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Deezer is the world of music, made personal. It is an endless supply of tracks across every conceivable genre, crafted into an experience just for you. You can take all your music with you on your Garmin watch when you take up a Deezer Premium subscription! Just download the app and follow the steps.</p><p></p><p>• Before you begin, make sure you've configured WiFi in Garmin Express or Garmin Connect Mobile</p>


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דירוג ממוצע: (229 דירוגים)

Betremieux Sebastien
14 אוקטובר 2020 | גרסה 2.0.7

Pour les problèmes de synchronisation de l'horloge, il faut aller dans les paramètres, et régler l'heure selon le gps. Dommage que cela ne soit pas expliqué correctement j'ai passé 2 heures pour comprendre où se situait ce paramétrage.

8 אוקטובר 2020 | גרסה 2.0.7

Prima era ottima, ultime settimane non si carica più nulla. Se non si sistema, disdico abbonamento. É un continuo sincronizzare a vuoto. Si ho già istallato, tolto, metti e rimetti - ma ora basta!

Colombi Barbier marie
5 אוקטובר 2020 | גרסה 2.0.7

Ne fonctionne pas lorsque j’essaie d’ouvrir Deezer en source de musique sur la montre celle ci m’indique « pour utiliser Deezer, l’horloge doit être... ».

3 אוקטובר 2020 | גרסה 2.0.7

Working without problem. Very good software.

Oliver Bär
24 ספטמבר 2020 | גרסה 2.0.7

Der Sync von Playlists funktioniert jetzt, aber die Möglichkeit, bei Deezer Family den Benutzer zu wechseln fehlt immer noch, bitte unbedingt einbauen, sonst sehe ich nur die Playlists des Hauptbenutzers...

Mathieu NOEL
23 ספטמבר 2020 | גרסה 2.0.7

Manque l'accès aux podcasts.

21 ספטמבר 2020 | גרסה 2.0.7

Suddenly, the app drains battery for no reason whatsoever. It is not usable, pretty soon it will damage my battery permanently!

20 ספטמבר 2020 | גרסה 2.0.7

Il faut toujours désinstaller avant de réinstaller, pas très pratique....

Kai Stoffels
20 ספטמבר 2020 | גרסה 2.0.7

Läuft problemlos mit meiner Venu solo auf der Uhr und per Steuerung auf der Fenix. Endlich ist Deezer auch für viele Produkte erhältlich und die App ist stabil und up to date...

Paul Culligan
19 ספטמבר 2020 | גרסה 2.0.7

What's happened? Please act on these negative reviews. I uninstall, reinstall, turn off updates, yet still doesn't work!

18 ספטמבר 2020 | גרסה 2.0.7

Finally works perfectly ! Uninstall and reinstall, but do not update only ! It took me 1hour (yes!) but now everything works.

18 ספטמבר 2020 | גרסה 2.0.7

Sync is broken, fails each time after reaching ~88% App sluggish, freezes while navigating through Deezer screens on Forerunner. Tried removing and reinstalling, same issue. IQ with exclamation mark sign shows instead of some screes. Flow sync does not work.

Al Cunliffe
17 ספטמבר 2020 | גרסה 2.0.7

For anyone struggling with the update like I was, try uninstalling Deezer completely and then installing again. Its the only way I found get it to sync again.

17 ספטמבר 2020 | גרסה 2.0.7

Don’t use it, it’s constantly trying to update and failing and I can’t uninstall it or install anything else! Sort it out please!!

15 ספטמבר 2020 | גרסה 2.0.6

Keeps killing my battery as it syncs a lot. Would be better if you could stop auto sync and manually do it when you wanted to.

Eetu Vereshtshagin
11 ספטמבר 2020 | גרסה 2.0.6

Monimutkainen asennus. Nyt se huuda GPS synkronointia... En tiedä, onnistuuko asennus. Ärsyttävä Spotify:n kanssa ei ollut mitään tämänkaltaisia ongelmia

RAVEL Sébastien
4 ספטמבר 2020 | גרסה 2.0.6

J’ai essayé de me connecté avec mon compte premium google, impossible le lien ne fonctionne pas...

Nicolas Morice
3 ספטמבר 2020 | גרסה 2.0.6

Doesn't sync anymore: gets stuck at 1% but still drains battery... Urgent fix needed!

Tony Dauvillier
28 אוגוסט 2020 | גרסה 2.0.6

Deezer was working perfectly on my vivoactive music 3 BUT the last update broke it... PLEASE FIX IT ASAP! It fails to sync my music... And can't play anything since the playlist selection screen doesn't load... When I launch the app, 1 my connect app asks me to authenticate. Once done, a blank screen on the watch app. 2 I tap the screen the red circle on a blank screen (loading my config?) then 3 connect to wifi, then start sync and fails at 6 to 8% (with the what on a full wifi signal and connected to power)! Next time i try again, same cycle, starting at 1 again...

Conrad de Kock
26 אוגוסט 2020 | גרסה 2.0.6

Before the last update a few days ago, the app was working 100%. Now all of a sudden it refuses to sync anymore. WHOLE reason I bought this watch.

Gustavo Rojas
26 אוגוסט 2020 | גרסה 2.0.6

It is amazing how come the rating on this app and other music app is so poor and yet Garmin has done nothing to sort this out. Ive read all the comments and Ive experienced ALL the problems described: The sync is not friendly, the music storage amount promised is poor, the updates makes difficult to include different or new music. And Im pretty sure all of us spent a few more bucks for the same reason: not to take our cellphone to run or exercise. While I write this message, Im trying to install and uninstall the app for the 10th time to see if, magically, works back again. Garmin Team: You owe us an explanation to all of us

22 אוגוסט 2020 | גרסה 2.0.6

Funktioniert nicht!

Oliver Bär
20 אוגוסט 2020 | גרסה 2.0.6

Ich habe Deezer Family, aber es gibt keine Möglichkeit, das Profil zu wechseln. Auf meine Support-Anfrage habe ich auch keine Antwort erhalten. Hoffe, das wird noch besser werden...

Vancoellié Régis
17 אוגוסט 2020 | גרסה 2.0.6

L'application qui est buggée. (Apparemment depuis la dernière MAJ) Sur "Fenix 5s Plus" l'application télécharge uniquement 40 morceaux choisis au hasard dans mon flow. J'ai pourtant toute la place nécessaire pour récupérer toute ma musique. (Je possède un abonnement Deezer)

16 אוגוסט 2020 | גרסה 2.0.6

An important reason to buy vivoactive 4 was the option to use Deezer on it It doesn‘t work at all! Very disappointing

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