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Further information, support, and donation: ⭐ ⭐ ALL THE INFO IS HERE❗❗</p><p>Please, donate to support the hard work and further development. It will be greatly appreciated! We send an Unlock Code to our registered users that unlock all the ADVANCED SETTINGS AND FEATURES!</p><p></p><p>Neat Weather WatchFace a carefully designed, data and feature rich, fully configurable and battery efficient premium watchface.</p>

מה חדש

Please! check our web page or follow us in social media if you want to know about what we are planning in next releases!</p><p></p><p>Actual v1.1.8</p><p>- White background theme redesign and enhancement</p><p>- Icons refactoring and aesthetic tweaks</p><p>- Simplified and enhanced time color settings</p><p>- Removed Outlined Icon set</p><p>- Language Dutch, weather conditions texts tweaks (thnx Bram)</p>

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דירוג ממוצע: (781 דירוגים)

Javi C.A.
19 ינואר 2022

Gran esfera de reloj. Para que sea perfecta estaría genial que pudierais poner una previsión del tiempo por días o por horas a modo de forecast.

Trevor Sloan
18 ינואר 2022

I love this face its simple has all the data I really need for myself. I have an issue with the location on the top of the watch face sometimes just gives me GPS coordinates I believe but not name of the town. Other than that, it's a great watch face I would highly recommend buying it if you like data and a nice site face design.

Jermaine Peacock
12 ינואר 2022

I have purchased to get my interface unlocked abut no code was sent, ive sent email for help. what can I do?

תשובת מפתח
12 ינואר 2022, surfr.dsign

We have already answered to your email. You might be getting our messages in the Sapm folder. Please check!

7 ינואר 2022

Great watch face, thanks again! But is it possible to update pulse more frequently? E.g. On the watchface it is still 100+, when the pulse widget already shows 70. Thank you!

3 ינואר 2022

Best watchface ever.

25 דצמבר 2021

Perfect watchface. Best. Is there any way to increase the font and of the clock numbers?

תשובת מפתח
25 דצמבר 2021, surfr.dsign

Yes!! Our registered users can increase the font size from S, to M, L or XL sizes!!!

24 דצמבר 2021

Awesome app easy to use, tech support was good aswel quick resonse

23 דצמבר 2021


3 דצמבר 2021

I tried to use it, but give me the wrong location of my city

תשובת מפתח
7 דצמבר 2021, surfr.dsign

Please, check our webpage, the support section, to get some tips about how to properly setup your device and your phone to get the best and updated weather data and location info. There are many things to check, so we have gathered and summarized there all the information that will help you troubleshoot and solve almost any problem regarding this!

Stuart Dyason
2 דצמבר 2021

Excited about this face, very well put together, live the layout. Just waiting for the unlock code.

Michael Ross
1 דצמבר 2021

Great watch face. Well thought out. It provides all the information needed to support both the sports enthusiasts and work related data. Can’t wait to get my unlock code to modify the face further to meet my specific requirements. I hope to havre the code by tomorrow.

1 דצמבר 2021

super well thought out dial, very quick and easy installation. I recommend ! hope updates will follow. thank you !

25 נובמבר 2021

Czy można zapłacić za kod inaczej niż PP?. Niestety nie posiadam konta.

20 נובמבר 2021

I like the watch face. But i haven’t got my unlock code yet. That’s disappointing

תשובת מפתח
20 נובמבר 2021, surfr.dsign

It usually takes a few minutes/ hours to send the Unlock Code. Note that generating and sending the Unlock Code is a manual process. So be a bit patient, we send the code as soon as possible, but it might not be instantly!!! And please!!!! do not leave a bad review before contacting us via email. There is a lot of effort behind the product and it is not fair to get this kind of reviews without even asking before. We appreciate your feedback and we are willing to help if you have a problem, but there are other ways to contact us and let us know. You have the email and the developer contact form. Leaving a bad review straight away is ungrateful with our hard work.

16 נובמבר 2021

Bardzo polecam niezawodna tarcza używam już na drugim zegarku garmin i jak dla mnie the best

Miguel lazaro
14 נובמבר 2021

Muy buena watchface ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Jamie Castledine
14 נובמבר 2021

Love the watch face but it can't find my GPS I've tried all settings I either get no GPS or unknown location at the top, any help appreciated thanks

תשובת מפתח
14 נובמבר 2021, surfr.dsign

Please, check our webpage, the support section, to get some tips about how to properly setup your device and your phone to get the best and updated weather data and location info. There are many things to check, so we have gathered and summarized there all the information that will help you troubleshoot and solve almost any problem regarding this.

Ingolf Timmen 🚶🏃🚵
6 נובמבר 2021

Great Watch face. But there is one Problem with it...if the Watch is disconnectet from the Smartphone, the Screen on the Watch freeze in with the Notification DISCONNETED. And if the Watch is connected with the Smartphone it is freeze in with the Notification CONNECTED...

תשובת מפתח
12 נובמבר 2021, surfr.dsign

For the issue you are reporting, please check "optimized drawing" setting, and deactivate it. You can read more about this feature in our webpage. We already know that in some devices produce glitches. But in many others it does not… We could do not give the option, but we think it is good for the users and let them decide. Even we have to answer dozens of emails regarding it, or get bad reviews from time to time, just because you do not ask by email first…

Frederick Slucock
6 נובמבר 2021

Excellent watch face you can arrange the face to suite you own stat requirement. Great weather icons and there are plenty of colours to suite every bodies favourites. Fred

3 נובמבר 2021

Super tarcza, ale od kilku dni nie aktualizuje pogody : No weather data Check connection...

תשובת מפתח
3 נובמבר 2021, surfr.dsign

Sprawdź naszą stronę internetową, sekcję pomocy, aby uzyskać wskazówki dotyczące prawidłowej konfiguracji urządzenia i telefonu, aby uzyskać najlepsze i aktualne dane o pogodzie i informacje o lokalizacji. Jest wiele rzeczy do sprawdzenia, więc zebraliśmy i podsumowaliśmy tam wszystkie informacje, które pomogą Ci rozwiązać i rozwiązać prawie każdy problem z tym związany

Marcello Vitali
29 אוקטובר 2021

Ottima tutto in un colpo d'occhio Marcello

28 אוקטובר 2021

Funciona bien. A veces se va un poco las ubicación, los datos que se muestran son nítidos y muy personalizables. Genial! Enhorabuena

25 אוקטובר 2021

Very good work :)

Michel Blain
23 אוקטובר 2021

Very nice and well done watchface! Great attention to details and contains all the valuable information on one screen.

22 אוקטובר 2021

Great watchface! One of the best! Little thing I would love to be able to set date format without month (e.g. SUN 13).

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