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Advanced pace and percentage vVo2Max datafield


IMPORTANT: this datafield dont fix the 920xt GPS imprecision, so its possible to have spike, it s not a bug.</p><p></p><p>That datafield displays pace and %vVo2Max.</p><p>The pace is computed in another way from the default pace datafield.</p><p> The pace displayed is the average speed of the last 3 seconds, and the display is update all 2s.</p><p> Thus the pace can follow your acceleration with more precision than the default pace datafield. Very useful for short distance training (from 80m to 300m).</p>

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2 אוקטובר 2017 | גרסה AdvancedPaceV1.0

Super lisible et va à l'essentiel !

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8 אוקטובר 2017, Juggus

Merci. Si vous travaillez en VMA, mon widget "Aide à l'entrainement du coureur" pourrait vous interesser, mais attention les valeurs des VMA doivent etre entrees dans chaque appli, c est une contrainte de Garmin(les applis ne partagent rien).

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