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The TerminalFace face has the style of a ubuntu console that can show default information (such as: time, date, battery), daily activity (like: step and floors made and goals), activity information (heartbeat) and plenty more to come!</p><p></p><p>If you leave the color they'll update based on: battery percentage ( more than 40 green, less than 20 red else orange-yellow ), Connection status (green connected, red disconnected) and with the hearth rate (between 60 and 110 the color stay green, it turn red if it goes too high or too low)</p>

מה חדש

0.5.3 | fixed alignment - 24.04.2022</p><p></p><p>Bug fixed</p><p>- Alignment value now center himself on left alignment mode</p><p></p><p>New feature</p><p>- Added the setting to change the hour format 12/24</p><p></p><p>Coming Soon</p><p>- Timezone</p><p>- Custom font</p><p>- Heart beat displaying</p><p>- Heart beat limit changing if the activity has been detected</p><p></p><p>Known Issue</p><p>- Timezone as placeholder for now</p>

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