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Romantic Flowers

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Three types of flowers with an individual message behind each one. A special Valentine’s Day edition!</p><p></p><p>Rose-passion for true love </p><p>Winter jasmine for everlasting faithfulness</p><p>Daisy for freedom and eternal happiness

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דירוג ממוצע: (8 דירוגים)

12 אפריל 2016

FILE SIZE IS HUGE! Please shrink it down? It is ridiculously enormous!

19 מרץ 2016

Won't uninstall!!!

Paula Hickman
20 פברואר 2016

It won't get off my watch after I have downloaded a different watch face. Help!!!

16 ינואר 2016

Very pretty, but how do I change between flower designs on my vívoactive?

16 ינואר 2016

nice design!

15 ינואר 2016

It won't delete from my watch!

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