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Configurable data field. </p><p>=================================</p><p>How to apps setting:</p><p></p><p>=================================</p><p>Do you like it? You can support my work with a small donation.</p><p>=================================</p><p>Thanks Bradford Herder for the amazing youtube video

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V 0.9.1 - Fixed problem on Edge 820 Explore (Training effect is not supported)</p><p>V 0.9.2 - Added setting for Temperature units (Edge Explore only)</p><p>V 1.0.0 - added Normalized Power for supported devices</p><p>V 1.0.1 - Fixed problem with black text on black background (Thanks Bruce Belrose for report)</p><p>V 1.1.0 - Added new devices, fixed problem with edge 820 explore series</p><p>V 1.2.0 - Added new option for electronic shifting</p>

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  • הפעל ברקע כשאינו פעיל (עשוי להשפיע על חיי הסוללה)
  • תעד מידע נוסף בקובצי פעילות
  • מיקום GPS
  • נתוני חיישן (כלומר, ANT+‎‏, דופק, מצפן)
  • פרופיל הכושר של Garmin Connect™‎
  • Edge® 1000 Edge® 1000
  • Edge® 1030 Edge® 1030
  • Edge® 1030 Plus Edge® 1030 Plus
  • Edge® 1030, Bontrager Edge® 1030, Bontrager
  • Edge® 520 Plus Edge® 520 Plus
  • Edge® 530 Edge® 530
  • Edge® 820 Edge® 820
  • Edge® 830 Edge® 830
  • Edge® Explore Edge® Explore
  • Edge® Explore 1000 Edge® Explore 1000
  • Edge® Explore 820 Edge® Explore 820
דירוג ממוצע: (144 דירוגים)

Adahm Faehn
30 יוני 2020 | גרסה 1.3.2

This is by far the best looking, best functioning, just best all around app for the garmin edge 1030. I have not found an app thats anywhere near close to this. I always get complements from other bikers when they see this on my screen Great job on this app!

26 יוני 2020 | גרסה 1.3.2

Edge 1000: Converting daily activity in course file leads to wrong recording time decrease in the course file. The virtual partner becomes too slow.

23 יוני 2020 | גרסה 1.3.2

Super Datenfeld. Würde mir noch deutsch als Sprache wünschen.

Johnny Scott
20 יוני 2020 | גרסה 1.3.1

Please make available for 1030 plus!!!

Howard Black
19 יוני 2020 | גרסה 1.3.1

Excellent App but not compatible with Edge 1030 Plus

16 יוני 2020 | גרסה 1.3.1

The best data field since sliced bread! Absolute must have for your Garmin edge! My favourite one! Send a small donation to author to support his work !! Well done Mr. Bureš!

Pierre P.
15 יוני 2020 | גרסה 1.3.1

Doesn't work on Edge 830. Error message is "unsupported layout"

12 יוני 2020 | גרסה 1.3.1

Eigentlich ganz schön . Lässt sich aber nicht mehr deinstallieren..

12 יוני 2020 | גרסה 1.3.1

Non riesco a farla funzionare su garmin 830 la installo e mi spunta solo IQ qualcuno ha provato su 830 forse sbaglio io qualcosa?

Olivier Taschereau
11 יוני 2020 | גרסה 1.3.1

Looks great, you should be able to choose celcius for the temperature

7 יוני 2020 | גרסה 1.3.1

Hi I have an EDGE 530, and I would like to remove the "T.E." and "Direction", and enter "Grade" and "Battery". It's possible?

Jan Huniche
25 מאי 2020 | גרסה 1.3.1

It works on my Edge1000, except that the temperature field in the top left corner shows 18,1 °C constantly disregarding ambient temperature or temperature from weather service. Can you fix the temp. field for the Edge1000 ?.

José Barreiros
21 מאי 2020 | גרסה 1.3.1

doesn't work on Edge 1000 "unsupported layout"

Steve Bailey
19 מאי 2020 | גרסה 1.3.1

Here's the changes and recommendations. 1) You can only configure the 2 central screens and the 6 lower. Central screen is OK, of the 6 lower they are all power oriented, I think there are 2 Di2 selections and 2 navigation. There should be more that are not power, such as maybe a navigation that reads "NE" or "WSW" for general compass headings. 2) The upper data sets have text that bleeds into the adjacent display, such as Sunset. 3) If you select None for a lower data screen it should compress the remaining into larger screens, thus if you only need 4, then only display 4 with a larger text, instead of 2 blank boxes. 4) I found the analog speed meter to be inaccurate, possibly a user setting. When my digital speed display says "17.9" the meter needs to be just under the 18, not jut above 15. .

Massimo Meroi
14 מאי 2020 | גרסה 1.3.1

I use it from the first version, I like it very much and have never had a problem with my 1030. I have all ant+ sensors connected included radar and all work perfectly. The info are more than exhaustive with so much data fields. It is my preferred app. I never feel the necessity to change.

8 מאי 2020 | גרסה 1.3.1

Top. All you need in one display integrated into a nice graphic.

Tom Van Raemdonck
2 מאי 2020 | גרסה 1.3.1

First of all, thank you for creating this beautiful data field. I installed this on my 1030 yesterday but to my surprise the grade data field is not stable, on a flat road this goes from 0 to 8% etc. I thought I would take a look at the reviews maybe there is an explanation about this but unfortunately, what I do see in the youtube video is that the grade does this too, would you kindly take this bug out of the world? Thanks in advance!

Mike Hsiao
29 אפריל 2020 | גרסה 1.3.1

Will you have the translation for Traditional Chinese?

27 אפריל 2020 | גרסה 1.3.1

Love it! Have the dial set up for power. Just one question, what does the colour gradated horizontal bar represent mid screen?? I don't think this is can be customised.

17 אפריל 2020 | גרסה 1.3.1

Nice field. For me, there is a lack of colored values ​​for power - from what I see, what is for heart rate, only instead of the stripes on the side the color of the zone could take the whole value.

Carlos Montilla
10 אפריל 2020 | גרסה 1.3.1

Not working anymore I run on edge830. It was working perfectly and I love this data field, although now I only see an “IQ!” On the data screen. Have tried syncronizing but not working. Tips?

dufrasne philippe
9 אפריל 2020 | גרסה 1.3.1


Ciro Filomeno
8 אפריל 2020 | גרסה 1.3.1

It seems OK, I will try it when we get out of Covid-19, a very important figure for me is %HR Max, we hope for a Fix and it will be 5 stars, hello.

7 אפריל 2020 | גרסה 1.3.1

No inquiry or response.If you don't answer. Erase inquiry

5 אפריל 2020 | גרסה 1.3.1

Would love to give this 5 star as I really do think it's great on my 1030 , but can only give 4 because of the gradient reading which is absolutely all over the place , even when your on a flat it will read anything it wants which is a shame because it looks great , hopefully maybe an update to rectify

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