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The world's biggest artists. Now playing on your wrist.</p><p>Access and Download your playlists, albums and podcasts for listening anywhere. Grab music that’s Made for You or for Workouts to find fresh tracks to enhance your performance while you sweat.</p><p></p><p>Note: Spotify on Garmin requires a Spotify Premium Account</p><p>SPOTIFY and the Spotify logo are among the registered trademarks of Spotify AB.


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דירוג ממוצע: (763 דירוגים)

Simon Jacobson
21 אוקטובר 2019

Garbage, constantly breaking and never instals without considerable pain. Waste of a feature on the watch

21 אוקטובר 2019

Se cuelga y no funciona

John Spilman
21 אוקטובר 2019

Stopped allowing updates or even removing playlists in last week. So frustrated!

Jochen Kumm
21 אוקטובר 2019

Stopped working. Every time I try to download anything from Spotify my Forerunner 245 reboots (after looking for wifi). Is anyone actually reading these reviews?

21 אוקטובר 2019

Crap..does not work. Even the simpliest things do not work properly. It's ambarassing....

21 אוקטובר 2019

Keeps downloading and giving alerts every 5 minutes. Very frustrating, as you cannot delete it

21 אוקטובר 2019

Does not work! Keeps asking me to update my watch, which I have done but still not working. It also gives me an IQ error logo on my Fenix 6x. Just crap!!

Michael Stern
21 אוקטובר 2019

Won’t work since update. Rip

21 אוקטובר 2019

App doesn't work after last update; Forerunner 645.

Christian Szklarczyk
21 אוקטובר 2019

update playlist doesnt work

21 אוקטובר 2019

I was happy until the latest update broke the app. I can’t access the library properly anymore. Can’t even remove it and reinstall.

Ricardo Rullán de la Mata
21 אוקטובר 2019

Not working

21 אוקטובר 2019

The latest update is awful playlist can‘t be updatet on the garmin anymore. fix it!!!

Aleksi Leminen
20 אוקטובר 2019

The update to latest version fails and Connect IQ app is in constant loop trying to update the app. The app on the watch still works, though.

20 אוקטובר 2019

Not working!!!!!

Glauber Tercio de Almeida
20 אוקטובר 2019

Well, here in my Vivoactive 3 music it’s working fine. I waste a lot of days to learn how to play music in the watch. Very complex, but still an excelent app and watch.

20 אוקטובר 2019

It was working perfectly, then i updated the watch, and i doesn't even shows itself on the screen, stoped working !!! Fix it now

20 אוקטובר 2019

You have to be an engineer to get this

20 אוקטובר 2019

Crashes the clock on sync

Stefano Vago
20 אוקטובר 2019

It's been working until the latest update. Now when I sync the music, add a play list or update the play lists I already have on the watch, the app crashes and the hole watch reboots. Awful!!

20 אוקטובר 2019

I try to access Spotify in my Fenix 5X and it keep asking me to log into Spotify in Garmin Connect. When I do that nothing happens And it keeps asking me to, wait for it, log into Spotify. Crap!

Kitty Dowry
20 אוקטובר 2019

It a good app, it did take me all day to figure this out, for those of you struggling I plugged my new Garmin into the computer under the Garmin express app and it now works

Lee Reeder
20 אוקטובר 2019

I really want this app to work. Currently it will not open on my new Fenix 6 Pro Sapphire. Spotify support was one of the main deciding factors for choosing the Garmin. I have removed/reinstalled.

Arnold Kreuzer
20 אוקטובר 2019

Not working

20 אוקטובר 2019

Was working and now it's no longer working correctly. Could control music from watch and now it wants to load local library but then it crashes

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