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Hike track application, which tracks all relevant information during yoour hike. It also includes a take me home function screen</p><p>A version for the round Garmin watches is also available and is called Hike Tracker_O and a version for Edge devices is available..</p><p></p><p>If something does not work don't create a negative review, but mail me the problem, so I can fix it.</p><p></p><p>The...

מה חדש

*09-02-2018 Version 2.0.6</p><p>-Converted km to miles in the take me home screen (was wrong for miles set watches)</p><p>*08-02-2018 Version 2.0.5</p><p>•Added the Epix</p><p>*13-01-2018 </p><p>Version 2.0.3</p><p>•Fixed a bug </p><p>*17-12-2017 Version 2.0.2</p><p>•Fixed a bug with autopause</p><p>*16-12-2017 Version 2.0.1</p><p>•Make the fonts bigger</p><p>•Change the layout of the screens</...

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Brent Rosencrans
19 ספטמבר 2017 | גרסה 1.0.2

The watch face does not give elapsed time throughout the workout. Also the route I always take is 1.2 miles to the top. It stopped tracking at .6 but the map shows the whole route. Also the timing was incorrect. Shows 14:24. My average time to the top is 32 minutes. I stopped this app and used the regular Hike app on the route back

תשובת מפתח
16 אוקטובר 2017, 007Software

Hi. The elapsed time is one the last screen. I use this app very often and did not notice your problems. Also did not hear this problem from other users. Were you walking in dense woods, because you will need a good GPS signal. Please try to reset your watch. This mostly helps with problems regarding GPS Best regards, Kees

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