, it exists, and I got it working with about 4 minutes effort. The app installed quickly, and I probably lost 2 minutes trying to use the app within Garmin Connect... but once I figured out that you configure your podcasts from the watch itself, the instructions were very straight forward! It didn't take long to retrieve the first podcast and have it playing - using the wifi on the watch. Really cool - and works better for me that Garmin's wifi auto sync (haha). It's rare that everything just works from start to finish on the Garmin, so I commend this app. I see that there is a "" integration, but this evening, when I tried to use that website, I found out that it was down. I'll try again later. I wonder if it would be difficult to add podcast subscription directly within the Garmin Connect Mobil App. Thanks again for this tool.

תשובת מפתח
1 דצמבר 2020, LucaSax

Thank you for the review! Unfortunately the guys at gpodder are having server issues. Hopefully it will be fixed in the coming days.

24 נובמבר 2020 | גרסה 2.0.0

Donated! This is fantastic - already better than Spotify, which I used before as you can 'queue' podcasts (spotify doesn't let you do that). Question - I wonder if a 'now playing' menu option might be good - it would take you into the main 'playing' screen? So you can resume where you left off. Currently if the app is closed (e.g watch restart or something), then you can't resume where you left off. Also, as someone else suggested - it might be good to be able to choose which podcasts to download as opposed to always downloading the very latest - some of the podcasts I subscribe to have several episodes per week, so I might want to, say, last week's one, but NOT download this weeks one. Anyway, amazing app. Well done.

תשובת מפתח
1 דצמבר 2020, LucaSax

Hi Dallan! Thank you for the review and the donation. I'm working to implement a way to select the episodes to download: it will be implemented in a future release.

Matt Poulton
20 נובמבר 2020 | גרסה 2.0.0

Great app. Is there a way to choose which podcast episodes to download (within the 5 limit)

תשובת מפתח
1 דצמבר 2020, LucaSax

Hi Matt, unfortunately there's no way to pick episodes yet! This has been requested by many users, so I will try to add it in future releases!

Dominik Meyer
17 נובמבר 2020 | גרסה 1.3.1

Great App. A little bit finicky to add new Podcasts but great stuff. Would recommend to add some kind of Podcast subscription management to the App Settings menu tself but other than that really good.

תשובת מפתח
17 נובמבר 2020, LucaSax

Hi! I just uploaded a new version (2.0.0) that integrates, a free podcast management service! This should make managing podcasts much easier!

Peter Samyn 🎮
2 נובמבר 2020 | גרסה 1.3.1

Exactly what I was looking for. I've wanted a Podcast app like this for years. Not being tied to an external service is great. I wanted to make something like this myself but never had the time. Thank you for making this open source also.

תשובת מפתח
3 נובמבר 2020, LucaSax

Thank you Peter! I felt the same for a long time.

Conte de Fleckenstein
24 אוקטובר 2020 | גרסה 1.3.1

Good idea. But why not giving the possibility to enter a list of podcast URL directly using the configuration on the phon? Entering a search string is painful with a watch with buttons.

תשובת מפתח
17 נובמבר 2020, LucaSax

Hi! I just uploaded a new version (2.0.0) that integrates, a free podcast management service! This should make managing podcasts much easier!

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