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A modern analog watch face designed for vívoactive HR.

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Wim E. Kion
5 פברואר 2021

Stil simple, but great watchface!

Marvyn Brown
27 פברואר 2018

Nice simple watch face. Shows the battery level as well which is great. Only issue I have is it's not bright enough to see easily. Is there a way to either brighten it , or change the face to black on white

25 ספטמבר 2017

Ich finde die Applikation super!!!

Marlon Meese
22 ספטמבר 2017

*Rechts, neben den "Strichen" Zahlen anzeigen (-1, -2, -4, -5, -7, -8, -10, -11) *Immer Sekunden ohne Aktivitäten anzeigen

Fabio C.
18 ספטמבר 2017


Garreth Debiegun
11 אוגוסט 2017

Looks great. All around nice and simple watch face. Only wish it could show a number for battery percent.

30 יולי 2017

Won't load to device - tried three times - others will but not this one !?

28 יולי 2017

I like this watch face except for 1 thing. It does not show you when you have new messages. It shows when your phone is connected; it shows when do not disturb is on; it shows you when an alarm is on. But, it does not show you have any new messages on the watch face itself. And all garmin watch faces are like this as well. All of the garmin watch faces show all types of notifications, except for new messages. And if your like me, I check my watch for new messages every once in a while just in case I missed a text. But when you have this watch face for your watch face, you can't check. You actually have to swipe for the actual notification widget.

Mark Woodbury
11 אפריל 2017

I wanted this watch face because it looks like a watch, not a entertainment center. A analog second hand is easier to time events. So the second Hand is only displayed for 5 maybe 10 seconds. Put your arm down and back up to look at the second hand or move the display back and forth to keep the second hand visible so you can time something. Second hand is not useful.

Lynn Louise Payne
28 פברואר 2017

It's very hard to see honestly, It needs a white background with black instead. I bought this Vivoactive HR specifically because it has a second hand and this one is difficult.

27 פברואר 2017


23 ינואר 2017


19 ינואר 2017

great watchface - also for business - many thx!

Joel Belton
3 ינואר 2017

My favourite watch face so far!

24 דצמבר 2016


Mike Takkinen
22 דצמבר 2016

I really like the face design. I found that the face sensitivity is decreased since I installed the face. It is hard to wake the watch up and scrolling to my widgets and selecting / saving activities takes many tries. It's functional, everything seems to work fine, but it would be more enjoyable if the face was more touch sensitive. I should say that I've only had my vivoactive a couple of weeks and wasn't impressed with the face sensitivity BEFORE I installed this face. It was better, but still not as good as I'd like.

Gilles Cahn
1 דצמבר 2016

quasi illisible :-(

27 נובמבר 2016

No customizable features.

1 נובמבר 2016

Für meinem Bedarf absolut toll - vielen Dank an die Programmierer!

24 אוקטובר 2016


20 אוקטובר 2016

Ist ganz iO. Aber mit durchlaufenden Sekundenzeiger wäre es noch besser.

19 אוקטובר 2016

This Watchface is fine. One minor issue: the hand of second on the watchface sometimes disappears.

19 ספטמבר 2016

this is so far the styliest watchface! wish it coud show a 2nd time zone

Sachin TP
7 ספטמבר 2016


5 ספטמבר 2016

Ok, aber warum verschwindet der Sekundenzeiger ab und zu???

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