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The reason why LezyneIQ data field was created, I could not control the working of the rear light. Especially in the cold season at dusk, it could be discharged completely unexpectedly, the rear light did not work, but I did not know about what had happened and it was dangerous. The data field shows the status of the front and rear lights (ON, OFF, LOST) that support the Lezyne Smart Connect technology The lights scanning period is about 1 minute to save energy, so the information is displayed with some delay. Unfortunately, the technical support of Lezyne refused to help me, so I could not extract information from the Smart Connect protocol about the battery charge level of lights, so only the status is displayed. The lights name should be the default name "Connect Driv" and "KTV Rear". If you have any information about the Smart Connect protocol, please contact me </p>


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